Are Doc Martens waterproof? – Answers to all such FAQs

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Doc Martens are known for their comfort and durability. They offer a snug fit, are highly comfortable and look great. Moreover they last for a long time. But are these Dr. Martens waterproof?

Doc Martens, popularly known as Doc Martens or DMs, is an English footwear brand, distinguished by its air-cushioned sole, specially designed upper shape, welted construction and yellow stitching. Dr. Martens has spread worldwide over the years, establishing itself as a renowned brand in quality footwear.

The yellow stitching is a characteristic feature of Doc Martens.

Doc Martens have a cushioned sole which is durable, and also incredibly supportive. The leather shoes mould and adapt to the shape of your feet, providing you with extreme comfort, protection and support. 

But however comfortable a shoe may be, once it is soaked in water, it leads to pure trouble. Thus, shoes ought to be waterproof, or should at least provide water resistance for a considerable amount of time. 

Otherwise, they can cause a lot of hassle on rainy days and beach outings. If shoes get soaked up in water, they will cause extreme discomfort to your feet, making them soggy and cold. That might also lead to you catching a cold or developing rashes and skin irritations. This can damage the shoes as well, decreasing their usability. And thus, it’s quite important to know if your shoes are waterproof. 

Given below is a list of all frequently asked questions (FAQs) dealing with DocMartens. We have tried to clarify all your queries and we hope it proves to be helpful. 

1. Are Doc Martens good for your feet?

Doc Martens are quite good for your feet once they have broken in. Though breaking in takes some time, once they do so, they are probably the most comfy shoes to wear. They are extremely comfortable to wear all day, owing to the air-cushioned soles, which provide soft, fluffy, and pillow like support. Just remember to break them well before going to work wearing them.

Docs were originally meant to be therapeutic. Their cozy, springy, comfortable soles (trademarked as “AirWair”) have always been a great attraction. “Good” is a subjective word, however considering the features, they are suitable for you, and are extremely supportive for your feet.

2. Are Doc Martens good for walking?

Many a times, we need to be on our feet pretty much for the entire day, from sunrise to sunset, owing to work conditions and job demands. Walking or standing all day can be quite tiresome. Most of the people would end up taking their shoes off half-way through the day because their feet would start hurting. Moreover, in case it rains or is muddy, the shoes are ruined. 

This is where Doc Martens prove their worth. They keep you comfortable and dry. Moreover, though the feet are bound to get tired by standing or walking for the whole day, these shoes from Doc Martens help minimise the fatigue by a significant amount.

Doc Martens are great walking shoes, but again, once when they’ve been thoroughly broken in. Although they require a lot of space in your bag, if you intend to wear these shoes on your feet for most of the time, it would probably be a good decision to pack your Doc Martens.

Moreover, if they are your favorite shoes, don’t think  at all before packing them.Their springy and cushy soles, durable leather, and sturdy and supportive shape, make them a great choice. Because these shoes, being highly comfortable, are well suited for travelling, hikingwalking or even running a bit, if needed.

3. Are Doc Martens good for Orthotics?

The shoes from Doc Martens are made using Goodyear Welt, which is an excellent method of designing. This means that the uppers and the sole are heat-sealed using the z-welt stitch and then sewn together. The comfortable, spongy AirWair™ sole is oil, fat and slip resistant and has better traction.

The shoes have adequate depth, due to which the foot sits comfortably in the heel cup preventing slippage and excessive friction. Removable insoles are an added benefit. 

The orthotic and the shoe work together, in providing a supportive platform for your feet. The orthotic does not slide around and fits comfortably around the heel. The shoes from Dr. Martens offer a secure fit and all around, especially around the ankle, which is good for Orthotics. In fact, originally, Dr. Martens were sold as orthopedic footwear. 

Dr. Klaus Märtens had designed Dr. Martens specifically for those who suffer from raised arches, and the spongy sole of these shoes accommodates most arches quite comfortably. An over the counter insert can provide additional arch support if needed and are great for flat feet. Custom orthotics are too a great option to be added with these shoes. 

4.Are Doc Martens waterproof? Can Dr. Martens be worn in rain?

Put straight and simple, Doc Martens are not waterproof. But before you scroll down or leave the page, read on. Though not technically waterproof, they can stand the rain. If you wish to, you can apply a waterproof protectant spray on them. This still won’t make them waterproof but they will be good to wear.

They can tolerate heavy use and bad weather, and can still be as good as before. That’s why they are known for their durability. They protect your feet from getting wet or cold and also mostly don’t let the water enter inside. They won’t bother you in drizzles or light downpours. However, in case of heavy rains, a little water might seep in through the seams. In such a case, applying wax or other protective substances can help. 

