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10 Best Running Shoes For Tight Calves and Buyers Guide[2020]

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Physical fitness is becoming a basic necessity in today’s time. Everyone wants to stay in shape and active for the fast pace life. And those who are suffering from calves, they need a best running shoes for tight calves.

 Running is taken as one the best activity for staying fit, is it be the simple morning and evening runs or the competitive runs in the big events by professionals. It is not that running is just a physical activity for burning calories, but it can keep you mentally healthy as well.

Weather it  is the tough roads or it may be the green grass the tight calves are surely affected by these.

These small runs give you a chance to take a break from the tight schedule and enjoy the beauty of nature. Many a time, running becomes stressful and causes problems like tight calves. 

Most of the time running for a longer period of time, tend to result in soreness and pains in different parts of the body. Calves are one such area which is more pronto problem and tight calves are most prominent amongst them. 

Calves are meant to protect the lower area of legs, and in cases of physical activities likes running. Calf muscles stretch more with the runs and help in pushing the body forward. Longer runs cause the calf area to get tightens and running more painful. To avoid these pains you can buy shoes that are suitable for tight calves

Your legs become extra sensitive towards the injuries when calves get tighter. In this case, choosing the right running shoe can help you in preventing this situation.   

ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Shoes, 11M, Carrier Grey/Digital Aqua
Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Black/White Gunsmoke Oil Grey Running Shoe 12 Men US
Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 20, Grey/Blue, 10 Medium
ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Shoes, 11M, Carrier Grey/Digital Aqua
Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Black/White Gunsmoke Oil Grey Running Shoe 12 Men US
Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 20, Grey/Blue, 10 Medium
Major options available
Major options available
Prime Benefits
ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Shoes, 11M, Carrier Grey/Digital Aqua
ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Shoes, 11M, Carrier Grey/Digital Aqua
Major options available
Prime Benefits
More Details
Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Black/White Gunsmoke Oil Grey Running Shoe 12 Men US
Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Black/White Gunsmoke Oil Grey Running Shoe 12 Men US
Major options available
Prime Benefits
More Details
Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 20, Grey/Blue, 10 Medium
Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 20, Grey/Blue, 10 Medium
Prime Benefits
More Details

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best shoes for tigh calves

Before getting into Best running shoes for tight calves, first, you need to look at the basic elements that make a shoe right for tight calves.

Kind of Running Shoe

The kind of running shoe that goes best with your foot is the one you should buy. If you think that running shoe is a small category then you are totally wrong because it is a broad category that consists of various types designed for different types of feet.  Primarily the shoes are classified into three main categories:

  • Neutral Running Shoes:

    The most common category for buying running shoes is neutral running shoes. These shoes are suitable for neutral runners who do not face the problem of overpronation. The ones under this section are lighter in weight and are more flexible which gives a good area to toes so that it can flex more with the movement. 

  • Motion Control Shoes:

    These shoes are designed for those runners whose feet face the problem of overpronation. As it protects the foot from extensive moving inside the shoe. They are heavier in weight and comes with more durability. Hence, prevent the overpronators from facing more injuries. 

  • Stability Shoes:

    Stability Shoes comes between both neutral and motion control shoes as these are worn by everyone. Although, it’s main function is to keep the foot stable and helps the people who face overpronation. As it keeps that foot intact with some flexibility of movement. They come with extra cushioning and give better protection to the foot. In case, you face under pronation they are not meant for your feet. 

Shoe Size:

The shoe that fits the most is meant to feel more comfortable and supportive. As it allows the foot to flex properly and stay at its original place. The shorter size causes irritation and the longer size leads toes to slip or move inwards, eventually causing stress to the calf and knee areas. This stress will become the problem of severe injuries in the future. 

Heel to Toe Drop:

It is the difference between the height of foot in the heel and forefoot area. Mainly introduced in running shoes to increase comfort by including more cushioning in the heel area as compare to forefoot one. All those people who face the problem of tight calves can go for running shoes that offer the 10-12 millimeters drop. 

Extra support:

The runners who face the problem of calf pain, tight calves or any other leg issues should go for the gear that offers support in the arch and heel area. Always remember to examine the outsole and insole area and look for shoes with extra cushioning.

1.ASICS Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoe-Best Running Shoes for Tight calves

ASICS Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoe is specifically designed for the women who love running but faces the issue of joint and calf pain. The shoe made with the use of extra cushioning gives the much-needed comfort to the foot. 

The outsole is made with ASICS High Abrasion Resistant Rubber which gives the sole high durability and protection during runs on rough terrain. The trail-specific outsole and multi-directional lugs give it hard grip or good traction. 

