best shoes to wear with sprained ankle

9 Best Shoes To Wear with Sprained Ankle

Nowadays, the problem of sprained ankle is very  common .It is the most common injury in the united states , according for many as 23000 injuries per day . in a study in the year of 1983 reported that the united state spent approximately $2 billion that year on moderated and severe ankle sprain . And persons suffering from sprained ankles should have some special shoes.

So here we have sorted some best shoes to wear with Sprained Ankle.

sprained ankle occurs when the ankle rolls , twists or turn in an awkward way . This can stretch or tear the tough bands of tissues  called ligaments that help to hold the ankle bones together .

Ligaments help stabilize the joints , preventing excessive movement . A sprained ankle occurs when the ligament are forced beyond their normal range of motion . Most sprained ankles involve injuries to the ligament on the outer side of the ankle .

A part from this , the type of shoe you are wearing at the time  when you have the problem of sprained ankle , matters allot . Yours shoes can be a reason to cause ankle sprain . so its better to keep certain points in your at the time of buying the best shoes to wear with sprained ankles.

Whenever we thought of buying shoes , we consider certain brands  in our priority .  Here we have tried to make your work easy .

Here we are summarizing  the key points which you can keep in your mind to get the best shoes to wear with sprained ankle.  

To make your work easier we are providing a list of Best Shoes to wear with Sprained Ankle

1.ASICS Men's Gel Nimbus 18- Best shoes to wear with sprained ankle for mens

These daily shoes series are the boots which can give you the support and comfort you need alongside with a fashionable appearance . reviewers are constantly placing them among the best for ankle pain since they have a large shaft to fully embrace the ankle area.

The outer layer is made of pure leather , giving extra styles to the users and extreme water-resistance to the boot . Thee is a smart lacing system to keep  the ankle close to the foot arch and heel area.

The insole keeps on being softer and supportive to the heel and other soft tissues . you can remove it easily for hygiene reasons and let the airflow pass through the boots .


  • Ruggedly crafted for energetic as well as easy walk on .
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole keep safe on slippery conditions
  • Constructed with heavy vegan to provide amazing comfort 
  • Offers ultra-secure to keep ankle protection and support
  • Known as safe ankle combat boot which is perfect for slip resistance.


  • Not for daily use
  • Size may vary.

2.New balance W1080v8 – Women

The new balance ‘s fresh foam line offers you a perfect blend of support and cushioning , especially for running and walking .

The support and extra cushioning will alleviate ankle pain and protect your ankle from further damage .

The upper are fabric and synthetic . A combination with bootie structure with engineered excellent support and breathability . 


  • A rubber sole is present for good grip
  • A futuristic runner with ombre fade and a lace keeper overlay.
  • The sock liners (insoles) are ortholite and they provide extra protection to your foot in the shoe .
  • The shoe is available in different  colour combinations.


  • Not suitable for rainy season 
  • Size variations 

3.Hoka one bondi 5 – women- Best shoes to wear with sprained ankle

The rocker sole in the hoka one bondi limits ankle joint motion when your foot hits the ground and provides superb cushioning to reduce the force on your feet and ankles . 

Hoka one has three modeld2s of shoes that have the added rocker technology , make sure to choose the right one .


  • Breathable mesh uppers 
  • A sturdy rubber sole
  • Rocker technology and excellent cushioning for comfort and support .
  • A versatile running shoe for on and off –road use.
  • The upper frame is made from comfortable lycra
  • An oversized midsole with 2.5 times more volume than standard running shoes .


  • Price is comparatively high 
  • Not good in wet conditions
  • Slightly heavier

4.Clarks Women's Maymie Skye Boot

Something a bit different , which is also a very healthy and stabilizing choice for  the people with ankle pain and arthritis is a boot with low , stable heels .

Chosen the Clarks maymie because of its sleek and supportive design


  • Manufactured from good quality leather 
  • A durable synthetic sole
  • It offers a snug and comfortable fit for everyday wear .
  • Available in black and rust


  •  Less heel is available
  • Breathability is low
  • Size variation
  • Limited stalk

5.Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe - Best shoes to wear with sprained ankle

Two of the best on walking shoes that you will find  and that will support both your ankle and feet .

Both boots have soft and comfortable leather uppers .


