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Best Shoes For Icy Pavements and Buyer’s Guide[2020]

People residing in frosty areas require a unique way of living to withstand the harsh weather. Snow not only makes it hard for carrying on with life but also sometimes makes it difficult to complete daily tasks as simple as walking. Walking on snow requires special shoes that provide traction on icy pavements. 

In snowy regions, icy pavement is made when after snowing the temperature warms up a little, and the snow melts but freezes again after the temperature decreases. Such pavements are considered to be a very tricky platform to walk on. An icy pavement, no matter whether it is a pavement, concrete, or a tile is the most dangerous surface you could walk on, or even try to walk on for the matter. 

At the point when you’re strolling on ice, you need a pair of shoes that is the best in terms of comfort   and will assist you with forestalling injury. Standard footwear has smooth, level bottoms with no extraordinary tracks to burrow and grasp icy pavements. So you ought to evade them since they are never okay for icy and cold situations. 

While looking to buy the best shoes for icy pavements, try not to purchase shoes with plastic or calfskin soles since they don’t give the footing you have to stroll in dangerous conditions. Rather, go for shoes that include sturdy, hardcore elastic tracks with appropriate padding and protection. 

When you are looking for the best shoes for strolling on icy pavements, think about the base of the shoe first. For strolling on icy pavements, you need a shoe with enormous tracks, or raised platforms, to enable your feet to keep their hold on the ground. Other than that, elastic soles will keep you from slipping and assist you with keeping your equalization.




  • They have a solid outer build.
  • Bugaboot II is available in different colors and sizes.



  • The thinsulate insulation provides enough warmth.
  • Salomon’s contagrip traction system is an added advantage.



  • Warma and comfortable
  • Provides apt traction 
  • Elastic sole



The Columbia Bugaboot II dark boots may simply be the perfect decision for you since it gives you the footing you need even in the most dangerous condition.

The 100% waterproof cowhide keeps dampness from absorbing in the boots. So you can wear and walk in them in crisp, cold areas without stressing over considering making the plunge.

Columbia utilizes a dampness wick lining for adequate airflow. This degree of breathability assists with keeping your feet dry and scent-free for the duration of the day. Bugaboot II’s inward layer highlights separators and inside liners that give you the glow you need, so you never need to stress over losing your feet.

The Omni-grasp, non-checking elastic sole gives you better footing on icy pavements. Also, the tech lite padded soles give the comfort that you need to walk well.​


  • They have a solid outer build.
  • Bugaboot II is available in different colors and sizes.
  • The overall solid build means the pair can last for a very long time – even with little maintenance.
  • Bugaboot II boots are sturdy and provide extra warmth.


  • The compartment may not be wide enough for some people.
  • They are somewhat expensive.

2.UGG Men's Butte Snow Boots

You definitely know at this point icy pavements are tricky and very risky. So you can’t bear to spend money on inappropriate footwear. Fortunately, UGG makes probably the most agreeable and solid snow boots in the market.

Also, their Butte for men is a genuine model that you can use to get by in an ice domain. The pair includes a blend of dairy animals calfskin, bovine cowhide, and manufactured.

What’s more, they are slip-resistant to give you the certainty to walk easily. UGG Butte can shield you from slipping and falling, on account of the manufactured outsole with carrying steps that give better footing, unrivaled strength, and better body balance and solidness.

Built to shield you from losing your feet, Butte can hold up very well in the outrageous virus. You ought to be fine in these regardless of whether the temperature in your area drops to – 20 degrees Celsius.

This shoe likewise includes a waterproof development. This keeps dampness from entering the boots, particularly in very cold and crisp conditions.

The faux fur, along with the pure fleece lining, guarantees that your feet remain dry and warm all the time.​


  • The lug treads provide the stability you need in slippery conditions.
  • They’re good for extremely cold temperatures.
  • The boots offer unmatched comfort to the wearer.
  • The ice proof construction is up to the standard.


  • Butte is somewhat expensive.


The Bugaboot, a version that precedes the Bugaboot II, is a good pair that you can use if you walk a lot on ice and snow.

And because these boots are lightweight, they don’t add any extra weight to your feet. The 200-gram Thinsulate insulation provides the warmth you need to walk with confidence.

You never have to worry about losing your feet, even if you live in a region where the temperature often falls to -25F. The seam-sealed waterproof upper prevents moisture from soaking up in the boots.

This not only keeps your feet dry but also ensures you walk freely without worrying about foot odor. The rubber outsole features solid studs that give your feet better traction on snow.

The secure lace-up shaft is an added advantage that solidifies the support of these boots, further protecting you from slipping. Since the pair is flexible, it gives you a higher level of mobility than many options out there.​


  • Bugaboot boots are available in different colors.
  • It’s made of durable synthetic and rubber.
  • They are lightweight and therefore easy and convenient to walk in.
  • Bugaboot can give you a better body balance even when walking in deep snow.


  • Some people may find the boots somewhat stiff.
  • The loops for the laces are clot and they seem to wear out fast.
  • Bugaboot is somewhat expensive.