The midsole area is made with EVA Cushioning system which makes it lightweight as well as durable. ASICS used the Gel Cushioning technique for the backfoot or heel area which gives it extra protection and helps you in a smoother transition. This will prevent extra shocks and pain in the calf area.

 Whenever heel strikes with the surface, the sudden effect or shock gets reduced with it. The upper is prepared with mesh material which allows higher breathability with more air to pass through it. 

The multiple flex lines cut through the outsole in vertical and horizontal form makes it more flexible and allows the foot to move naturally. 

This is created for the neutral runners and if you want extra stability and support, you can use extra insoles for that purpose. The shoe gives the normal stability with a drop of 10 millimeters. The Responsiveness of these shoes is better than other trail running shoes. 


  • Gives good Stability 
  • They are more comfortable with extra cushioning in the heels. 
  • The sock liner is detachable. 
  • The EVA midsole is more responsive and lighter in weight. 
  • Good Traction 
  • More breathable because of mesh upper and synthetic fabric. 
  • Good for neutral runners 


  • They are not waterproof. 
  • Size gets stretched after a few wears. 
  • Difficult to wash 

2.Nike Air Zoom Structure 22

Nike is the most trusted brand for manufacturing the best running shoes. From everyday run to the long event, it just stands to serve the best. If you are looking for the shoe that supports you even in tight calves or calf pain, then Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 is one of the best options available for you. 

The outsole is made using blown rubber which offers more durability and better grip on different terrains. Nike has used its famous Zoom Air unit in the forefoot area that ensures comfort with responsiveness. Dynamic support is created with more Zoom foam in the midsole region giving a smooth and stable transition with comfort.  For the heel portion of the midsole, a gender-specific crash pad is inserted which will absorb the shock of the heel when it strikes on the surface. 

 Nike has ensured proper breathability by placing a better-structured mesh upper. The Flywire cables are attached to the upper area, securing better support. For the back part, an overlay is given that contributes to back support and keeping your foot safer.

 In case you think that’s all from the support front. Then wait because a partial boot is attached within the shoe which wraps the foot, making the foot more comfortable in it. If you face the problem of tight calves, calf pain or shin splints, then this shoe is the right match for you as it offers nice arch support. You can manage to look trendy with the comfort with the 10 colour variant available.


  •  Offers good arch support 
  • A better option for those who  overpronation 
  • Dynamic Support at midsole area offers better cushioning 
  • More responsiveness 
  • More Stability 
  • Various colour options are available 


  • Better traction with a lightweight design 
  • Resprocates the same features of Nike Air Zoom 20 
  • Less flexible 

3.Saucony Shadow 5000 Vintage

Comfort and style choice is something that everyone desires from a perfect shoe. This search becomes more difficult when your choices get very specific to classic or the popular vintage look. 

Don’t worry here is the best way to achieve both these functions at the same time. Saucony Shadow 5000 Vintage is designed in the classic sneaker look which works in a stylish way, a great alternative for everyday runs. 

This is made with the Sauconys unique EVERUN midsole which offers you softer cushioning with high flexibility contributing  83% energy returns. The same material is used in the upper part of the shoe that makes it extra soft and flexible. 

The knit fabric is used in the upper that increases the breathability. The new stitched on overlays offers the much-required protection and gives a trendy look. This model is more durable than the other versions offered by the brand. 

The outsole area provides sufficient grip at stronger surfaces and the veg-tan heel helps shoe in maintaining the shape for a longer amount of time. It serves as a great option for the ones who face under pronation. This is brought with the idea to match the casual wear and hence, it serves its purpose very effectively.


  • Made with comfortable cushioning 
  • Looks good in a stylish design
  • More flexible than previous versions 
  • Better breathability 
  • Good for everyday activities 
  • Great support for calves issues 
  • Offers more responsiveness 




  • Unfit for cold and winter climate 
  • Limited colour options are available 
  • Causes problem due to inconsistent shoe size


4.Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14-Best running shoes for sore calves

If you are one of the Nike fans and looking for a product that offers the maximum amount of cushioning. You can go for Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14 as the perfect option with a nice design. Nike took the Vomero to next level with the introduction of a dynamic technology and combination of React form and full-length Zoom Air Unit in the midsole area. 

The Zoom gives toe-off and foot area good responsiveness which helps in pushing you forward. Whereas the React Form makes it quite lightweight which helps in smooth landing, reducing shock and offers good energy return. 