  • The clarks boot has stretch gore panels for easy on and off and consist od supple and genuine leather 
  • The lifestride kam ankle boot for ladies has fabric feel upper with attached and flexible outsole.
  • Both have a comfortable padded insole


  • Available only in two neutral colours
  • Breathability is less 
  • Available only for women

6.New balance men’s MW759 country walking shoe

Surely one of the most bizarre of shoe that you may encounter while searching for long-distance running footwear . The new balance company has a long tradition in creating shoes that give a lot of assistance to runners and this specific series is considered to belong among the best shoes for ankle support .

With special shape and colour available , all –male runner will love to be the centre of attention while wearing this pair of shoes .

The extra cushioning improves the comfort of the shoe  as well as the upper mesh which is waterproof and prevent the flooding of the insole when running under heavy rain .


  • 100% synthetic shoe with a synthetic sole 
  • Comes with awesome ABZORB shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Features mid foot support with proper stability
  • C-CAP supportive midsole can keep you free from pain 
  • Rubber outsole offers amazing stability and mobility


  • Not found any

7.Vans SK8 hi classic Men’s Shoe

This is stylish footwear for all person looking for a pair of shoe to give extra support to their ankle joint .

Many of them see them as the best sneakers for ankle support since you can wear it for a long time while standing up and being in action.

The skate shoes have a soft upper mesh that is also breathable to enhance the airflow of the shoes .

There is also a unique supportive insole that can adequate protect the heel area and make you feel comfortable eliminating any pain syndrome related to quick walking.


  • Very much stylish footwear for all person in all profession
  • Gives extra support to the ankle joint and helps to get relief 
  • Considered as the best sneakers for ankle support with amazing stability 
  • Can be used for a long time with proper support and cushion
  • Features soft upper mesh to enhance airflow of shoe


  • Size may vary
  • Not for wide feet people

New balance Men’s fresh foam 1080v7 running shoe

A well-respected company like new balance couldn’t do anything else but presenting the only states of the art shoes that could potentially dominate the market. The new fresh foam running are listed as the best shoes for ankle support  their abilities prove that statement.

The shape adopts the dynamic views that new balance has evolved and applied so that runners can receive more energy from the foam to continue their race .

The extra cushioning creates a natural defence shell for the foot and ankle while running .Finally , there is some greater room created for the toe finger in the forefoot to assist in the flexibility and agility of the users.


  • Can deliver maximum cushioning with fresh foam
  • Offers a stable ride with an engineered mesh forefoot
  • Awesome for midfoot support and material from top to bottom
  • Great option for runners to give more energy while running 
  • Extra cushioning can create a natural defence portion


  • Not for long term use
  • Price is very high

8.Brooks women’s addiction 13

Brooks shoe industry has a great  tradition in making quality footwear that is adequate for long distance races . The addiction series pair of shoes are among the best shoes for ankle support and give the runner special privileges while training .

There is an ultimate endurance sole , a superb stiff construction , as well as the lower heel level , are major advantages of this type of shoe that offer stability and speed to the user .


  • Offer adequate support for long distance movements
  • Best shoes for ankle support for special feature
  • Comes with ultimate endurance sole to give mobility 
  • Lower heel level is a major advantage of this shoe
  • Offer stability and extra speed top the user


  • Bad redesign of the toe box
  • Heel support is not enough

9.RYKA women’s tenacity cross-trainer shoe

The newcomer in the special shoes for the ankles is an RYKA seriers and can change the way you consider modern footwear .

Being one of the best walking shoes accumulate all the benefits you can possibily ask from a modern pair of shoes .


  • Provides perfect fit with adjustable hook and loop strap
  • Comes with a padded tongue and collar to offer superior comfort
  • Precise –return insole is a unique feature for cushioning
  • Keep you supportive with moulded heel reinforcement
  • Traction outsole provides proper traction and grip in harsh surfaces.


  • Fits great but not so durable
  • Not for actual dancing

The Best Shoes For Sprained Ankle – Buying Guide

  • Cushioning

 A very important think , when you are at the market , buying shoes , is to look at the cushioning that can provide you a gentle  pillow feel for your foot . The interior of the shoe should be curved in such a way that the cushioning pad should be a energy absorbent material . The principle of walking is based on newton’s  third law of motion that is action and reaction .

