Can you put Vans in the Dryer?

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Well one of the most reputed and the successful American skateboarding shoe manufacturer companies since 1996, is profoundly the best company for those youngsters who have a passion for skateboarding but Nowadays, especially teens wearing Vans shoes with jeans is trending as it looks sophisticated and elegant.

comfortable, and strength is the main reason behind to wear and like Vans shoes. So if you want to wear Vans shoes, then you also know well how difficult it is to keep them clean, especially when you like to wear white Vans, it’s more challenging to keep clean and rust-free.

Don’t worry. In this article, we have covered various methods to clean white vans shoes at home and how to dry it. Most of the ingredients used in these methods can be easily found at your home. Take the best option which suits you as all of them will give you the best result!

Can you put vans in the dryer?

try not to as far as possible, you can not put your vans shoes in the dryer to dry. Because they are made with a canvas material the heat might cause them to shrink resulting in irreversible damage. With that being said, the best way to dry your Vans is to place, paper towels inside and allow them to sit overnight

How to dry your vans?

With that said, even though it might be tempting to throw your vans in the dryer don’t!

what you can do is Get a bunch of newspapers then remove the shoe’s insole to dry separately don’t forget to Loosen the laces and open up the shoe make a Ball out of the newspaper and stuff it inside the shoes Place shoes in a dry spot indoors or better Place close by a space heater or fan but no directly

newspaper or tissues hold good absorbing power, therefore, the problem of odour or moisture  won’t affect your vans

this method is the easiest and cheapest with hundred percent result

What happens if I put my vans in the dryer?

That isn’t a good idea. Unless they are sneakers and it’s a brief period in the dryer

But if you have a pair of vans you can’t wash and dry them as they will wrinkle with water as well as wrinkle and peel in a dryer. Spot wash them with plain water and sponge or towel dry them with a cotton towel.

If in doubt, let them dry naturally under a fan or anywhere out of direct sunlight. If mildew is a concern if you live in an area with high humidity, wipe them inside and out with vinegar

Although Canvas tennis shoes, sneakers or synthetic fabric running shoes might survive a low-heat tumble dry, it is better not to put the canvas in the dryer.

How long does it take vans to dry?

it depends on the weather condition of the area where you’re living, hot and humid places takes longer than usual time to dry and cold places are the worse

if the temperature is favorable then it usually takes 24 hours for your vans to dry

Will putting vans in the dryer damage the dryer?

 Putting your vans in the dryer with forceful air and the chances of it to bang around a bit will ruin them. While there is risk in damaging your dryer, you are more likely to run into the problem of ruining your shoes if they aren’t meant for machine drying

How can I get my vans to dry faster?

there is no alternative method to make your vans dry faster, best option which can be considered is using a blow dryer but not directly to your vans, removing the shoelaces before keeping it in a ventilated dry room or keeping your vans outside under the sun but not direct sunlight as it will ruin the material or simply place it near a close by a space heater or fan.

How to fix stinky vans?

put a few unused tea bags inside your smelly vans to fight off bad odors that are caused by heat and bacteria. Leave to sit overnight in a warm dry place. Any tea bags will work even the minty herbal ones. Teabags are super absorbent and will suck the moisturizer and smell right out.


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Do’s and don’ts of van shoes while putting it in the washing machine


✔ Before starting with the washing process (which will depend on the material of your Vans), make sure you must wipe the dust from the shoes using a soft-bristled brush, lint-free cloth, or a towel.

✔ washing your canvas Vans in the washing machine is the right method, but for that, it is recommended that one should keep the machine on a gentle cycle. Also, go in for a cold water setting and use old towels as bump protectors for your machine. Use only a mild detergent for cleaning, and also remember to remove the laces from your shoes.

✔ Always use a dye-free bleach to clean your Vans shoes to avoid unsightly yellow stains that bleach is notorious for.

✔ Always hand-wash your suede Vans shoes.

✔ Give a personal clean-up to your Vans shoes, follow the first step and dunk them in a bucket or sink of warm water. Then Pour off some drops of mild detergent and clean it using a toothbrush.

After the dos, let us now move to the important don’ts so that one can be careful the next time you use the vans shoes!


✖ Don’t put your Vans into the washing machine without understanding what kind of material it is made up of. If you own a pair of suede Vans, then please control the aforementioned irresistible temptation. You will change the whole physiognomy of your suede Vans if you carelessly dump them in the washing machine.

✖ Don’t use harsh chemicals or detergents to wash your Vans shoes irrespective of whether they are made of canvas or suede or any other material for that matter. You will ruin your kicks from their vitality if you treat them with harsh ingredients.

✖ Don’t keep your colourful Vans to dry out in full sunlight. You don’t want your prized Vans to look faded and strip it from its brilliance. as it may fade up eventually.

✖ Don’t keep the nozzle of your blow dryer too close to your Vans, in case you want to give them a quick blast of hot air for immediate wear. Also, make sure to stuff your Vans with tissues while blow-drying, as you don’t want the constitution of your Vans to get skewed or screwed. However, if you don’t want to give an unpleasant olfactory experience to people around you, please wait for your shoes to completely dried up.

Don’t over-wash or wash your Vans too often. Just as over-bathing your baby won’t transform it into a shiny bambino, washing your Vans now and then won’t turn them back into the bright-new-shiny ones just like you had bought them. So, a little prudence is required here. Over-washing may kill up the originality of your van’s shoes.

Do not use those solvent cleaners to clean your Vans as they are likely to loosen the glue used to bond the sole.

How to keep my Vans white?

You can bleach your Vans back to white, but it’s essential to take a few steps to prevent the powerful chemicals from damaging your shoes.

Dilute the bleach and mix it with dishwashing liquid make sure both are free of ammonia and chlorine and use a soft cloth to clean your Vans with the solution.


Vans sells a huge range of other clothing like t-shirts, hoodies, socks, watches and other accessories. All of their products are a blend of comfortable, sporty and trendy.

while you might be a fan of the vans it’s important to take good care of your shoes with proper guidelines, methods and knowledge about the shoes you wear makes it get easier to keep it going for a longer time without any hassle.


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