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Best Shoes for Swing Dancing and Buyer’s Guide[2021]

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Lindy Pop, Balboa, Charleston or Collegiate Shag – all these Swing Dancing styles are a perfect blend of energy and entertainment. Swing dancing is one of the trendy dance forms as it is easy to learn and packed with lots of fun. Swing dance is filled with energetic bouncy movements and smooth twists & turns.  To perform this high energy dance form, you need to wear the best shoes for Swing Dancing. 

Choosing the best shoes for swing dancing is a little confusing as there are so many options available in the market. While they are some basic things about the perfect shoes for swing dancing which you should know as a swing dancer. Your best shoes for swing dancing is the one that allows you to perform spins, twists, dips, and tricks along with the beats. 

It doesn’t matter that you are an amateur or a professional because you need to buy the best shoes for Swing Dancing at both stages. As the best Swing Dancing Shoes not just ease all your swing dance tricks and moves but it will protect your foot from getting any injuries or pain. Keeping all the factors in mind, we have prepared the list of Best Shoes for Swing Dancing that will help you in selecting the perfect footwear.

1.Linodes Women’s Lace-up Jazz Shoes 


  • Flat soles give good support 
  • Split sole design gives flexibility and comfort
  • Leather upper is durable, flexible and comfortable 
  • EVA cushioning on sole protects the feet 
  • Breathable fabric lining 
  • Adjustable lace-up design for a snug fit fee

2.NLeahershoe Breathable Dancing Leather Latin Shoes 


  • Stylish and Attractive in design 
  • 1-inch sole for support 
  • Premium leather upper with various holes for breathability
  • Suitable for various other dances like Salsa, Tango, Disco, Waltz, Vanessa Waltz, Quickstep, Rumba, ChaChaCha, etc. 
  • Anti-slip and lightweight outsole for protection and confidence 
  • Sole cushioning for absorbing pressure 
  • Lace-up design for adjustable fitting 

 3.DANCEYOU Dance Teaching T-Strap Jazz Shoes 


  • Stylish and Vintage Design 
  • Split Sole design for support 
  • Suede leather soles for a smooth glide across the floor 
  • EVA heel for absorbing pressure 
  • Moisture absorbing and Odor-deterring insole for freshness 
  • Leather upper for easy maintenance 
  • Closed-toe and T-shape leather straps for a snug fit

10 Best Shoes for Swing Dancing in 2021

1.Linodes Women’s Lace-up Jazz Shoes

Swing dancing was invented with the swing styles of jazz music which means just like jazz music, jazz shoes go amazingly with Swing Dancing.  Linodes Women’s Lace-up Jazz Shoes is one of the best jazz shoes that you can wear for swing dancing. 

Designed to offer the best comfort, Lindos has prepared these shoes with a soft leather upper and textile lining that is quite comfortable and durable. The split sole design is made with EVA material and the soles are flat which gives good support and much-needed grip on the surface. 

The leather material of the shoe is durable, flexible and comfortable to wear. If you have just joined the swing dancing classes, then you should look for it. As the toe closed lace-up style help in supporting your foot and protect it from getting injured from quick twist or turns. 


  • Suitable for amateurs as well as professionals 
  •  Provides perfect and comfortable fitting as per the foot 
  • Offers comfort for a long duration 
  •  Ensures durability and flexibility with leather upper 
  • Provides great support with split soles 


  • Problem with the selection of size as wider feet needs to order a larger size 

2.NLeahershoe Breathable Dancing Leather Latin Shoes

Every ballroom dancer wants a shoe that looks stylish as well as goes smoothly with every kind of ballroom dance.  NLeahershoe has fulfilled this wish with its Breathable Dancing Leather Latin Shoes. 

NLeahershoe has designed these shoes with premium leather at vamp with various holes that offer good ventilation. So that your feet remain sweat-free after this heavy exhausting swing dance. The shoe is prepared quite artistically that adds to the style and great fitting from toes to heels ensures that you remain graceful throughout your performance. 

This shoe offer protection with the anti-slip and flexible sole that allows you to spin and glide across the feet without any fear of getting injuries. It is a good option for those who easily get injured. The sole with a 1″ heel and suede outsole gives support and traction needed for performing twists and turns on the indoor surface. 