Cushions play an important role overcoming the reaction forces. Specially at the time of running, and when to engage with some sports activity and when these forces of action and reaction are  in good magnitude then its cushions provide us a gentle feel by conserving the momentum for longer time . with the help of them the time period increase hence our foot are protected from getting hurt .

We should ensure that cushioning should be there to reduce back , hip ,  knee and ankle injury by absorbing stress from heel , ankle and toes .

For the people having sprained ankle , for them  cushioning is a measure factor which they should consider at the time of buying  as cushioning will make the ankle to get properly settle in the shoe and will prevent the ankle to twist and turn in an awkward way   and keep providing the gentle effect . 

  • Material

The type of material with which pour shoe is ,made up of matters in a lot so  we must keep in our mind that the material of our shoe should be enough to withstand the extreme climate changes and conditions .The five materials are most commonly used  in shoe production . they include leather , textiles , synthetics , rubber and foam .

To give you all the important information about the nature of shoes made from these five material we will explain the nature of  each type in detail . 

  • Leather

Leather is flexible yet durable , as sturdy as it is supple . it’s elastic so it can be stretched yet it resist tearing and abrasion , it’s breathable material , and it insulates heat, helping to regulate temperature .

This all makes leather shoes conform to the feet of the wearer like no  other shoes material can. It’s no surprise , then that leather is one of the most common materials that shoemakers use , particularly in making men’s dress shoes as well as women’s

  • Adjustability

 If a person having some difficulty in his foot like problem of forefoot ei flat foot  sprained ankle etc ,then also this thing will come in account at the time of buying . we should ensure that the shoes  have good laces and Velcro which even make it adjustable for the consumers. The laces should also be made from special material which doesn’t allow them to get open again and again . .

  • Stability

The shoes heel support / heel cup  should be soft and stable , preventing vertical or horizontal heel movement . 

  • Traction

Traction is a form of outdoor-use , personal protective  equipment worn over your shoes or boots or sometimes in place of your shoes or boots . Traction on snow and ice is provided by small studs , cleats or other friction points embedded into sole of the device . They actually provide the proper grip to the shoe wearer. According to the weather condition and environment traction can be different. At the time of bugging the shoe it is important to see the proper traction in the shoe according to your choices as per the requirement in your area. 

  • Dimension

The width and depth of the shoe should be sufficient at the front of the shoe for your toes . During normal walking your foot both spreads out and lengthens up to one centimetre in each direction . Therefore , you should pick a shoe that is longer than your longest toe by about the width of your thumb. 


  • Heel


The shoe ‘s heel must not exceed 2.5 cm in height . otherwise, the heel and ankle become more unstable and thus prone to sprain and forefoot pain 


  • Lightweight


A good shoe is one which is not on the heavier side . It  should be like , we can even run with them according to our need or in the disaster situation .


  • Appearance


With all the above feature  , a good shoe is one which can attract anyone ,have a good condition with good colour combinations .


 Shoes are something which plays an important  role in our lifes . a person moves distances of hundreds  of kilometres in his\her life with thses shoes only . so the selection of shoe is also something very very  important .

If u are spending a bad day with sprained ankle and doesn’t this know what type shoe is good for you this time , so here we have described in details all the important points and parameters  that u should keep in your mind at the time of buying shoes like material of shoes , adjustability , stability etc .

 Also to make Your  work easier here we have ten top shoes which you can wear in sprained ankle . they will definitely going to help you to give you a good feel when you wear them . the best thing is that all of them available on amazon from were you can just order them can get them to your home.  

best shoes to wear with sprained ankle

Frequently asked questions:


  • What are the best shoes for ankle support?


There are lots of shoes for ankle support . But the best for ankle support are, daily shoes women’s , anklebootie, under armour men’s valsetzRTS military and tactical boots, RYKA women’s tenacity cross-trainner shoe, saucony pro grid integrityST2 walking shoe, etc . you can go to amazon to have alook at all these brands and according to your choice you can find allot there.


  • Are high tops good for ankle support?


Yes, high tops are good for ankle support . Sometimes , it can help you to get comfortable and support at the same time . By wearing a high top , you can get an active movement with your ankle pain . your in jury can be prevented by the high top shoe. But the best way should make strong muscles by proper diet and regular exercise

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