From 16 carbide tip studs and side zippers to a scraped spot safe benchmark and a versatile top neckline, Ice bug Metro BUGrip-W has the stuff to give you the best an incentive for your cash.

Truth be told, the brand utilizes a blend of the best shoe advancements to structure these boots, making them comfortable and safe to walk in – in any event, when the snow outside is two or three inches down. Icebug rates these boots – 4F/ – 20C.

As you can envision, they are impeccable to use in situations where the climate condition is amazingly hostile. Metro BUGrip-W includes a waterproof upper that keeps your feet dry by keeping dampness from soaking in.

The Comfort Zone protection shields you from losing your feet by giving the glow you have to stroll in the icy environment.​ The carbide tip studs of these boots are dynamic. This implies they can undoubtedly adjust to any surface, from pure ice to extreme pavements.

The studs are especially valuable on icy pavements since they give better footing to empower you to walk unreservedly without the worry of slipping.​


  • The grip and traction are up to the standard.
  • They are good for the environment with a lot of snow and ice.
  • They offer better insulation in an extremely cold environment.
  • Metro BUGrip-W is true to size.
  • There are different color options.

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  • They make a lot of noise when worn indoors.
  • They are not suitable for hardwood floors.
  • They aren’t suitable for indoor use.


Their level of protection is up to level, this pair gives the ideal warmth that props you up from the second you begin working to the time you take a break.

Aside from the waterproof upper, which gives the greatest assurance from dampness, the fax hide and Thinsulate lining profoundly add to keeping your feet warm all through your walking time. The polar ice grasps on the outsoles are by a long shot the most grounded selling purpose of these boots.

They give the steadiness you have to walk comfortably by holding frigid surfaces effortlessly. What’s more, they guarantee predominant footing in wet conditions, so you don’t need to stress about slipping or falling.​


  • Sperry Powder Valley is waterproof.
  • The insulation is up to standard.
  • The polar grips provide maximum traction


  • Sperry Powder Valley is waterproof.
  • The insulation is up to standard.
  • The polar grips provide maximum traction


Merrell’s footwear line includes probably the most strong shoes in the market. Also, the ColdPack ice+ Moc is a case of a pair that does very well in wet conditions. Weighing only 200 grams, these shoes are incredibly lightweight, an element that isn’t exactly regular with shoes intended for winter.

In an incredibly chilly condition, where you can without much of a stretch open yourself to winter-related wounds, appropriately protected shoes can be the distinction between losing your feet and getting back inside securely.

This clarifies why Merrell utilizes low mass protection to shield you from winter’s most noticeably terrible by keeping your feet warm and agreeable in blanketed and cold conditions.

The brand additionally utilizes a dampness wicking covering to improve air course and keep your feet dry and scent-free.


  • ColdPack ice+ Moc is waterproof.
  • The moisture-wicking lining enhances air circulation.
  • The fleece insulation provides sufficient warmth.
  • The removable EVA footbed allows for easy customization.


  • ColdPack ice+ Moc requires breaking in.
  • These shoes don’t offer sufficient arch support 


Salomon doesn’t simply play by the book when assembling mountaineering gears. They likewise give close consideration to subtleties when structuring the best shoes for walking on icy pavements.

The brand designed the X Ultra boots by joining various trend-setting innovations to make the pair reasonable for very chilly situations. In any case, the solid and lightweight Thinsulate gives the warmth you need to walk comfortably in a chilly condition.

The protection shields your feet from a condition called hypothermia, so you won’t need to stress over losing your feet in the process.​ The waterproofing adds to the protection since it keeps dampness from getting absorbed.

This is a decent method to keep your feet warm and dry. The contagrip traction framework, which includes a propelled stable case, gives a decent hold on elusive surfaces. Along these lines, you can get by very well and as walking frequently as you’d like without stressing over the probability of slipping and falling.

In addition, the standard insoles make Men’s X Ultra agreeable while keeping up the boot’s temperature at the equivalent time.​


  • The ortholite insole adds extra cushioning to enhance the overall comfort of the boots.
  • The thinsulate insulation provides enough warmth.
  • Salomon’s contagrip traction system is an added advantage.


  • Salomon X Ultra may take a while to break in.


A waterproof boot with a softened cowhide upper and a removable felt inward boot for warmth, solace, and security in the winter climate. An elastic sole with thick track guarantees footing.

This well known Canadian brand is famous for making the kind of intense boots that you have to wear to fight through the profundities of a North American winter.

These boots seem as though they mean business — they’re large and overwhelming — and feel as though you could trek toward the North Pole in them.


  • Warma and comfortable
  • Provides apt traction 
  • Elastic sole


  • The upper is made of suede which makes it hard to sustain in deep snow.


Perfect for open-air work or recreation exercises during freezing climate, Muck Arctic Sport Rubber High-Performance Men’s Winter Boots will keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as – 40 °F (- 40°C), in any event, when you’re standing sank into the snow up to your ankles. Offering both help and solace, these protected boots have a shaped padded sole and warm downy fixing with warm froth under the footbed.


