How to Stretch Leather Shoes Wider? [9 Methods🏅]

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Leather is the most conventional attire in the current market. People like to wear leather in clothes, purse and shoes.

Leather Shoes are naturally the chief and traditional spot of people wardrobe but Have you ever experienced something like this before? that you purchase a pair of leather shoes that turn out to be too tight to wear? though you had tried them before and it was quite a perfect fit!

You may also develop painful blisters on some area of your feet, after wearing the leather shoes

Although these leather shoes naturally expand themselves, through constant wear and tear what if you cannot tolerate the pain and agitation caused by the tight leather shoes?

Don’t worry, in this article, we will provide you with few hacks on how to stretch leather shoes wider so that they don’t suffocate your feet

How to stretch your leather shoes wider

Method 1: why don’t use a hairdryer?

If your boots are genuine leather application of heat may prove effective for stretching leather shoes

  • Find out a pair of the thickest or a woollen socks from your wardrobe wear them and put on the leather shoes
  • Then apply the hairdryer heat, maintain 6 inches distance from the leather shoes for about  10- 20 minutes on each part of your feet that are tight.
  • Don’t forget to hold the hairdryer for about 30 seconds on each spot.
  • bend, wiggle or stretch your feet inside the shoes, to stretch the leather shoes
  • keep wearing the leather shoes until they cool down and remove them once they get cool.
  • if still it doesn’t work try your leather shoes with regular socks and repeat the heating process if required.

Method 2: Use cold water as a remedy!

  • As we all know, when water freezes, it expands.
  • Therefore, it’s an excellent method for stretching leather shoes up to one full size.
  • This technique is not only easy to do but if done correctly it will make a difference
  • Use as many bags as needed to fill the shoes.
  • Make sure that the water bag fills the entire space and corner inside the shoe. Seal the bag to avoid spilling of water
  • carefully Put the shoes with water bags into your freezer until frozen.
  • Repeat the same with the other shoe.
  • As the water solidifies it will expand gradually, thereby stretching the leather shoes.

Try on your leather shoes and walk around  If they are still tight, then stretch the leather shoes wider again .


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Method 4: Try breaking in the leather shoes

  • This is the simplest and easiest hack
  • leather Shoes expands after some wears
  • If you feel that you need the minimum stretch of the leather shoe
  • Then in the evening, wear the thickest socks when your feet are at its maximum size and walk around a flat surface,
  • It can stretch the shoes after half-hour of walk-in new shoes daily.

It might feel uncomfortable and a little bit odd but think of any temporary discomfort as a long-term investment for your feet.

Method 5: Stretch your leather shoes wider with a wet paper

  • This is most probably the oldest method for stretching leather shoes, fabric, and even plastic shoes.
  • If you are not in a hurry to wear the shoes, stuff them up with damp old rags, pieces of newspapers
  • Make sure that the newspaper is not soggy, and then stuff the leather shoes till no space is left inside them.
  • If the upper part of the shoes looks too flexed, that is ok! Leather and textile have high breaking points specifically when they are new.
  • but still, avoid too much stuffing that may result in distortion of the shape of the shoes.
  • You can then leave the shoes with the damped paper like that for almost an hour
  • After that remove all the stuff. try them and you will see that they have stretched.

If you are still feeling uncomfortable then don’t worry we have many more tips

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Method 6: Use a shoe spray

  • Simply mix equal parts water and rubbing alcohol, and spray it on your shoes.
  • Most shoe sprays are alcohol-based, which allows for quick-drying
  • it also prevents the shoe from developing watermarks
  • Try the Meltonian Shoe Stretch & Softner Spray from SC Johnson. Make sure you’re only using this spray on real leather
  • Try your shoes on immediately after you’ve sprayed them to see how the fit is. If it’s still too tight, you can repeat the process.
  • make sure, that you spray an optimum amount of rubbing alcohol on your leather shoes, as too much could damage your shoes. If you have shoes with natural fabrics, this is a great option.

Method 6: Steam can do wonders!

  • Use steam to stretch tight shoes and leather shoes in only a few minutes. Garment steamers work efficiently at making leather shoes enough to stretch.
  • If you don’t have a garment steamer, use a tea kettle as a substitute
  • Keep it boiling while working on the shoes, so that you can use the steam it emits.
  • Hold each shoe over the kettle steam for 3-5 minutes.
  • let it sit until dry and you can easily tell the difference in the size of the leather shoes

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Method 7: Potato can be beneficial in many ways!

  • Take a huge potato and peel it, then chop the potato to match the shape of the inside part of your shoe.
  • Stuff the potato in the leather shoes and leave it overnight. It will stretch out the shoe at a decent amount
  • But there is one problem, it can moisture your shoes and can white stain inside the shoes. If you want to clean the shoes from inside, use vinegar and water and scrub them with a piece of rag.

Method 9: Invest in a Shoe Stretcher

  • You can get the shoe stretcher from the market. There are many of them, pick the one which is suitable for you
  • it is done by turning the adjusting knobs or screws until the form has reached it’s outward stretching capacity.
  • It comes in different sizes to fit both women’s and men’s styles.
  • These boot stretchers are mostly made of wood and can be found online on Amazon lasting for years.
  • though it is always better to get a two-way shoe stretcher that can expand both the length and width of the shoes.

It might be a good investment in the long run.

Method 9: Why not find a cobbler?

  • If all of the above tips didn’t get the needed result you wanted or you don’t want to experiment with it to lose your lovely leather shoes
  • The most effective and easy way to stretch leather shoes wider is to find professionals.
  • They certainly know what there skillsets are

They know about the most effective way on how to stretch leather shoes wider


How to Cure Painful Blisters?

Wash the area gently with mild antiseptic or Neosporin 24 Hour Infection Protection First Aid Antibiotic Ointment and warm water, then dry gently. Cover the blister with a Band-Aid, or leave it open by applying an ointment or topical antibiotic to reduce the chance of infection before covering it with a band-aid

Try to avoid footwear that will further erode the area.



Although It is nearly impossible to get a pair of leather boots or shoes that fit perfectly right out of the box but now that you know how to stretch leather shoes wider so that you can walk comfortably in style,  why not share these leather shoe stretching tips with your friends and family?






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