best shoes for swing dancing

Best Shoes for Swing Dancing and Buyer’s Guide[2020]

Lindy Pop, Balboa, Charleston or Collegiate Shag – all these Swing Dancing styles are a perfect blend of energy and entertainment. Swing dancing is one of the trendy dance forms as it is easy to learn and packed with lots of fun. Swing dance is filled with energetic bouncy movements and smooth twists & turns.  […]

10 Best Shoes for Ankle Support and Buyers Guide[2020]

Physical activities like Walking, Running, Jogging or workout sessions are becoming an essential part of everyone’s routine.  Apart from keeping you physically active, it refreshes you mentally which helps you to work energetically throughout the day. But all your efforts get wasted when you do negligence in the selection of correct shoes.  Ankle injuries or […]

best shoes for car salesman

10 Best Shoes for Car Salesman

The first impression is an essential element for building a good professional relationship. Especially when you are working in professions like a Car salesman, you need your customer to recognize your firm as truthful and get impressed with your personality. Apart from your clothes, the first thing that comes to notice is your shoes.  Choosing […]

best shoes for dental assistants

10 Best Shoes for Dental Assistants-Reviews & Buyers Guide

Dental Assistants job is very demanding and responsible, it requires you to help in all the works, is it be assisting Dentist or patients throughout the treatment. If you are a dental assistant or going to start working as a dental assistant, then you should know that as much as protections like masks and gloves […]

Best shoes for flight attendants

10 Best Shoes for Flight Attendants -Reviews & Buyers Guide

Flight Attendant’s job is becoming one of the most popular careers among the new generation.  It is not just attractive but gives you the opportunity to travel around the world. As much as attractive it seems, it is far more demanding.   As a flight attendant, you need to handle everything with patience, be physically and […]

can walking barefoot help flatfeet


First of all, it is important to understand what is actually meant by “flat feet” and can walking barefoot help flat feet. stick to this article for the next few moments and you will be cleared about can walking barefoot help flat feet. Also some valuable points are mentioned below of walking barefoot which will […]


Are Minimalist Shoes is good for flat feet?

In this article, we delve into whether minimalist shoes are good for flat feet find a better footing. Here we have collected different reviews about that minimalist shoes are good for flat feet Are minimalist shoe is good for flat feet Gone are the days when footwear was a simple utility or a shallow fashion statement. […]



PAU GASOL SHOE SIZE SHOE SIZE: 50(Europe) 16(USA) Above are the shoe size of pau gasol. The shoes he prefer for basketball will be given in last section of this article. Professional life- throughout his career Gasol has played in 136 playoffs games ( 122 starts) in 12 seasons and won back to back NBA […]