The majority of Doc Martens boots are not waterproof nor water resistant. However, there is one fully waterproof Doc Martens range: the 1460 ankle boots. The Doc Martens boots are made of genuine leather and can tolerate the rain for a limited period. Many customer reviews mention that DocMartens kept their feet dry and safe in rain and snow, even though they weren’t sprayed with any waterproofing substance. This gives these shoes a safe rating. 

Simply put, Doc Martens boots can be worn in the rain for around 15 to 20 minutes if some waterproof protection spray has not been applied. We know that natural leather absorbs water, that is why your feet might get wet if you spend a lot of time in the rain, with your Doc Martens boots on. 

DryWair is a range of Doc Martens footwear, which is waterproof yet breathable. It is heat sealed and prevents the water from getting inside the sole. It has a rich, oily leather surface that has been treated to repel water. 

5. Are Doc Martens true to size?

Mostly, shoes from Doc Martens are true to size. However, there are no half sizes available. They are marked according to the sizing system prevalent in the UK. In case you need a half size, you should buy the smaller limit if you want a snug and close fit. However, if you prefer comfortable wear, with loose yet securely fitting shoes, then opt for half a size bigger. 

6. Are Doc Martens good for snow?

Doc Martens aren’t winter boots, however, they can still be worn when traveling on snow. They have a fleece lining and faux fur, which help to keep your feet warm, while also providing superior traction, enabling you to walk comfortably over icy pavements or snow-covered streets. 

The light snow will slide off the shoes and won’t harm the boots. However, heavy snow that lurks on the boots might melt later and the water may get inside, thus damaging the boots and more importantly harming your feet, causing you discomfort. They are basically known to be suitable for urban snow. 

7. Are vegan Doc Martens waterproof?

Vegan Doc Martens are indeed waterproof boots because they are made up of synthetic material. They can be easily cleaned and can stand heavy rains, allowing you to wear them out. 

These leather boots have a good quality leather like finish. These Doc Martens’ vegan boots have a minimalist unisex design. Although they do not offer a huge variety and colour options, like other boot collections, they’re great if you’re looking for a pair of boots that are completely cruelty-free.

The sole and the uppers are sewn and heat sealed which is much better than sticking the parts together using adhesive. This also adds to making the boots waterproof.

The sole is slip-resistant and has textured patterns which allows you to walk on wet or slippery surfaces and provide stability and traction.

8. Are leather Doc Martens waterproof?

As mentioned earlier, Doc Martens shoes which are made of pure leather aren’t technically waterproof. Still they can be worn in the rain for a short time without much trouble.

Heavy rains, though, can cause problems because leather absorbs water and thus the shoes might become soggy which can make you uncomfortable. 

However, treating the shoes with a water repellant spray can help in making them endure the rain for quite some time.

9.How long do Doc Martens’ shoes take to break in? Is it difficult?

It depends on the type of Doc Martens and the materials they are made up of. For instance, vegan Doc Martens do not require any efforts for breaking in. However, other styles do require breaking in. It requires efforts, and depending upon the material and the stiffness of the leather, it may take somewhere around 2 to 5 weeks.

However, once they are broken in, they’ll be one of the most comfy shoes available. They will adapt to your feet shape easily and provide you with enough support and cushioning, as if they were custom made. 

You can even use lotions or wax which help to soften the leather. However make sure that you invest in good quality things, lest they should ruin your shoes. 

10.How long do Doc Martens last? Are they durable?

Doc Martens are well known for their durability. They had even started an offer for ‘Lifetime guarantee’ sometime ago. This shows their trust in the quality of their own product. They are strong and some people even claim to have had those shoes for over twenty years. They are indeed durable and can last long enough if handled with care. 

11.How to differentiate between real and fake Doc Martens?

It is quite easy to identify the real Doc Martens from the fake ones. Look for the AirWair logo stitched onto the back of the heel of the shoe. That’s an identity. The bouncing soles and the inner stitched soles also help to verify authenticity. 

The yellow stitching and air cushioned soles are additional marking indicators. You can also check the brand name, if it is spelled correct or not. Moreover, when you make a purchase from a reliable store or an established and trustworthy website like Amazon, you can be relaxed about the authenticity of the product you receive. 


Doc Martens, in spite of certain shortcomings and flaws, are actually great shoes. They do cost a bit more than other brand names, but they prove to be cost effective. Above all, they are comfortable and supportive.

Though not waterproof, they are water-resistant to quite an extent and can help endure rain and snow for a short time interval. If you want particularly waterproof shoes, go for the ranges and models, specially designed to serve the purpose. 

They will meet your requirements while providing a stylish look. The best part about them is their durability. Dr. Martens is a popular name, and that is due to a reason. This very reason promises to satisfy you if you make a purchase. 

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