Best Shoes for Cutting Grass & Buyers Guide [2021]

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The gorgeous lawn and garden are what considered the most beautiful area of any house. It’s a cozy place to enjoy nature and sometimes enjoy a fun day of barbeque with your loved ones. When comes to its maintenance by cutting the extra grass, it is the least favorite task in the whole list of work. And for maintaining your lawn requires the best shoes for grass cutting.

Most of you either find it a too exhausting or irritating job. A perfect shaped lawn and garden need proper dedication, time and effort.

You often face irritation or go through injuries because you forgot to wear the right shoe for that occasion.

You read it right, this normal lawn job needs the correct footwear which gives you a steady grip and balances through the course of gardening.

Kujo Yardwear Lightweight Breathable Yard Work Shoe Black Out 11.5 Men
Strong One!
adidas Men's Response Trail Competition Running Shoes, Raw White/Tech Ink/Legend Ink, 7.5 UK
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Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Earth, 10.5 M US
Kujo Yardwear Lightweight Breathable Yard Work Shoe Black Out 11.5 Men
adidas Men's Response Trail Competition Running Shoes, Raw White/Tech Ink/Legend Ink, 7.5 UK
Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Earth, 10.5 M US
Color Options
Prime Benefits
Kujo Yardwear Lightweight Breathable Yard Work Shoe Black Out 11.5 Men
Kujo Yardwear Lightweight Breathable Yard Work Shoe Black Out 11.5 Men
Color Options
Prime Benefits
More Details
Strong One!
adidas Men's Response Trail Competition Running Shoes, Raw White/Tech Ink/Legend Ink, 7.5 UK
adidas Men's Response Trail Competition Running Shoes, Raw White/Tech Ink/Legend Ink, 7.5 UK
Color Options
Prime Benefits
More Details
Good One!
Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Earth, 10.5 M US
Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Earth, 10.5 M US
Color Options
Prime Benefits
More Details

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10 Best Shoes For Cutting Grass & Buyers's Guide

1.Kujo Yardwear Lightweight Breathable Yard Work Shoe- Best Grass cutting shoe

Gardening becomes fun when you can enjoy cutting grass without feeling any irritation in the foot. That’s what Kujo Yardwear Shoes offers through this range of shoes which will satisfy every Gardner. 

Kujo Yardwear shoes combine both the features of perfect shoes as well as a boot. The lightweight and breathable material keeps you active and energized for longer periods of time. 

The rubber outsoles are made to provide a strong grip on grass and hard surfaces. The highly cushioned midsole offers the required comfort and stability. 

The toe-cap is designed with a waterproof material that protects the foot from dews and moisture. It can be easily cleaned and ensures higher durability.

The antimicrobial protection inserted in the breathable collar lining keeps the odor and irritation at bay. The shoe is equipped with a smart lacing system that keeps the foot intact at its original place. 


  • Ensures comfort with EVA cushioned Midsoles.
  • Insoles can be easily removed and cleaned .
  • Smooth SPU toe is 100%Waterproof and provides high abrasion 
  • It is lightweight as compared to other yard wears.  
  • The breathable mesh upper and anti-microbial inner lining keeps the shoe fresh for a longer period of time. 
  • Gives good traction on grass and hard surfaces 
  • Rubber outsole makes it highly durable. 


  • It is a bit expensive 

2.Adidas Men's Tech Response Shoes

Adidas is a brand recognized for providing the best shoes for sports. Not just this, its high durability makes it a good alternative for outdoor activities.  It is a great option to choose a nice pair of Adidas shoes that not just work well in sports but can be used in other tasks like cutting grass. 

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Shoes is one such great option for the purpose of cutting grass. It’s microfiber leather and mesh material combination ensures comfort and breathability. The lightweight golf shoes make the grass cutting job easier.

The EVA cushioned midsole ensures comfort and provides stability to the foot. The removable spikes are made to provide a firm grip on grass and other terrains.

Along with that, the mixture of THINTEC and TREXION tread offers a smooth transition. The Cloudfoam sock liner gives extra comfort to the foot. 


  • Good breathability because of Microfiber leather and mesh material 
  •  It is lighter in weight 
  • It is comfortable to wear because of EVA cushioned midsole 
  • The mixture of THINTEC and TREXTON ensures good grip and smooth transition 
  • Spikes can be removed 
  • Provides comfort with Cloudfoam sock liner 


  • It is not Waterproof

3.Merrell Men's Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Merrell Moab has made its impression in the field of hiking shoes. It is considered as a trusted brand that produces shoes which are highly durable and comfortable for hiking. Sometimes hiking shoes can be used as a great alternative for cutting grass. 