  • Provides a stylish and elegant look 
  • Suitable for various kind of dances 
  • Offer breathability with leather upper 
  • Ensures comfort for both amateur and professional dancers
  • Provides protection with anti-slip features 
  •  Offer great support  
  • Offer smooth glides with suede outsoles 
  • Ensures easy slip in and slip off 


  • Problem with shoe size selection 
  • Not good for long hours of dancing 

3.DANCEYOU Dance Teaching T-Strap Jazz Shoes

As the name suggests, DANCEYOU is working as a footwear brand that manufactures shoes that suits your dance. Is it be the style for presentation on stage or comfort to perform the dance effortlessly. 

DANCEYOU Dance Teaching T-Strap Jazz Shoes are designed with a vintage look that goes perfectly with swing dancing. The split leather suede soles have EVA heel that protects the feet by absorbing pressure from a long practice session, helps in smooth glides across the surface. This split sole is connected with an elastic band which makes it very flexible. 

The leather material that is used in preparing this T-shape straps shoe is lightweight and flexible which allows you to perform freely. Other than EVA outsole, the insole is cushioned with moisture absorbing and odor-deterring feature which keeps your feet free from odor and irritation from sweat. Also, the leather material offers you easy maintenance. 


  • Offer perfect fitting with closed-toe and strapping design 
  • Ensures comfort with  EVA soles 
  • Offers breathability 
  • Provides a stylish and vintage look 
  • Offers support with split soles design 
  • Ensures smooth twists with suede leather soles  
  • It is easy to maintain 
  • Offers nice flexibility 


  • Not suitable for those who prefer bigger heels 

4.OLLIO Women’s Classic Lace-Up Dress Low Flat Heel Oxford

If you want a vintage flat shoe or looking for something that offers high comfort, then this Oxford Shoe from OLLIO is a great choice for you.  OLLIO is a shoe brand that is manufacturing comfortable shoes for women. 

  OLLIO Women’s Classic Lace-Up Dress Low Flat Heel Oxford is prepared in low cut lace-up suede that gives it a vintage look and makes it lightweight. Apart from lightweight, OLLIE has used high-quality material that is durable and doesn’t get torn easily. The material can be easily cleaned and hence help in retaining the shine.  

The lace-up and flat sole design makes it comfortable for amateurs who like flats, as well as this design, will support your feet with adjustable fitting. The rubber sole offers good traction on the surface and goes perfectly with those who want to perform outside. This sole is preferred in swing dances like Lindy Pop. 


  • Offers comfort 
  • Ensures support with lace-up Oxford design 
  • Available in various colors 
  • Offers stylish and Vintage look 
  • Ensures durability with high-quality material and easy cleaning 
  • It is quite lightweight 
  • Offers good traction 


  • Rubber sole restrict the movements 

5.Enzo Romeo Wood8 Men’s Two-Tone Wingtips Oxfords Perforated Lace-Up Dress Shoes

Enzo Romeo has presented Wood8 Oxford Dress Shoes with everything that you look for in a nice swing dancing shoe. Is it be a comfort, style, fitting, support or price. 

This Oxford shoe is designed in the classic and popular two-tone wingtips design which gives you the stylish look. Enzo Romeo has built it with all man-made lightly padded material with stitches done in a detailed way which adds to style as well as comfort. 

This unique and stylish shoe is very versatile in nature as apart from swing dancing, you can wear it on multiple occasions like outdoor parties, weddings or events in the garden or lawn. Due to its stylish design, you can wear it with casual and formal clothes. The shoe has a rubber sole and 0.75-inch heel which provides good traction and support to your feet.


  • Offers a stylish and vintage look 
  •  Ensures Comfort with light padded, stitched all man-made material 
  • Its two-tone wingtips black and white makes it quite versatile 
  •  Can be paired with casual and formal clothes 
  • Designed for various occasions like outdoor weddings or garden parties 
  • Offers quality worth the money 
  • Offers Support and traction 
  •  Ensures durability with stitched design 


  • Rubber Sole will stick to the floor and restrict movements 
  • They have a plastic-like smell 

6.Keds Women’s Champion Eyelets Sneaker

Sneakers are one of the most popular styles of shoes worn for swing dancing.  As they are comfortable, easy to carry and offer perfect fitting. The same goes for Keds Women’s Champion Eyelets Sneaker that is one of the best options for swing Dancing. 

Keds has prepared this sneaker with comfortable canvas material which is comfortable to carry for long hours. The cushioned dream foam technology used in the insole provides comfort and keeps you free from fatigue or stress. 

The shoes come in classic sneaker design which you can match with any dress. The rubber soles offer good traction and support, it is perfect for those who don’t want to wear heels. It has a low top shaft arch which adds to the support and stability. You can control the adjustability of the shoe with lace-up design. 


