how to clean yellow soles

How to clean Yellow Soles with Baking Soda(WITH OR WITHOUT HYDROGEN PEROXIDE)

It feels very unpleasant when our beloved sneakers or shoe soles get yellowed .so how can you clean your yellow soles? Here I am to help you get your yellow soles whitten. Today I will explain two ways to clean your yellow soles with baking soda (majorly).

These which you will need here while cleaning your yellow soles are actually in your kitchen and you can find it easily in supermarkets if it is not available in present. From these basic components you can clean your yellow soles with baking soda

Here the basic component will be baking soda and some other things that I will discuss first take your mom’s permission before entering her kitchen….haaa

just joking.

So let us move on to our very first method.

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Ingredients required: Baking soda, laundry detergent, toothpaste, used toothbrush


First, take the baking soda in a container and thereafter add laundry detergent in 1:2 proportion. The ratio of detergent and baking soda should be right for better results. Mix them until it forms a loose and fine paste.

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Got the mixture of soda and detergent with the directed proportions, then add toothpaste to it and mix it well. Now your mixture is ready for cleaning your soles.

Note: This same process can be done for your shoes also.


Now you have the final mixture or paste that will make your sole and shoes again whiter.

Before applying take up the soles and just clear the dust if required and now use the toothbrush and apply the mixture on the soles.

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The final step, allow the mixture to dry and once the mixture put on it is dried, wash it off.

Now give some time to dry up the soles, and your yellow soles will be whitened.

You can also refer to this video,this is applicable for both shoes and soles



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Ingredients required: Hydrogen peroxide(H2O2), baking soda and warm water

If you are not aware of using hydrogen peroxide so do check out this –7 cleaning uses of peroxide


First of all, make a fine paste of hydrogen peroxide(h2o2) and baking soda

You can get hydrogen peroxide in your near medical stores.


Apply the paste on the soles and try to put more quantity o the most affected areas.


Cover the soles with plastic so that the mixture won’t get dried.

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Now put the soles in the warm water for 30 minutes and wash it with a brush. Your sparkling white soles are here.

Why H2O2?

Hydrogen peroxide is a non-chlorine bleach and by mixing it with baking soda the dirt are converted into bubbles and It further cleans the surface of the sole.


Both the methods that I discussed above are effective and you can try both the methods if you want. And also you can use this same method for your shoes try these methods and comment down your experience.

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