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes are one such footwear that you can buy for cutting grass or moving lawn. The suede and mesh upper make it highly comfortable as well as breathable.

M select Dry feature creates it partially waterproof by helping the moisture to escape quickly. The high resistance rubber sole gives the much-needed stability, durability and slips resistance that provides good traction on slippery areas. The rubber toe cap gives the necessary protection to the foot.  

Merrell has incurred the feature of Bellows, a closed cell foam tongue that makes it fresher as it prevents moisture. Along with that, it will protect the foot by keeping debris out. 


  • Ensures good breathability 
  • The feature of Bellows closed cell foam tongue makes it more waterproof
  • Gives good traction with Vibram TC5+ Rubber sole 
  • It is comfortable 
  • M Select Dry keeps it fresh for longer period 


  • Not completely waterproof 
  • It is expensive 

4.Xtratuff Performance Series Full Rubber Ankle Deck Boots

Gardening is an activity that requires you to wear the pair of shoe that delivers good grip with the surface. Along with that, it should protect your feet from outside water i.e., should be waterproof. Xtratuff Performance Series Full Rubber Ankle Deck Boots fulfills these requirements perfectly.   

Xtratuff is known for manufacturing the shoes for mariners. However, Xtratuff has introduced some different varieties of boots with its Performance Series. These series featured the boots that fit the protection criteria for shoes suitable during the activity of cutting grass. 

Xtratuff Performance Series Boots are designed with total rubber material that makes it fully waterproof. The lightweight boot with slip in feature facilitates in easily wear and carry for a longer time.

Slip-resistant Chevron outsole built in Xtratuff Performance Series boots gives the necessary traction in slippery areas. With the design of the ankle-length cut, the boots ensure protection from water and debris. 


  • It is 100% Waterproof 
  • Ensures protection from water and debris with a high cut design 
  • Gives good traction through slip resistance rubber outsole 
  • It is lighter in weight 
  • Provides freshness through XpressCooling lining 


  • It cannot be tightened 
  • Not flexible 
  • Not comfortable 

5.Crocs Classic Clog

The most common problem which stops gardeners from buying the specific shoes for cutting grass is budget. It is believed that this job doesn’t need any new or particular shoe which leads you to wear classic old tennis shoes. That where our Crocs Classic Clog comes into the picture. 

Crocs are somehow unusual footwear to wear, but you will be amazed to know that its one of the best footwear you can wear for cutting grass.

It is extremely lightweight and comes with Ventilation ports that ensure the much-needed comfort and breathability in hot weather conditions.

You can wear them without socks and its waterproof design helps you to shed water and debris easily. The slip-on clogs and pivotal heel straps give good stability and durability. 

The best feature is that these are the cheapest footwear you can buy for the job of cutting grass. Crocs Classic Clog is designed as per the need of both men and women. It’s unique design and availability of various colour options, makes it suitable for any occasion.

Apart from cutting grass, you can wear it in indoor and outdoor places like the beach, gym, pool, shower and walking. 


  • It is cheap 
  • Lighter in weight 
  • Ensures breathability 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Various colour options available 
  • It is waterproof
  • It is easy to wear 
  • One of the best shoe to wear for cutting grass 
  • It is easy to clean 
  • Can be worn on different occasions 
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Doesn’t give the best protection 
  • Its hard plastic design may be uncomfortable 
  • Design is not liked by many people

6.Timberland Pro Pit Boss

Introducing the next pair of boots on our list is Timberland Pro Pit Boss which may be designed like a classic boot. But the thing that counts is that these are meant to provide full comfort and protection to the foot and that makes them suitable for cutting grass. 

The steel toe boot protects the foot from any machinery or tools and a wider toe box provides good room to toes which adds to the comfort.

Timberland has taken the safety and comfort to another level with the inclusion of Pro 24/7  Comfort Suspension Technology and arch support that helps in working for longer periods of time. The anti-fatigue insoles strengthen the freshness and comfort to the foot. 

The abrasion resistance outsoles are made to provide strong traction on wet or slippery surfaces. It makes them the right choice for gardening or cutting grass.  Leather upper gives the shoe good durability and protection for cutting grass. 


