[7 Quick ways🔥] How to Dry Wet Work Boots Quickly!

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Can you imagine going on for your daily labor intensive work with a wet boot on your feet?

Because of the sudden weather change and time restrain you couldn’t dry up your wet work boots and won’t it be way too uncomfortable and agitating to go along with it the entire day?

moreover, your feet will be susceptible to various germs, allergies, sore feet, and blister or even worse smelly feet!

don’t worry! to your relief, there are certain ways in which you can dry boots quickly and avoid the discomfort thus caused.

In this article, I will be providing you with the most suitable, DIY, easy and quick fixes for wet boots!

But, before that, you need to avoid the following common mistakes that people usually make while handling wet boots

Work boots are usually made up of materials like rubber, leather, nylon, etc. So, it usually takes a longer time to dry up, approximately more than 48 hours to dry up naturally.

make sure you never expose your wet boots to direct heat.

When we say direct heat it means heaters, blow dryers, woodstoves and campfires. What happens with the direct heat is your boots get heated too much more than required and the heat instead of drying the boots, harms the delicate part of your boots

Therefore to your rescue! we have come up with a few handy tips to drying boots rapidly and be the best to wear!

Tried this way:)

Got To Keep Those Boots Dry

7 Methods to dry wet work boots quickly!

Method 1:Purchase a Boot Dryer!

  • One of the quick remedies for wet work boots is the boot dryer, as it’s a ready-made solution.
  • Boots dryers are easily available for wiping your boots effectively.
  • It’s the best way, as it removes those dirty water spilling from the shoes and also keeps the floor clean from the unnecessary dirty water which spills from the shoes.
  • The thermal convection in the dryer helps to dry the footwear easily in an effective way.
  • Boot dryers are also quicker than more traditional methods, which make them a great choice for those of us who have to constantly look for ways to save time.

one warning! Do not use excess heat, which can dry the leather too quickly, causing it to warp and crack.

Method 2: Grab an Old Newspaper!

  • Another best alternative than the first one, but it’s worth to opt for the drying process.
  • Though this method takes a little longer than other alternatives it’s the best option if you don’t want to harm your delicate boots.
  • All you have to do is to first remove all the dirt from the shoes with a clean towel and remove the inside soles and keep aside to dry.
  • Then, put the newspapers inside the boots and also cover the outer part of the pair of boots with a newspaper, alter the newspaper within 2-3 hrs. to dry boots quickly.
  • Newspaper is extremely absorbent. You might need a couple of sheets to balance out the drying process
  • This drying boots method is a bit labor-intensive, but it is an effective way to dry your footwear without damaging your drying boots.

Usually, within 24 hours, you can get most of the moisture absorbed out of a wet boot


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Method 3: Use a Vacuum Cleaner for a Good Result!

  • This is the fastest way to dry your wet work boots
  • Check the exhaust port to your vacuum and place your shoes on it
  • Try to use a strong vacuum cleaner ( at least 2 hp)
  • This technique uses high volume, high-velocity warm air and a flexible hose to pipe air to the toe of the boots
  • It would be better if the process is done outside for safety purposes
  • Don’t forget to take out the insoles and laces
  • The process will take almost 15 minutes for your wet work boots to get dry

Although these type of vacuum cleaners use a lot of electricity, it’s worth the cost to have a dry work boots and feet



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Method 4: Did you know that a Fan can be this Useful?

  • A very effortless method to dry boots is through using a table fan or a floor fan.
  • If your boots have insoles, then it can be dried under the sun or in the washing machine dryer (top load will be the best option).
  • If the boots are of leather, then keeping the insoles under the sun will be the best option.
  • All you have to do is to hang your boots on a strong wire so that the boots won’t fall off to the ground and let them dry under the fan
  • It probably won’t get your pair dry in the following not many hours, yet it’s dependable during a short-term meeting

To utilize this strategy, suspend your boots close (not on) the fan and let it run for the duration of the night.

Method 5: Why not Utilize a Natural source?

Natural remedies never fail and it’s one of the safest ways to opt for any purpose. Likewise, sun and rice are the best options for  drying boots.

The power of the Sun:  It’s the natural way to dry boots quickly. The ultraviolet rays fill the purpose by drying boots and also killing the pathogens from the boots. Mostly it’s not feasible during the rainy season, but still one of the best alternatives which work effectively.

Rice grains: Rice grains work as the best tricks to dry your wet boots. One needs to take a plastic bin and fill the container with one inch – rice from the bottom and keep the wet boots inside the container and close the container airtight, within some hours the rice will absorb all the moisture from the boots. One of the effective tricks followed since ages.

Rocks: any type of rocks can be used in drying wet work boots, make sure the rocks are heated under the sun or boil it in hot water

afterwards, take a pair of thick socks put the heated dried rocks inside the boots along with the socks and keep it for 24 hrs

make sure the rocks are kept inside the socks so it directly doesn’t affect the soft material of your boots

Method 6: Towel can be Handy!

  • Towels are good because they can suck the wetness out of your boots. Push the towel into the boot until the entire sole is occupied.
  • Using an old towel can help you dry out your boots quickly and effectively. After removing the laces, grab one corner of an old dry towel and stuff it into the boot to preserve shape and soak up moisture
  • Then, wrap your entire boot with the rest of the towel. Repeat the process after soaking it properly.

Use the excess material to wrap up the outside of the boot. This will let it dry from the inside and the outside at the same time, and will reduce the time to dry!

Method 7: Make use of a Shoe Insert

Several shoe inserts are available in the markets which are made of moisture-wicking fabrics and cedar filling. 

These inserts help to soak in moisture from the boots very quickly

Here are some tips to maintain your Dry Work Boots :

Once your boots are dried, one must make sure to maintain the dry work boots. Certain times some drying process makes the boots weak and are not fit to wear for the next time. Here are some certain tips which one must know to maintain your drying boots

Saddle soaps: Once your dry work boots are germ-free. The major obstacle which most of the leatherwork boots faces post drying is the shine and the appearance of the dry work boots. Usually after drying up the shine of the leather gets dull and looks unattractive.

So, by using saddle soaps it helps the leather to restore its shine and makes the leather more strength so that your boots look newer sanitiser!

UV shoe- sanitiser: Usually when the boots get dried its ready to wear! But the boots which have gone through instant drying process are usually not good for toes and can cause fungal infection.

In a humid environment, some bacteria

grow and are bad for our toes.

So, UV shoe sanitiser is the best device to kill all those bad bacteria and keep your foot bacterium – free and ready to wear.

One must keep a note that, if you are using the sun as an instant drying process then UV- shoe sanitiser is not relevant, as the sun is the natural way to kill those germs.


So, these are just a few quick tips to help you dry wet work boots when they inevitably get very wet on the trail. It’s never ideal than starting your day’s working in a pair of wet or damp work boots

By following a few simple tips, your dry work boots will last much longer,

which is more comfortable not only for your feet but also for your wallet, as now you won’t need to replace your boots as often.

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