  • Offers comfort-cushioned dream foam technology  
  • Provides support with arch support from insoles 
  • Ensures protection with thick outsoles 
  • Suitable for amateur and professional 
  • Can be worn with a different kind of dresses 
  • Offers good traction 
  • It is lightweight 
  • Offers perfect fitting with adjustable lace-up design


  • Rubber Soles restrict fast-spinning movements 

7.Capezio Men’s SD103 Social Dance Shoe

Capezio is known as a dancemaker because of its contribution and support towards dance and theater. The same goes with this Social Dance Shoe because it is prepared as a basic ballroom shoe which suits all kind of indoor dances. 

The shoe is built with soft PU leather upper which is durable and doesn’t get worn out easily. It comes with moisture absorbent cotton lining that helps in sweat from exhausting swing dancing and keeps the feet from odor or irritation from heavy moisture.  Along with that, it features shock-absorbing sponge insoles that protect the feet from injuries and strains on the knee, ankle or lower back area. 

For comfort, padded collar and Achilles notch are added in it that provides comfort and support to the feet. Capezio has worked on the sole area as 1-inch heel with EVA cushioning is inserted which makes it perfect for the amateur ballroom dancers. The suede soles offer the right traction and allow you to glide across the surface with grace. 


  •  Offers durability with PU leather upper 
  • Ensures comfort 
  • Provides freshness with moisture-absorbing cotton lining 
  • Provides protection 
  • Suitable for amateur and professional dancers 
  •  Ensures smooth movements with suede soles 
  • Provides good fit with lace-up design 


  • Problem with the correct size selection 

8.Jig Foo Women’s Pumps Dance Shoes

Jig Foo Women’s Pumps Dance Shoes are an excellent option for the dancers, you are new to swing dancing and want something with heels. The shoe has an average heel of 1.6″ that gives you nice balance and support in seeing dancing. 

Jig Foo has built these pumps with synthetic man-made leather which makes it lightweight,  flexible and durable. The shoes are designed with elastic straps that offer snug fitting and flexibility for swing dancing.  For extra support, metal arch support is inserted that doesn’t let your feet slip during the performance. 

This swing dance is easy to slip in and slip off and the suede sole allows you to perform twists and turns with smoothness. Apart from black, this shoe is available in various other colors, so you can choose the color as per your need.  Due to its unique design, you can wear it for different kinds of ballroom dances. 


  • Ensures smooth movement with suede soles 
  • Offer snug fitting 
  • Offer easy slip in and slip off 
  • Ensures support and comfort 
  • It is flexible and lightweight 
  • Ensures durability 
  • Suitable for different ballroom dances 
  • Can be worn in different occasions 
  • Offers attractive look with various colorways 


  • Few issues with the selection of correct shoe size 

9.AlmaDanza Women’s Practice Dance Shoes A264304

Another shoe that offers a good heel and support is Women’s Practice Dance Shoes from Almanza. The shoe is prepared with the blend of coffee leather and mesh material that adds to the comfort, breathability, and durability of the shoe. 

The shoe is prepared in medium width with the average heel of 1.8″ height that allows you to easily dance in it and get the height needed for perfect movement. The material of the shoe is lightweight, flexible and extremely comfortable which makes it suitable for both amateur and professional dancers. 

AlmaDanza included suede sole in the outsole area that helps you to glide across the floor with ease. For the extra support, the metal shank is embedded from the heel part of the shoe. The unique and stylish design of the shoe is suitable for dances like Latin, Salsa, Swing, Samba, ChaChaCha, Rumba, Jive, etc. 


  • Offers good support 
  • Ensures proper fitting 
  • Provides good height with average heel 
  • Ensure breathability and durability 
  • Suitable for both amateur and professional dancers 
  • Ensures smooth spins with suede sole 
  • Designed for different kinds of ballroom dances 


  •  Insoles don’t come with antibacterial padding 
  • Not suitable for those who don’t like heels 

10.Bloch Women’s Grecian Sandal Leather Dance Shoe

The last shoe on our list is one of the amazing footwear that you can wear for swing dancing. This Grecian Sandal Leather Dance Shoe from Bloch is specifically designed to offer comfort, style, and support. 

 For the beginners, who want the shoe with a shoe with some heel can pick this as it has 1″ heel that offers good support and reduces stress.  The shoe is built with a leather upper that is quite durable and comfortable to wear. This classic style shoe has leather and elastic straps that keep the feet intact and don’t put too much stress on it. 

Bloch has used low top arch support that gives nice support to your feet and the ballet-like material allows you to feel the floor with flexibility.  The suede outsole provides you the right amount of traction which helps in slip and grip for swing dancing. 


