How To Clean Rainbow Sandals At Ease

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Rainbow sandals are the most famous brand of the leather flip-flop. The sandals are specially made to fit the wearer’s feet. The thong-style of the upper part and the leathery footbed make it more attractive that it has reached more than 2 million customers within 40 years. Rainbow sandals are usually made of leather, nylon, hemp, rubber, and combinations of these materials. These sandals are durable and easy to clean as well.

The following steps clearly answer how to clean Rainbow Sandals in a more easy and convenient method.


Credit: The Spruce
  • With the help of a small piece of clean cloth gently wipe off the minute dirt particles on the surface of the sandals.
  • Dark stubborn dirt is removed using a wet cloth.


  • Add a drop or two of soap oil or dish wash in a small amount of water and stir it continuously.
  • Dip a piece of clean cloth in the water and start wiping off the dirt. 
  • In areas of excess dirt use a toothbrush to remove the dirt by hand wiping. 
  • Take care that the shoes are not damaged while wiping.
  • Repeat the process until the dark stubborn dirt is removed.
  • Air-dry the shoes completely before use.

Note: Avoid soaking sandals in hot or cold water as it may cause damage Before starting to clean dry the sandals in sunlight as it removes the bad odor.


Credit: WikiHow

Alcohol is generally used as a decolorizing agent and odor removal agent.

  • Take a paper towel and rubbing alcohol for cleaning.
  • Dip the paper towel in the rubbing alcohol and cover the footbed that covers the entire foot area.
  • Allow the paper towel to dry and make them sit for 2 to 3 hours.

Note: Take care while dipping the paper towel as too much alcohol may damage the sandals.


Photo by Don Penny/Time Inc. Digital Studio

Vodka is an excellent degreasing, deodorizing, and disinfecting agent.

  • Fill a spraying bottle with vodka. 
  • Start spraying the vodka over the footbed of the sandals.
  • Allow it to dry for a few hours.
  • Once the alcohol starts evaporating, it removes the bad odor.

Note: Make sure the sandals are completely dried before use.


Credit: onecrazyhouse

The mild alkali nature of baking soda allows dirt and grease to dissolve easily and make it a more effective cleansing agent.

  • Place the sandals inside a ziplock bag and add baking soda to cover half of the bag.
  • Shake the bag well so that the entire sandals are filled with baking soda.
  • Let it remain for 1 or 2 days depending upon the dirt quantity.
  • After incubating for 2 days, open the bag and take off your sandals.
  • Remove the baking soda in it by banging the shoes and if excess any remove by wiping using a clean cloth.


  • Maintaining clean feet is much needed to keep your sandals healthy enough.
  • Apply decolourizing soap to the feet and scrub it gently in order to remove the dirt.
  • After cleaning, dry your feet using a clean towel as it may avoid any fungal infections.
  • Using antiperspirant spray may decrease excess sweating.
  • Take your feet out for fresh air and sunlight as it may avoid more bad odors and make you and your sandals fresh and long-lasting.


Should I wet my rainbow sandals or Can I get my rainbow sandals wet?

As the query runs into several user’s minds, the answer is getting your rainbow sandals wet is no longer a fault. Because once you get your sandals wet the leather quickly breaks and the material begins to soften.

As you wet your sandals regularly the leather and the straps are loosened easily making your walk more comfortable. But using your sandals for a prolonged time in the water has some disadvantages including leather cracking and stretching.

This may affect the warranty of the sandals. Of course, using sandals for a short duration may not include any problems. May note the duration of use and dry it properly to have healthy sandals.

How to break through rainbow sandals?

Initially, when we start wearing a rainbow sandal it may not completely fit our feet and feel a little tight as the leather may take a while to stretch. There are several shoe hacks that tell you many tips to get your sandals to fit you soon.

The first hack is to wet your sandals more often to get your sandals stretched and fit soon. Wear your sandals out for the beach, take them with you for a shower, or for sometimes spray a little water as all these increases the possibility of stretching and make it more comfortable for wearing.

The next hack is regular use. Use your sandals more often until it gets your feet fit as it is the best way for getting comfortable wear.

How to get rid of the smell from rubber sandals?

Although you maintain your sandals clean, the hygiene of the sandals remains questionable. This is because sweat and bacterial contamination can cause your sandals to stink very badly.

To avoid the unpleasant odor you can wash your sandals in an empty dishwasher as it is the easiest and convenient method of cleaning.

You can also place your sandals in the washing machine for cleaning in a medium runner. Avoid placing in the dryer and choose to dry in the sunlight.

You can also use alcohol or bleach to remove the stink as they can remove the bacterial growth more easily. 

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