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Allbirds are those comfy shoes which are comfort personified. This is not an exaggeration but shoes of Allbirds are highly comfortable and are easy to maintain. Moreover, these shoes are sustainable and are made up of eco friendly and renewable materials like merino wool. But how to wash Allbirds? 

Every shoe requires proper care and cleaning. In absence of this, the shoe fails to last long. Thus, it is quite important to follow the recommended guidelines when washing shoes. 

Allbirds was founded by New Zealand based Tim Brown and his startup partner Joey Zwillinger. Combining their knowledge and expertise, they launched Allbirds which offered shoes that were not only comfortable but also sustainable. 

The wool runners of Allbirds are one of its most loved creations.

The shoes from Allbirds are stylish and they have been well known for their quality and durability. They implement an approach where they reach consumers directly. The materials used for construction are environment friendly and include Merino wool and the pulp of eucalyptus which helps to keep the feet cool. 

It incorporates a sugarcane EVA foam in its soles, which is one of its kind. It provides the required comfort and helps to keep the feet cushioned and protected while also protecting the environment.

The shoes are breathable and lightweight, thus adding to the comfort. They also provide enough support and are available in many colours. However, most often users are confused about the ‘proper way’ to wash these shoes from Allbirds. So, now there’s no need to worry because we have got you covered. 

Be carefull!
Often, washing shoes might cause colour differences or can even hinder the appearance and look of the shoe, if a proper method is not followed. It can also cause trouble in the fit and mould of the shoes. And to prevent all this, read on to know what’s the best way to wash your favourite pair of shoes, so that they are good enough for a long time! 

1.How to wash Allbirds?

Allbirds Shoes are meant to be worn through dirt and dust, all day long. You wear these shoes to go to all kinds of places, travelling over roads, pavements, and mud tracks. Thus at the end of the day, these shoes would get dirty and would need to be cleaned. So here’s how to wash allbirds, in a step by step guide to make your work easy! 

  • First of all, unwind the shoe laces and take them off. For this, untie one lace at a time from top to the bottom of the shoe, taking it out of each hole. Follow the same for the other lace, pulling it out completely from the hole at the bottom, and repeat it for the other shoe. Customers often complain that the laces get damaged on washing. Therefore instead of putting in much effort, it is better to buy a new pair of laces when the old ones become very dirty. It won’t even cost you much. 
  • Then you have to remove the insoles. For this, lift up the tongue and push it upwards, away from the base of the shoe. Then, stretch out the shoe a bit, by pulling the sides of the shoe in opposite directions. Reach the insole between the heel and ankle using your fingertip, and dig it out till it is pulled up a bit. Then lift the entire insole and take it completely out of the shoe. Repeat the same process for the other shoe as well. 
  • Use a brush or a paper towel to clean the dirt and dust on the shoes. Brush off the sides and seams to remove excess dirt. Maybe insert your hand inside the shoe to keep it stiff while brushing. Stroke the brush back and forth regularly to remove dirt. 
  • Use a wet towel to spot clean the stains. Dip the towel in cold water, rinse it and then use it to remove stains on the fabric of the shoe, by moving it in circular motion, and rubbing it on the stains. Also, make sure that you use a soft towel and mild soap-water. This would help to clean a majority of the stain and make the washing more effective. 
  • Put the shoes into a washing machine and add cold water. Make use of a linen bag (aka delicate laundry bag) if you have one. This helps protect the wool from getting stuck at places and being tugged at. Do not use hot water, this makes the wool shrink. Also, don’t put other clothes along with your shoes, especially if you aren’t using a laundry bag. In case you use the linen bag, you may put in other clothes, however, do not put anything else other than your shoes, inside the bag. 
  • Use a mild detergent and not the strong or harsh ones. Do not use any fabric softener. Also, do not bleach these Allbirds shoes. I repeat, Do Not Bleach! The amount of detergent used should be moderate, especially when you are washing only the shoes. 
  • Turn on the delicate cycle used for woollens. Do not wash them using regular cycles for a long time. It may damage the shoe quality. 
  • If possible, wash the insoles by hand. This would give the best outcome and this also protects the insoles making them last long.  
  • Dry your shoes in air, naturally. Either keep them on the window pane where sunlight peeps through or put them under the fan. Allow them to dry up on their own. Try to avoid direct sunlight and keep them away from much heated sources. 
  • Do not spin the shoes in the drying tumbler. It would damage the shoes. Air dry is the recommended option. 
  • Replace the insoles (use good quality insoles) and tie up the laces again. Your shoes would be ready to be worn again for a great day ahead!

2.How to wash Allbirds tree breezes?

 Allbirds tree breezers, though have a unique design of their own with special features, the material used by these shoes is the same like the others offered by Allbirds, that is primarily wool.

That’s why the steps to wash these shoes are similar to the ones mentioned above. These shoes are machine washable and have to be air dried. You can use the same steps to wash your Allbirds tree breezers safely.

