Is mink oil good for leather boots?

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Leather boots are the ones which catches everyone’s eyes. It is considered as one of the best footwear ever. The leather boots were a revolution in the world of footwear. Everyone stated falling for the quality and design. From that day to this day the demands for leather boots have only gone high, with the changing times there has been several changes in the designing. 

But unfortunately, just like every other good thing, timed with use the leather boots are not parted by it, but because of the love that everyone has for leather boots they want their boot to always look in the best condition. 

So what is the best thing that can be used for proper conditioning of leather boot, as we know leather is a substance that needs some proper attention, and if one fails then the direct impact can be seen on the boot. 

Hence one must have a proper knowledge that will help in restoring the beauty and luxurious look of the leather boots.

In this article I will discuss about one such oil i.e mink oil. Since you are here looking for the proper conditioning of your leather boots you might also like this article on ways to stretch your leather shoes.

What is Mink Oil & is it good for Leather Boots?

Mink oil is generally used for both cosmetic and medical products. It is a leather conditioner that is traditionally made from the fats on the abdomen of mink.

It has a unique quality of palmitoleic acid  hence it is used for treating, conditioning and preserving all kind of leather. It is rich in unsaturated fats with a lot of long lasting rancidity. It protects the boot from water, dirt and salt.

So the question is mink oil good for leather boots ? and the answer is yes, it is good for your leather boots and shoes as well. And as it contains fats that is ideal for the condition of your boot as it will nourish the leather surface and protect it from the wear and tear!

is mink oil good for leather boots
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Benefits of mink oil!

People who are working at the construction, farming and other industries have used mink oil as a conditioner for a long time now. Working at this places makes their leather boots dry and the mink oil is the best remedy for such a damage. 

The mink oil also replenish the natural fibers of the boot and it also increases the flexibility and toughness of the boots.

Some Good Mink Oils For Leather Boots!

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What does mink oil do to leather boots?

Here are a few things that the mink oil does to the leather boots:

  1. Conditions the leather
  2. Preserves the leather
  3. Waterproofs the leather
  4. Softens the leather
  5. Weather-protects the leather
  6. Gives leather a perfect original color

1. Conditions the leather

When the leather boots are used for a long period of time, the natural oils are gradually lost. By the regular use of leather boot this happens naturally and it can be stored by applying mink oil on the boots.

Leather is a permeable material and it soaks up oil deeply. Hence when mink oil is applied it soaks it up and gets nourished.

2. Preserves the leather

For quite a long time now the mink oil has been proven to be a great alternative for preserving finished and unfinished leather. Mink oil with all of its qualities preserves the leather boots with the best way it can.

Leather comes in contact with a lot of cosmetics, chemicals, dust, salt, so the mink oil prevents the leather from becoming moldy and forming cracks and peeling off.

3. Waterproofs the leather

Water always try to leave an impact behind everything which comes in contact with it, and leather boots are not parted. So the application of mink oil will give the leather high resistance to liquids. It prevents the leather to soak up the water.

This is very useful for people who work in moist areas or where the work is done in water. By applying this the water droplets does not stays on the boot it gets dropped down by slipping from the boot. This increases the life of the leather boots and enhances its quality of working in any environment.

4. Softens the leather

Leather might get stiff with the longer duration of its use. The mink oil is one of the best way to soften leather and cause it to return to its natural elasticity.

5. Weather-protects the leather

The change in the climate directly shows an impact on the leather shoes. Mink oil will make the items weather-resistant. The leather boots needs to be protected from the external abrasions from water, snow, humidity, and sun, all of these natural occurring leaves an impact on the shoes.

Mink oil will protect the shoes with all the different alterations of the climate and will extend the durability of the leather shoes.

6. Gives leather a perfect original color

By the proper application of the mink oil the leather boots will get darken. This will help to regain the forged color of those leather boots which have been used for a long time.

Frequently asked questions

How often should you apply mink oil?

On an average you should use mink oil not more than 4 times a year.

Does mink oil wear off?

Yes, mink oil will wear off after 2-3 months of its application.

Why is mink oil bad?

There are 2 major reasons for that:

  1. Mink oil is being sourced from minks
  2. It turns rancid.

Also it will have a bad odor when left in bad conditions.

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