  • Gives better protection with steel toe cap 
  • Provides more durability with leather upper and rubber outsoles 
  • Gives strong traction on slippery areas 
  •  Ensures comfort through Pro 24/7 Comfort Suspension Technolgy 
  • It’s higher cut design prevents water and debris from entering inside the shoe 
  • The wider toe box gives better room to toes 


  • Heavier in weight  
  • These are not waterproof 
  • Heels are stiff and hard 
  • Not flexible 

7.Keen Utility Braddock Low Work Shoes

Grass cutting or lawn mowing is not a simple task, you need to pay proper attention to your safety and protection. It includes working with different equipment and tools which are handed with caution.

Along with that, most of the time slippery ground conditions it pronto accidents. To counter with that issue, we have selected Keen Utility Braddock Low Work Shoes

Keen is quite a new brand that has established its name for manufacturing the footwear that is higher in quality. Keen has taken a new turn by introducing the Braddock range that gives the best steel-toe shoes which are suitable for cutting grass. 

KEEN Patented Toe Protection provides the ultimate protection to the forefoot area. The oil and slip resistance outsoles provide the best grip on wet and slippery surfaces.

Water-resistance nubuck leather upper with thick seals prevents water and debris from entering inside the shoe. The left and right asymmetrical safety toe are built with the right composite of aluminum and steel good room and comfort to toes. Metatomical Footbed design offers better arch support and gives more responsiveness. 


  • Provides protection with steel toe protection 
  • Ensures better traction 
  • Nubuck leather upper makes it more durable 
  • Gives firm support to the foot for long runs 
  • Good comfort and responsiveness through Metatomical Footbed feature


  • Heavier in weight 
  • More expensive 

8.Thorogood American Heritage Safety Toe Boot

Thorogood American Heritage is known for providing one of the best quality boots for daily work. Its high level of durability is what makes them the correct pick for cutting grass. 

The steel toe provides protection on the forefoot area which secures foot from the sharp equipment in the garden.

MAXWear Wedge Slip resistance outsole offers better traction grip on a different surface that make it appropriate for slippery ground. The wedge sole makes it waterproof that allows you to wear them even in dew conditions.


  •  Ensures better traction 
  • Provides stability through arch support 
  • Effective lacing system keeps the foot intact 
  • Better breathability 


  • It is expensive 
  • Can cause the problem in shoe size 

9.Wolverine Overman Nano Toe 10 inch Waterproof Contour Weld Work Boots

Cutting Grass becomes more tricky and exhausting when the grass gets taller and moist. It causes a lot of irritation and problems on foot. To conquer that issue you need to buy the footwear that not just covers your foot but provides good protection.   

Wolverine Waterproof contour Weld Work Boots is something that can solve this issue. As its  10 Inch shaft from arch covers the full foot and the moisture-managing mesh lining with inbuilt waterproof membrane keeps the moisture away.

The carbon max safety toe is prepared with nanotubes makes it lighter as well as safer for cutting grass. Wolverine has also worked on the flexibility of boots through Contour Weld as it allows you to flex feet on required areas.


  • Boots are waterproof 
  • Good for cutting long grass 
  • Keeps the foot dry with its moisture-managing mesh 
  • Provides safety through carbon max safety toe box 
  • Gives good flexibly compared to other boots 
  • Offers good traction


  • Soles tends to peel off in short term 
  • Not durable

10.Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Sieve Brindle Water Shoes

Grass cutting and lawn mowing are becoming a new carrier as the artistic way of trimming grass are becoming a new trend. To justify that trending job you need to reflect yourself as a professional. That adds Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve in our list of grass cutting shoes. 

Merrell offers waxy waterproof leather upper that prevents water from entering inside the shoe and the M select Fresh Antimicrobial feature keeps the shoe free from any odor.

The unified EVA midsole gives the necessary cushioning to the foot for a longer duration. For stability, Merrell has added firm pods that provide decent support in the right areas.

These hiking shoes are built with Merrell famous Vibram TC5+ Rubber outsoles that provide strong traction on rough as well as wet surfaces.


  • It is waterproof 
  • Ensures freshness with M select Fresh Antimicrobial feature 
  • Provides good traction on all surfaces 
  • Looks, stylist 
  • Available in different colour variants 
  • Ensures comfort through EVA midsole 
  • Can be worn with or without socks


  • Can causes problem with durability  
  • A bit narrow for wide foot 

How to choose a perfect pair of shoes for cutting grass?

