best shoes for airline pilots

Best Shoes For Airline Pilots and Buyer’s Guide[2020]

If you’re in the aviation industry you will know the importance and uniqueness of your appearance. While the appearance is of utmost importance, so is comfort. A pilot is bound to put the most care and thought into the comfort of their feet, they use them all the time; in the air, on the ground, […]

best _shoes_for_asphalt_paving

Best Shoes For Asphalt Paving and Buyer’s Guide [2020]

  Let’s face it, working on Asphalt Pavements is extremely challenging. It’s challenging for your body, and hard on your feet, with burning warmth and unforgiving hard and hot surfaces. Wearing the best possible work boots for Asphalt paving can assist with securing your feet against the perils and dangers engaged with this industry, just […]

10 Best Shoes For Tough Mudder & Buyer’s Guide

Thinking about whether you have the best shoes for tough mudder races? At the point when it comes to all the stuff you have to pack, nothing is more important than mud run shoes. They should be strong, agreeable, broken in, lightweight, and with strong treads that will take you through the Tough Mudder trails […]

best shoes for icy pavements

Best Shoes For Icy Pavements and Buyer’s Guide[2020]

People residing in frosty areas require a unique way of living to withstand the harsh weather. Snow not only makes it hard for carrying on with life but also sometimes makes it difficult to complete daily tasks as simple as walking. Walking on snow requires special shoes that provide traction on icy pavements.  In snowy […]

Best shoes for massage therapists

Best Shoes for Massage Therapists and Buyer’s Guide[2020]

The profession of Massage Therapists is growing at a fast pace. This fast-paced job can become really exhausting if you didn’t wear the best shoes for massage therapists.  Massage Therapist is like a magician, who knows how to engage the customers and relax them from all the tensions. With the help of fingers, palms, elbows […]

can walking barefoot help flatfeet


First of all, it is important to understand what is actually meant by “flat feet” and can walking barefoot help flat feet. stick to this article for the next few moments and you will be cleared about can walking barefoot help flat feet. Also some valuable points are mentioned below of walking barefoot which will […]


Are Minimalist Shoes is good for flat feet?

In this article, we delve into whether minimalist shoes are good for flat feet find a better footing. Here we have collected different reviews about that minimalist shoes are good for flat feet Are minimalist shoe is good for flat feet Gone are the days when footwear was a simple utility or a shallow fashion statement. […]



PAU GASOL SHOE SIZE SHOE SIZE: 50(Europe) 16(USA) Above are the shoe size of pau gasol. The shoes he prefer for basketball will be given in last section of this article. Professional life- throughout his career Gasol has played in 136 playoffs games ( 122 starts) in 12 seasons and won back to back NBA […]

how to clean yellow soles

How to clean Yellow Soles with Baking Soda(WITH OR WITHOUT HYDROGEN PEROXIDE)

It feels very unpleasant when our beloved sneakers or shoe soles get yellowed .so how can you clean your yellow soles? Here I am to help you get your yellow soles whitten. Today I will explain two ways to clean your yellow soles with baking soda (majorly). These which you will need here while cleaning […]