To enhance breathability, the engineered mesh upper is used which allows more airflow. Nike has taken the proper care of your foot and calf issues by adding flywire and padded heel. As the four different cushions at the corners secure the heel, prevent shock from sudden strikes and offer comfort.

 The outsole is built with the wide rubber free split which is a bit sticky in medial and has high abrasion in the lateral area, offering more traction and durability without adding too much weight. 

Nike’s Flywire Technolgy helps your foot in retaining at its natural place. The notch tongue used in the shoe is flat and cushioned which adds to more comfort to the shoe. The toe-box is wider than the previous version that lets your foot to fit properly as per the size. 

The upper is joined with the sole area giving it a blade-like appearance. The heel drop is kept at 10 millimeters which is quite comfortable with extra cushioning in the heel area.


  • Very Comfortable with extra cushioning 
  •  Flywire’s keep that foot intact at its position
  • Good looking 
  • Quite responsive which helps in picking up pace in long runs 
  • Good for long runs 
  • The upper is breathable and offer comfort 


  • The forefoot area is less cushioned 
  • Less flexible 

5.TSLA Outside Sneaker Trail Running Shoes

What are you looking for in your perfect running shoe? Is it comfort, style, responsiveness or the one that goes well on every occasion? If you desire to get all these features in one pair, then TSLA has found the best solution for you. TSLA Outside Sneaker Trail Running Shoes is the true gear with maximum features. 

Tesla has tried to make it quite lighter in weight, making it easier to wear for a long period of time. The outsole is made with a dynamic grip that makes the traction stronger on different surfaces. 

Also, its hydro-grip outsole with flex groove makes the shoe grip on different terrains stronger and retains the same flexibility, required for proper flexing of the foot. Along with the grip, the TPR material gives more durability to the shoes.

The mesh upper makes it more breathable and comfortable to wear. The dual-vent mesh constructions allow more air to flow, enhancing breathability and quick-drying facility. 

The midsole is meant to absorb more shock impacts and nylon webbing shoelaces are stronger that allows the foot to stays at its original place. The midsole uses the EVA material that makes it more flexible and comfortable.


  • Quite breathable 
  • The midsole uses EVA material that offers flexibility 
  • Good for both running and casual outing 
  • Good looking 
  • More comfortable 
  •  The good grip offers stability 


  • No such drawbacks 

6.MIZUNO Wave Rider 21

With Excellent design and brilliant support, the Mixuna Wave Rider is top picks for your foot. The CloudWave Plate and U4icX merged into the midsole area gives a well-cushioned feel with the slightly easy toe-off. 

Also paves in its responsiveness that helps in running for long miles. But that limits to half marathons, after that it causes issues.  Like the normal offering, it has the usual drop of 12 millimeters. 

The upper is updated from the previous version as a sock liner is attached in it which offers more comfort. It fits right with the size, keeps the foot at its original place but doesn’t compress or pains in any area. 

 It is designed for all types of runners and gives comfort to all those who face calf problems. The laces are nice and the padded tongue supports the foot without causing too much pressure. 


  • Good stability and support 
  • Amazing cushioning 
  • Good energy returns 
  • Stylish Design 
  • Good for those who face legs and calf issues 
  • Upper is breathable 


  • Not for winters 
  • Not comfortable in long runs like marathons

7.ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 17 Running Shoes-Best running shoes for Tight calves

ASICS is known to deliver extremely comfortable running shoes. ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 17 Running Shoes is one of the best options offered by them. The brand has lightened the weight through this version while providing extra cushioning to the shoes.

 The nearly seamless FluidFit upper made with mesh material wraps your foot and fits it with flexibility. The midsole uses FluidRide material which makes it lighter, flexible and leads to smooth transition on long runs. 

If you are a neutral runner and wants shoe for daily training, then this is the right choice for you as it is really comfortable and supports longs runs by higher energy return i.e., better durability. It has the standard heel drop of 10 millimeters that reduces the impact of shock through the soft and plush cushion.

 Also, the GEL cushioning used by the ASICS broadened the heel and toe-box area, leads to a more softer and smoother ride at the time of the strike. 

 You will get truly satisfied in both shorter and longer runs because of its amazing responsive feel. Just like other versions, this one is made with the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber that offers higher durability and supports all kind of running.

 It uses exceptional moisture management that offers more breathability and gives good support to under pronators. On the stylish front, the ASICS logo is a light overlay and glows in dark. 