3.Can you put Allbirds shoes in the washing machine?

 Yes you can put the Allbirds shoes in the washing machine. They are compatible with it, as mentioned on their site. They can be machine washed easily, making it convenient for you to clean and maintain them. Just, keep in mind that you should use only cold water and should set the dial of the machine on the gentle or delicate mode suitable for woollens. Use a mild detergent and preferably a linen bag, if you have one.

4.How long do Allbirds take to dry up?

Allbirds shoes take somewhere around 24 hours to two days for drying up. They need to be air dried and thus naturally, require this time to dry up completely. Do not tumble dry these shoes as is clearly mentioned on their official website. Also, let them dry up completely before you use them again, in order to increase the durability and keep odour away. It is advised to wash your shoes when you won’t need it urgently for a day or two. This helps to provide them with sufficient time to dry up.

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5.Can you bleach Allbirds?

A big No. Bleaching Allbirds shoes should be prevented in any condition. If you bleach your Allbirds shoes, they would lose their color, fade away, look dull and most importantly, their quality would be affected too. It would alter the natural material and may permanently damage the shoe fabric. 

6.Can you machine wash Allbirds insoles?

Preferably No. Machine washing the insoles might damage them. It is recommended to hand wash the insoles or use vinegar or baking powder to clean them and remove the odour away. 

7. How to clean Allbirds insoles?

  • Use warm water and a mild detergent to wash the insoles.
  • Do not soak them in water and also don’t allow them to absorb much water.
  • Use a brush to scrub the insoles gently.
  • Rinse them thoroughly after washing, to remove excess water and leftover dirt, and then allow them to dry up completely under a fan, naturally.
  • Air dry them and do not spin them in the tumbler. 

8. How do you make Allbirds smell better?

Allbirds shoes
Credit- AllBirds

The feet sweat and hence are bound to smell bad when shoes are worn for a long time. This smell sometimes creeps to the shoes and enters their fabric, making them stink. While one way is to use the various cures and follow the tips suggested to keep your feet dry and thus odour free, another method is to make certain changes to the shoes! 

An advantage of using Allbirds shoes is that they are naturally odour resistant, and may smell bad, only after a long time of no care and cleaning, or when you have probably jumped into some puddle and stayed there for some time and then trudged along in those wet shoes. But in case they do get smelly, here are some ways to get them back to their original selves. 

Do not use low quality, fixed absorbent insoles. Absorbent insoles absorb sweat and water easily and take time to dry up. This leads to your shoes developing a terrible smell. 

Hence always make sure that you use good quality insoles like those of the premium ones offered by Allbirds. These insoles are replaceable, provide cushioned support and are lined by the special merino wool fabric. Moreover, these insoles are way cheaper than other similar insoles available for buying. 

These replacement insoles make use of vegetable oils which help to provide a springy feel and also provide a cushy and spongy base to rest your feet upon. 

Wash your shoes and especially your insoles regularly. As mentioned above, it is always better to hand wash your insoles for best outcomes. Clean them and also ensure that they get the required time for drying up. Dry them up completely and only then, replace them back into your shoes. This would help to avoid the smell to a great extent. 

You can even use a gentle detergent with a mild fragrance when washing to make your Allbirds shoes smell better. Also, baking soda can be used sometimes to drive the odour away. 

9.How do you wash Allbirds Laces?

You can remove the laces and wash them in the machine separately. However, it is advised to hand wash the laces using a gentle detergent. Allow the laces to air dry before replacing them on the shoes.

10.Can you put Allbirds in the dryer?

 No. It is strictly advised not to put Allbirds shoes in the dryer. It has been mentioned above as well not to spin the shoes in the tumbler at any cost. It may damage the shoes permanently or can alter their quality.

It is always recommended to let the shoes dry naturally, even if it takes some time. Also, do not put them under direct sunlight, and let them air dry under a fan or on the porch. 

11.Can you wash Allbirds with other clothes?

If you use a linen laundry bag in which you put your Allbirds shoes, you can securely close the clip or chain up the bag while washing, and thus can put in other clothes into the machine. 

However, do not put anything other than the shoes inside the delicate laundry bag. Also, it is advised not to put in other clothes if you aren’t using a laundry bag when washing your Allbirds shoes. It is better to wash them separately to ensure proper settings and thus a gentle wash.


Allbirds is an established name owing to its quality and also to its noble thought of providing a carbon neutral alternative in order to ensure that the environment is not subjected to further harm or damage. The shoes from Allbirds are indeed easy to clean and maintain, just like the company claims. 

They provide comfort and support and also help you contribute towards protecting the environment by using their shoes made up of sustainable materials. Apart from the fact of being eco friendly, the shoes from Allbirds are very convenient when it comes to maintenance. 

This includes longer durability and easier cleaning techniques. Thus, go grab your pair and embrace the feeling of comfort and satisfaction, while shooing away all those troubles when cleaning shoes! 



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