How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet [5 Easy ways!]

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There was a time when footwears were only used for the protection purpose of our feet. But things have completely changed now. Shoes are now used for fashion, trends, and expressing the personality, especially when you have brands like Nike, Sketchers, Adidas around you.

However, you will have to choose only one pair of shoes from millions that don’t hurt your feet. But if your feet are a bit wider than the others, you might have faced the problem of getting the inappropriate size. Well, that can hurt your feet a lot. 

That’s why we are here to discuss how to stretch shoes for wide feet? So, let’s get started!



At present, people are prone to online shopping. For which acquiring the correct size may be a troublesome process, especially for those who have wider feet. Even if you select the appropriate one from the flat wide feet shoes following the sizing guide, you may not receive the correct size that suits your feet. 

Don’t worry; stretching the shoes is not that hard. This ultimate guide will show the easiest methods to stretch the shoes for wider feet. 

How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet Easily?

1. Start Using the Shoe Indoor

This is the first method with which you can easily stretch your shoe at home. After a few usages, the upper part of the shoe usually softens up. This will make the shoe suitable and appropriate for your feet. 

So, whenever you get time, try wearing the shoe at your home and walk for a few minutes. Try to wear them on clean surfaces, and make sure to let your feet rest a little. 

For this, the wooden, carpeted, and rug-covered floors will be ideal. After a few usages, you will notice that the shoe will become broader and softer than it was before.

2. Using a Blow Dryer

This is also an easy and common method that is worth trying. For this, you will have to first wear a thick sock with the shoe that you want to make wider. 

The socks will add temporary padding around feet, which will help you to get a little more stretch and comfort for your feet. The method should be performed in the following way:

  • First of all, wear a thick sock
  • Next, fasten the shoelaces. No need to make it too tight; keep it comfortable
  • Now, take a hairdryer and apply the hot air to the tight areas of your shoe.
  • Spend at least 20-30 seconds on the tight spots until they become properly heated
  • Instead of holding it in a particular place, maintain a motion. It won’t burn the leather and make the areas properly heated.

If you can apply some moisturizers or leather conditioners to those places, you can enhance the process. For this, you will have to apply the moisturizers after you have heated places. 

It’s optional; working with the normal method is also fine.

3. The Freezing Method

This method is ideal for non-leather shoes. This means you want to stretch your regular sneakers, joggers, or any other casual shoes; then, the freezing method will be a perfect way to stretch your shoes. This method has satisfied many peoples, and you will also become one of them.

When it comes to stretching the shoe, cold does the wonder. So, to start with the process, take a zip-close bag and fill half of it with water. Then leave the bag inside of your shoes. Make sure to cover all the tight places. Then leave the shoe inside of your freezer to freeze overnight.

During this time, the zip-close bag will become frozen completely. The frozen ice will expand, stretching your shoe. As a result, you will get a comfortable fit, and your narrow shoe will become wider.

4. Using Stretching Sprays and Liquids

Well, this is a modern addition to the industry. However, these sprays work, to be honest. Many have found fruitful results by using them on their shoes. These sprays are specifically designed to stretch and expand the shoe materials like leather, fabrics, and vinyl. Here is how you need to use the stretching sprays:

  • First of all, you will have to apply the spray on every tight area of your shoes.
  • Now, wear the shoe and tighten up the laces gently
  • Don’t forget to maintain a little space between the laces and your feet
  • Okay, now walk around your house for a couple of minutes.

Three attempts will be enough to stretch the shoe and reduce its narrowness. If you want, you can also apply a combination of sprays to achieve the best results.

5. Using Peeled Potato

Well, this may sound funny but trust us, it works. If you don’t want to use sprays or modern solutions, this potato solution will help you to stretch your shoes. So, take a potato, peel it off, and put it inside of your shoe. Leave the potato overnight.

During the nighttime, the potato will expand and stretch your shoe. Thus, you will get a stretched shoe in the morning and your desired comfortable footwear.


There are plenty of other methods like rubbing alcohol, filling the shoe with oats and grains, etc. You can try them out as a part of your experiment. However, the above-mentioned methods are used and preferred by many users. 

And obviously, they will provide you with your desired results. Besides, the methods are completely safe and won’t ruin your beautiful shoe. So, make sure to follow them properly and make your footwear more comfortable for you. 

Remember, if you forcefully try to stretch your shoe, it can damage them. Even it can make them completely unusable. Therefore, it is recommended to stick with any of the methods. If you find this guide helpful, please spread it to those who ask, “how to stretch shoes for wide feet?” If you have any questions, feel free to use the comment section below.

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