  • Offers good support 
  • Offers right height and reduce stress with 1″ heel 
  • Ensures correct traction for swing dancing 
  • Suitable for both amateur as well as professionals 
  • Offers good durability 
  • Available in 3 colors 
  • It is lightweight and flexible 


  • Insoles are thin, so it’s best to add an extra insole 
  • Quality of material is questionable 

How to choose the best shoes for Swing Dancing?

Everything becomes easier when you know the basics, the same theory goes with Shoes.  Knowing the basics about shoes will help you in understanding your primary requirements from the shoe. Similarly, as a Swing Dancer, you need to select the shoes that fit your feet as well as your dance style. If you are a beginner or don’t know how to select the best shoes for swing dancing.  Then don’t worry because you can look at some of the factors for choosing the right shoes for Swing Dancing… 

  • Perfect Fitting 

 Wearing the shoes with a perfect fit is necessary to perform a smooth dance and boost your confidence, as you don’t have to worry about the shoes slipping off the feet during your dance performance. Along with that, your feet will be protected from blisters and injuries, which mainly happen because of tight-fitting. 

For getting a shoe with perfect fitting, try to get the shoe that goes with your foot size and fits your feet like a comfy sock. You can wear lace-up shoes and shoes with straps that keep your feet inside the shoe. 

  • Soles 

 Swing Shoes mainly comes with two types of soles i.e., rubber soles and leather suede soles. Rubber Soles are the sticky soles that offer a firm grip on the surface, whereas leather soles allow you to spin or slide across the floor without the danger of falling. 

Rubber Soles helps in fast moves as it grips perfectly to the floor which makes it perfect for styles like Lindy Pop and street dances but due to the grip, it becomes difficult to spin and that eventually slows the movement. On the other hand, Leather Suede Soles is meant for smooth swing dance like balboa as it helps you to slide across the floor. This makes it the most popular choice in swing dancing. 

Other than that, the sole selection depends on the type of floor you perform and on the kind of swing dance you do. With that, it will help you in understanding the right way to execute the perfect movements.  

  • Comfort 

 While buying shoes, select the shoes that provide the right comfort for swing dancing. A good swing dancing shoe is prepared with fully padded insole and cushioned footbed with soft cushioned lining. As it helps in absorbing the sudden shocks from a face-paced move. This comfort in your swing shoes will ease your movement and you didn’t get tired after performing for long hours.

  • Heel height 

 Shoe’s heel height is one such factor that depends on personal choice and comfort as some dancers like to wear flats, whereas some like the pinch of some height for perfect spinning and presentation on the stage. The flat shoes are one of the popular choices for Swing Dancing. It includes Canvas Style Pumps which is worn in Lindy Pop dance. Flats come with rubber soles which are great for dancing outside, comfortable to wear and offer good support. 

Heels are mainly seen in swing dancing shoes of women which adds to the attractive quotient of performance. Although it is kept between small to medium height with the wider diameter. As the lower heel height will allow you to glide across the floor with good support.  But if you are new to Swing dancing and don’t like heels, its best to go with flats. 

  • Lightweight 

 Swing Dancing is all about performing smooth and effortless swing movements. This means that you need to move like a feather. To get that feather-like movement, you should wear the shoe that didn’t put too much burden on your feet. As too much cushioning put more stress on the feet and makes you easily tired. To conquer that issue, you should pick up the swing dancing shoe that is prepared with lightweight cushioned material. 

  • Perfect Support 

 Support is one such factor that gets often ignored but plays a vital role in a perfect performance.  As the best swing dancing shoes will protect your foot from pains and sprain in knee, ankle or toes. 

To get perfect support, make sure that the shoe has a metal shank arch which will support your knee from injuries and offer stability. Shoes that come with a lace-up, buckle and straps design offer good support in retaining the foot at its place. Along with that, good cushioning in the footbed area also give you nice support. 


Swing dancing is a high energy dance packed with lots of energetic bouncy moves. This energetic dance requires you to pay good attention to techniques, otherwise, it can lead to injuries. 

Shoes act as an important element in swing dancing because it helps in smoothing the movements. But a wrong shoe can restrict your moves and can lead to severe pain and injuries. For that, it is important to select the best shoes for swing dancing. 

That’s why we have prepared the list of best shoes for Swing Dancing. This will help you in performing perfect spins, twists, dips, and tricks along with the beats. Other than that, you need to make sure that the shoes you choose to go correctly with the type of dance or the floor on which you are gonna perform.  

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