  • Smoother long rides through more responsiveness 
  • More cushioning 
  • Lighter in weight 
  • Mesh material makes it more breathable and comfortable 
  • Highly durable 
  • Seamless upper mesh offers a better fit 
  • Good for night runs 
  • Good for people with wider foot because of its broader toe box 


  • It doesn’t support speed runs 

8.Brooks Ghost 10-Best Running shoes for calf Pain

A lot of runners face problems in legs and calf areas, which restricts them from participating in long runs and causes a serious issue when running for a longer period of time. To deal with this issue and run smoothly in such conditions Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 is the right option. 

The outsole is prepared with a combination of carbon and blown rubber that makes forefoot more softer and durable than other areas. The midsole is formulated with BioMoGo DNA EVM Foam that enhanced the softness, supporting effortless long runs.

 Along with that better arch support is added in the heel area that increased the support to the feet. The standard heel to toe drop of 12 millimeters is given with an additional crash pad in the forefoot area. 

The 3D stretched print engineered mesh upper is more flexible, fits comfortably with designed overlays. The toe box area is made much wider offers more room to the toes. 

The soft and plush cushioning makes it a good fit for long runs. On the design front, it is quite impressive and available in many colours. It offers the same durability as its earlier versions and traction is strong even at wet surfaces. 


  • Stylish in Design 
  • Offers nice traction 
  • More comfortable 
  • Good fitting 
  • More breathable
  • Better arch support
  • Lightweight as compared to the previous version 
  • Good for the runners who face pains and calf issues 


  • Lacks in responsiveness

9.ASICS GEL-Contend 4 Running Shoes

ASICS GEL-Contend 4 is the best running shoe designed to give good support with amazing cushioning. The shoe comes with the same AHAR i.e., ASICS High Abrasion Rubber in the outsole area ensuring its durability. 

The blown rubber is added to the forefoot area that increases comfort through softer cushioning and the flex grooves at the bottom make it more flexible. 

The Midsole is made with EVA midsole foam and Ortho lite sock liner offers extra protection and cushioning to the runner in long runs. Gel Cushioning is added in the heel area that tends to absorb more Shock and returns more energy. 

This protects the runners from further injuries. The toe area is much wider and mesh upper makes the shoe more breathable. 

The padded collar around the ankle area and the soft tongue makes the shoe totally comfortable. Shoes are nicely designed with various colour options. If you are looking for the shoe with good support and comfort at a lesser price, then this is the one. 


  • Truly Comfortable 
  • Good breathability
  • Fits good 
  • Good stability
  • Good Looking 
  • Affordable 
  • Smooth Transitions 
  • Removable Sock liner 


  • Less durable
  • Lacks in support as compared to the previous version 

10.ASICS GEL Kayano 25 Running Shoes

If you are one of those runners who want to feel a slight shoe weight with comfort, ASICS GEL Kayano 25 Running Shoes is a great option. Taking the stability further, Dynamic DuoMax Support System is added that increases the stability and support.

 The new impact guidance support system with the gel in the heel area absorbs more shock created by footfall. This technology helps all those who face overpronation. 

The Flytefoam Lyte cushioning in the heel and Flytefoam Propel in the forefoot gives extra shock absorption and bounce back in long runs. It makes the shoes durable, flexible and lightweight. 

Both these technologies make the midsole area more comfortable and less tiring in long runs. The toe box area is wider allowing greater space to flex. The Jacquard mesh upper fits the foot amazingly allowing greater airflow i.e., increasing breathability. 

Designed with the perfect blend of old and new technologies, these are a good option in stability shoes with a little bit of heavier weight for long runs like marathons or half marathons. 



  • The perfect combination of new and old technology 
  • Good support 
  • Good for longer runs 
  •  Comfortable fitting 
  • Good in knee and foot issues 
  • Smooth transitions with every mile 
  • Quite responsive 


  • Bit heavier in weight 
  • Not attractive 


Running for a longer period of time causes the problem of tight calves. The tight calves tend to become a great issue for runners as it slows their pace, irritates every time they run and become a severe reason behind injuries in the future.

 Don’t worry our list of running shoes meant to relive your tight calves. The shoes are selected keeping the necessity of support, comfort, heel drop and right fitting for your feet. 

If you face the problem of tight calves more frequently, then you need to focus on your training as well. Before every training session or work out, proper searching is required that helps the muscles to relax and ready them for further exercise. 

Changing the way of training stresses the calves and causes pain in the area, so you need to incur the changes that allow the body to adopt it. It is best that you take proper care of your diet and do n’t reach before and after every training.

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