are brikenstocks good for flatfeet

Are Birkenstocks good for flat feet ? [FAQs Answered]

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One of the most convenient shoes of all time is the “Birkenstocks” which is originally rooted with the idea of the man behind the great comfy footwear is “Johann Adam Birkenstock’’ who committed his skill full craftwork and passed it to the succeeding generation and gave it to his grandson- “Konrad Birkenstock”. (who is the current leader and also the most prominent person who brought Birkenstocks to the world of footwear industry )

Where does the word Birkenstocks come from?

Lange – Bergheim, Hammers Bach, Germany.

Primitively, the foot bed of the Birkenstocks sandals was created in the 1930s which had possessed different layers. The first layer of the sandal consisted of the shock absorbent sole, followed by the second layer of jute fibers, a firm cork of foot bed and the other layer of jute in it.

The main objective of Birkenstocks –  

 The main idea of Birkenstocks sandals is to create that support and contour the foot, the foot bed of the sandal is made of natural cork, natural latex, jute and suede. compared to those flat soles of many shoes during that time.

Are Birkenstocks good for flat feet?

Birkenstocks are a unique type of sandals which are specifically designed for people who are dealing with flat feet or other abnormality related to feet. these sandals provide optimum cushioning and are extra flexible which adds fluidity to your movements.

Birkenstocks impart support to the feet arch and keep them in a proper location.  They are made in a way to ensure good health. The toe bar is designed in such a way that your toe naturally gets an ideal grip on it.

So, are birkenstocks good for flatfeet and the answer is yes for sure, it certainly might not heal flat feet but it will support you during walking.

Health Benefits of Birkenstocks

  • They provide proper distribution of body weight.
  • It maintains proper alignment of spines and legs.
  • It also assists with the absorbent of shock every time you walk.
  • Birkenstocks ensures dependable arch support.
  • it helps to cushion the feet against hard friction.
  • Stimulates the blood circulation in your foot while also exercising your leg.
  • It molds itself perfectly to your feet structure.
  • It retains the necessary moisture even during excessive physical exercise
  • Ensures a steady balance.
  • Birkenstocks nourish the muscles and joints in your body.

Are Birkenstocks comfortable?

Due to the cork type of material of the footbed, the sandals will feel stiff and uncomfortable when you first buy them

It will take some time for Birkenstocks to adjust to the natural shape of your foot. The best way to break them in is to wear on a pair of socks and walk around a bit. This could take a few days but it’s worth the wait.

Why Birkenstocks causes blisters, initially?

Blisters can appear during the breaking time, but then your Birkenstocks will be soft enough later when you go for longer walks for about 30 to 45 minutes. Wear socks to avoid blisters on the ankle or sole and then gradually increase your wearing time.

 If your sandals are broken in but still you’re getting blisters there could be a couple of other possible reasons which should be checked. Better sooner rather than later.

How faster the break-in process work

The footbed is made of cork so naturally, it will take some time to conform to the different structure of your foot. but still, a few methods can be applied to adjust Birkenstocks first unhook all the straps then try to bend the sandals a few times.

keep wearing the sandals along with socks for a few hours so that the sandals get time to expand a little. Using a hairdryer on your shoes while wearing them can also help.

Why Birkenstocks are suggested by chiropodists?

Birkenstock sandals are often recommended by chiropodists for their support, construction and relaxation. It is a good summer replacement to wearing a closed-in shoe as it allows optimum ventilation to your feet.

on the other hand, flip flops offer no natural arch support, flip flop walkers can be more prone to injuries and falls but Birkenstocks offers medial and horizontal arch support to maintain a practical foot position.

Are Birkenstocks fitting be loose or tight?

It solely depends on the structure of your feet and how you feel while wearing it. Birkenstocks have belts attached to the sandal which can be adjusted according to your comfort whether you want it tight or loose. 

Moreover, the strap must grip your toe perfectly and shouldn’t feel loose plus it must never be worn with the straps buckled way too tightly as well

How to buy authentic Birkenstocks?

To be sure that the product you are buying is a genuine Birkenstock is to purchase from or through an authorized Birkenstock dealer. Birkenstocks are light.

Fake Birkenstocks are heavy and weigh more than authentic ones and the name “Birkenstock” or just “Birken” should be shown on each buckle and button.

Regular Birkenstocks and soft Birkenstocks?

The shape and size of a soft for the same as a regular (firm) footbed. However, the cushier nature of the soft-footbed can allow your foot to expand a bit more than a regular footbed. If you are at the upper limit of a size in a regular footbed, it is worth considering going up one size in a soft footbed.

Are Birkenstocks expensive?

They are worth the price tag–likely because Birkenstocks are hand made, using high-quality products. They are designed and engineered specifically to fit the human foot and support all 3 arches on the bottom of your foot.

 In my opinion, it can be pretty expensive for a basic sandal but believe me they are worth the price. These Birkenstock sandals will last for years.

Care tips for Birkenstocks sandals !

Water stains are not good for such sandals, Birkenstock sandals uppers are made from leather or suede. These materials are reluctant to water and should be proactively protected from water damage

Birkenstocks should never be exposed to extreme or direct heat. The cork footbeds and EVA soles of Birkenstocks don’t go too well when exposed to concentrated heat sources like radiators as this can cause the cork to dry out and crack

Profoundly, certain care tips are required to keep you Birkenstocks long-lasting

Are Birkenstocks suitable for long-distance walking?

These sandals are specifically designed to cushion your feet, however, by no means it should be worn for hiking purposes while wandering in harsh urban areas won’t do any harm but climbing mountains or walking in hilly areas might damage your Birkenstocks as well as your feet though, you can enjoy it in sandy beaches, gardens, stiff roads or high rise buildings or even travelling to the airport.

Why do people have flat feet?

Do you know that Your foot is supposed to be arched in the centre? 

If the entire part of the sole of your foot touches the floor when you stand then it’s clear evidence that you have a flat foot astonishingly, most people don’t realize that having a flat foot is a deformity and usually it is the effect of childhood underdevelopment genetics, Illness or injury can also cause flat feet.

Are flat feet bad for you?

 Initially, the condition might be painless, but over time it may contribute to ankle and knee problems because flat feet can cause the misalignment of your makes walking and running difficult. It can lead to hammertoes and shin splints. It can also cause uneven distribution of body weight.

 So, if you face any problems regarding day to day activities due to flat feet, then you should be wearing Birkenstocks for flat feet.

Do flat feet cause body imbalance?

Flat feet can cause an imbalance in the body as they exert an uneven distribution of body weight on your feet. This imbalance leads to many problems, such as malfunction, breakdown and fatigue.

Players with flat feet are unable to transfer their body weight in the field and may suffer from tendons or muscle pain.

Are Flat Feet treatable?

Flat feet cannot be healed, the symptoms can be cured to make it tolerable. Therefore, such sandals like Birkenstocks exert your soles to imitate the arch of your foot and make it simple for you to embrace the right posture and balance whenever you are on your feet.

Heel stretches or calf lifts can work in maintaining your feet position. rumpling towel with your toes can also be helpful but before that do Consult with a doctor before taking part in any physical exercise routine.


In the end, whether your flat feet are causing you any pain or not, buying a pair of Birkenstocks is a great investment. Nonetheless, there is no indecision of why Birkenstocks is the best and the most comfortable footwear to contour our toes. The high-quality material will allow you to enjoy the Birkenstocks sandals for years, therefore Birkenstocks are good for flat feet and it does not matter if you are a sporty person or not.


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