  • Flexible and comfortable outsole
  • Shock, Heat and Water Resistant
  • Fleece Lining
  • Sealed rubber shell


  • Runs slightly large


Perfect for drivers, hardware administrators, and dispatches working in a brutal winter climate, these Dakota boots offer breathable, waterproof HYPER-DRI® HD3 insurance with crease fixed linings to keep feet dry.

You’ll profit by upgraded footing when strolling on ice with innovation. Removable Aerogel insoles and quad comfort innovation keep feet agreeable all through long moves.


  • Enhanced Traction 
  • Waterproof
  • Lace up style


  • Not found any



  • Waterproofing:  Any great ice boot and shoe will be waterproof. Ice softens and can cause wetness, which can cause a disturbance, contamination, and even frostbites in the chilly conditions. In this manner, great waterproofing is fundamental for a shoe that will be utilized on wet or frigid surfaces. Your generally breathable and best waterproofing alternative is, obviously, Gore-Tex as it is breathable, solid, and waterproof; notwithstanding, other waterproofing materials are correspondingly acceptable, for example, elastic and waterproof calfskins.


  • Support and stability: Since frigid surfaces are so elusive all in all, they can cause devastation on your balance in any event, even when you have an appropriate grip on your shoes. One should have an ample amount of ankle support for a good body balance as mentioned in an article on our website’ “10 Best Shoes for Ankle Support and Buyer’s Guide”. Stability highlights, for example, a shaped footbed and movement control or an impact point cup are extraordinary for comfort and backing as well as will in like manner assist you with keeping your equalization on icy floors and pavements.


  • Outsole: The first and most significant trademark for a shoe for icy pavements and icy or snow surfaces is to search for an ice and snow footing outsole. A Vibram Rubber outsole for begins offers the best grasp and sturdiness however will require extra highlights for hold, for example, a formed carry track, ice grasp technology, or gaiter snares. Carbide Tip Studs on the outsole moreover additionally assists with expanding footing on icy surfaces. An air track Vulcanized elastic outsole is likewise something you could search for prevalent durability and high traction.


  • Insulation: Protection in chilly climate conditions can assist with shielding your feet from freezing and keep them comfortable. In all probability, if you are walking on ice or icy pavements, it will be cold to freezing. There is a wide range of types and assortments of insulation. You can settle on Thin skate protection from about 200grams and up on the off chance that it is colder. Fleece or sheep wool lined shoes will likewise give brilliant warmth and protection.


  • Durability: Durability in any shoes that require to give great grasp, and that on wet and icy pavements is an absolute necessity. Great quality materials that will work appropriately are perfect and quality hearty development an unquestionable requirement.


  • Sufficient Traction: Normal footwear, similar to those we use to stroll on rough paths won’t hold up on icy ways. They may give the footing you have to get from guide A toward point B on dry grounds. Be that as it may, producers never structured them for colder atmospheres. The shoes you decide for icy pavements should include elastic outsoles with tough tracks. Since they effectively grasp slippery surfaces, you can stroll in them without worrying about falling or slipping. On the off chance that conceivable, invest in boots with bigger treads since they offer better grasp and traction all through your walk.


  • Lightweight: You have to think about the heaviness of the shoes before buying a pair. Regardless of whether you’ve found a pair with a strong elastic outsole and enormous treads yet the weight is important, it may not help you as much. At the end of the day, the footwear you pick ought to be as lightweight as could reasonably be expected. A lightweight pair has two points of interest: To start with, you don’t need to stress over extra weight on your lower leg and feet. Lightweight shoes permit you to stroll around for a considerable length of time without getting worn out. Second, you get greater adaptability and improved versatility while moving from direct A toward point B.


  • Comfort: Comfort is the main factor to consider while looking for shoes to wear on tricky surfaces. In any case, it’s as simple as that. You additionally need to ensure the pair you pick is as cushioning as could be expected under the circumstances. Keep in mind, strolling on ice is an upsetting movement as of now, and you would prefer not to add to the distress by wearing something that won’t give your feet the most extreme solace. Your decision of footwear ought to thusly have great padding, offer excellent support, and help shield you from pain.​ You may feel awkward in certain boots for a couple of days. That is because the materials used to structure them require a significant period to break-in. Be that as it may, when you break them in, they become agreeable to stroll in – in any event, for an all-encompassing period.​


The last thing you need to stress over when walking on icy pavements is the chance of slipping and falling.

You need to walk certainly realizing that you can get from direct A toward point B securely. The most fitting footwear for this sort of condition ought to be dependent upon the standard to keep your feet secure. Invest your money in a pair that can keep your feet warm. Ensure they are water-resistant to keep water and dampness from socking up in your feet. 

Nothing is as terrible as purchasing ice confirmation shoes that won’t fit. At the end of the day, you will probably have a remarkable walking experience out there. In this way, remember the size and support in mind while picking a pair.

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