How To Dry Wet Uggs without Ruining Them!

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Uggs are the go-to boots whenever you want something comfy, chic, or classy. Imagine a situation when your favorite boots become dirty after jumping on a puddle or sliding through the snow. I understand that feeling might be frustrating.

Coming home with wet uggs is the last thing you’d need if the weather outside is rainy or snowy. Of course, buying a brand new pair of uggs might be feasible. But quick fixing your boots is something you can conveniently do yourself.

Managing a pair of uggs ain’t no one-way street. Uggs give you the solace needed and in turn, your responsibility is to show proper care and maintenance. Your Uggs need a remedy right now. So let’s get started on how to treat them.

Here’s a guide on how to clean and dry wet uggs. But hold up! Wouldn’t you need to clean them before drying?

The essential step you need to take before drying your wet uggs is to clean them.

You’re bound to find your uggs all icky due to the mud and snow.

Why Ugg Boots Are Hard To Clean!

The uggs you wear are primarily made from sheepskin and suede, considering how comfortable they make your feet feel. They are also an easy target for mud, water, and grease stains. Cleaning uggs can be a tiresome process, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day.

Let’s take a quick journey into the ins and outs of cleaning and drying your wet uggs.

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How To Clean Your Uggs

First and foremost, BUY THE UGGS SHOE CARE KIT – This cleaning kit from Uggs is the best because it’s an all-in-one kit. The shoe care kit contains a cleaner and a conditioner.

Brownie points for the additional products – a protector and a freshener. Want to make cleaning simpler? Get it done with the bamboo brush and suede scuff cleaner by clicking on the link above.

Without a shoe care kit, there’s no use in cleaning your wet uggs.

  1. WASH – If you find any stain or grease on your uggs, wash them. By wash – I mean rinsing the exterior of your uggs, with cold water. DO NOT SOAK THEM, for it could damage your uggs permanently. 

  1. APPLY THE CLEANER AND CONDITIONER on a wet sponge and dab onto the exterior of your wet uggs. You may also use a brush or eraser. Make sure to spot clean if the stains persist. Scrub the uggs properly to ensure your boots look clean from other residues.

  1. RINSE AGAIN – Once your uggs are stain-free, rinse them again so that they can be free of all the cleaner and conditioner.

General cleaning such as using warm water and soap could be a potential solution. You don’t want soapy water on your uggs, do you? Considering that your uggs may get damaged, it is not advisable. For the safer side, use a sheepskin cleaner or the shoe care kit as mentioned above. 


  • Hard scrub your uggs because the colour might fade.
  • Put them into a washing machine or dry cleaner.
  • Use chlorines, peroxides or chemicals that are prone to damage.                                        

For detailed instructions on how to clean your uggs using the shoe care kit, check out these links – UGG® Sheepskin Cleaning and Care Instructions and 

Here comes the main and crucial part – drying your wet uggs. You can start the drying process immediately after cleaning them.

How To Dry Wet Uggs

The key to this process is patience. I know you might be tempted to wear your uggs that look brand new after the intense cleanup. Take a look at the material. You wouldn’t want to wear those comfy pair of boots while they’re still wet.

To dry your wet uggs, follow these steps:

  1. Place your uggs in a shady and airy room. Uggs must dry at room temperature, so never expose them to direct sunlight. 

  1. Remove all the excess water that’s hanging in your boots. Stuff the insides of the uggs with paper towels or just paper. This is to dab off all the excess water that’s stagnating. This is also said to speed up the drying process.

  1. Hang them upside down for better results. 

  1. Now for the need of the hour – a boot dryer to dry your uggs. If you’re confused about what boot dryer to buy, you can select this one!

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Are Boot Dryers Necessary?

Though using a boot dryer is completely optional, they are necessary. Don’t worry, using it is as easy as pie. These boot dryers are of extreme advantage. Like any other dryer, the warm air inside the dryer goes the rounds inside your uggs. A good boot dryer not only gets rid of the bacteria but also removes the foul odor from your boots. 

Boot dryers also speed up the drying process, hence Uggs manufacturers recommend using them. If you quit using a dryer, it might take about 24 hours or even more time for your uggs to dry. 


There have been queries on whether one can use hair dryers to dry Uggs. You can use them as an alternative since this is also considered to speed dry your boots. 

A word of caution – Don’t put your uggs in washing machine, that’s not advisable. Imagine your Uggs topsy turvy inside the washing machine. It could ruin the fabric of your Uggs for real. A material as delicate as sheepskin must be handled with care. 


Now that your Uggs are super dry and fresh, it’s time to add some pixie dust. The Uggs Protector and Uggs Freshener in the shoe care kit is a means to give your Uggs the sparkling effect that you want. Remember though, the Protector and Freshener should be used after cleaning and conditioning your uggs. 

To use the Protector, just spray considerable amounts onto your Uggs and dab them. People have said that using these added benefits in the kit has enhanced the look of their Uggs. 

Now that you have a clear idea of how to clean and dry your wet Uggs, you’re good to go! What better time to be on cloud nine?

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re desperately waiting to wear your uggs and head outside, now’s the time to up your game by caring for your uggs. After all, they need proper maintenance and care for them to shine when you flaunt them. 

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