Choosing a perfect pair of shoes for cutting grass or lawn mowing is not as easier as it seems because you need to take proper care of your foot and comfort. So you can follow some basic tricks that will help you to find the right shoe for cutting grass. 

  • Comfort 

It may sound too basic but is the first necessity you need to look for in the shoe. Cutting grass can be a time-consuming work that requires you to wear the same gear for a longer period. For that, you should choose the shoe which fits you comfortably. 

The comfort comes with selecting the shoe with perfect shoe size. Before buying any shoe from the store or online site, always make sure that the shoe size is appropriate because in many cases a half-inch bigger size is suggested as per different foot requirements.  

  • Traction 

Cutting grass in lawn or garden can be a little slippery job. As the grass is often moist or wet and becomes cause behind many accidents. It can be a severe danger for your elders who are more attached to the lawn but don’t pay attention to the type of footwear they choose to wear in the grass. 

It is best to choose the pair of shoe that offers a firm grip between the ground and your shoe’s sole. So make sure that you choose the shoe that allows a high quality of traction with the ground.

  • Breathability 

Cutting grass is very time-consuming work and requires your feet to spend more time in the shoe which causes sweating and heavy moisture inside the shoe.

It will further become the reason behind many skin related problems like irritation or bad odor. 

To save yourself from this sort of problem, you need to choose a shoe that provides great breathability.

It means that the shoe should be prepared with the material that offers air to flow properly. Normally mesh material or good leather regarded as a perfect choice for breathability. So before making a purchase make sure to check the material of the shoe.  

  • Protection 

Apart from traction cutting grass needs you to secure your foot from any trouble-causing factors like stability, water, insects, spiked wild grass or gardening tools.

To ensure stability, select the shoe that keeps your feet intact as its position. Those who face overpronation can look for the pair particularly made for that type of foot. 

Other than that the remaining factors require the gear to fit the upper area of the shoe. So that the outside factors will not be able to enter inside the shoe.

For that matter, you can look for shoes that offer a higher collar. Waterproof gears are also available in the market that doesn’t let the water to enter or harm your feet. 

  •  Durability

Durability is considered as the important criteria to judge a shoe’s quality. The same applied to the shoes for cutting grass.

Although grass cutting is considered a normal part of your daily chores. But it’s important to analyze the durability of the shoe which helps you in cutting grass for longer periods of time.  

While buying the shoe for cutting grass you need to make sure that it provides longer durability, so that you don’t need to waste your time and money every time for it.  


  •  Flexibility 

At the time of purchasing shoes for cutting grass, the main element that is often gets missed is shoe flexibility. All your focus gets diverted to its ability to protect your feet from any problems or injuries from grass or machines. Moreover, the lawn shoes are prepared with a tough material that doesn’t let foot to move. 

The errand of cutting grass needs your foot to move and flex as per the requirements. Along with this, your foot needs proper space for moving without feeling pain. For a time-consuming work like cutting grass, it is best to look for the flexibility of the shoe. 


  • Value for Money 

Budget is the main factor that limits all other factors when it comes to buying anything. It’s best to choose the product that is worth the price you pay.

The same applied to buy the shoe for cutting grass. For that, you need to consider whether you want to buy the shoe that is only used for that purpose only or you are gonna wear it for other activities as well. 

If you want to buy the shoe that you are specifically purchasing for cutting grass. Then you need to make sure that it is highly durable, worth your money and can be used for many years.

However, it’s best to consider the second option i.e., to opt for the shoes that not just satisfy you in cutting the grass but that can be worn in other activities like running, jogging or gyming. It will help you in choosing from various options and colorful designs. 


Cutting grass and gardening can be a little exhausting job but for many gardeners and plant lovers, it’s quite fun work. Not just this, the trend of artistic trimming of plants and trees is becoming more popular among youngsters. Although, this job requires you to work on slippery surfaces with some heavy and sharp equipment that may lead to accidents. It is necessary to wear appropriate shoes that fit the necessary criteria for a garden. 

Our list contains the best shoes that are suitable for cutting grass. All of the footwear’s are selected as per the different requirements of your foot. It contains the lawn specific shoes to the one that is suitable for other outdoor activities. Although, it is totally up to you that whether you want to choose the gear only for that particular activity or you want to use it for multiple occasions. 

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