13 Best Work Shoes for Heel Spurs & Buyer’s Guide

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A sound mind resides within a healthy body. In simple words, we need to take care of our bodies for our mind to be active and energetic, allowing us to perform efficiently.

Any kind of pain or injury affects our psychological health, leading to lethargy and inefficient performance.

(Remember those days when you’d go cycling and pedal as hard as you could, just to impress your friends and then end up with a terrible pain in your legs? Can’t relate? Ah! So you belong to the technological generation, with no idea about the fun the older guys had in their childhood).

The most uncomfortable thing is having a pain in the feet. The feet are like the pillars which support an apartment, bearing the whole weight of your body. (Don’t misinterpret. I didn’t say that you weigh as much as an apartment would).

Heel pain can be due to several reasons such as sprains, strains and fractures or repetitive stress on the heels. Arthritis and diabetes too can cause such pain. Besides all this, abnormal walking gaits, obesity (time to keep that packet of chips aside) and ill-fitting shoes can also cause heel pain.

Another reason for pain in the heels could be heel spurs.

It has many causes, the main cause which is also the  most common being plantar fasciitis. When there is excessive calcium deposition on the underside of the heel bone, it forms bony protruding structures, causing heel spurs. Sometimes this spot becomes inflamed adding to the pain.

Heel spurs are usually felt on the underside, or back of the heel. It can vary from person to person with some experiencing mild pain while for others it may be extremely painful, with the pain being either intermittent or chronic.

This pain can make you uncomfortable, uneasy and thus less productive. Is there a way out?

Unlike other foot conditions, pain caused by heel spurs may not be cured by taking rest since the pain is often at its worst when waking up in the mornings. While stretching exercises, pain-relief medications, physical therapy, etc. can help relieve the pain, special orthopedic shoes for heel spurs or heel pain insoles have also proven very effective in helping to treat this.

Since the shoes for bone spurs aim to reduce strain on the plantar fascia and alleviate symptoms, one should shop for heel pain shoes that help reduce the impact on the heels by providing good cushioning.

I guess I don’t need to tell you anything more about what a heel spur is, its causes or its treatment. Because, if you are here, reading this article, you definitely know what it is and might have experienced it as well. Looking for a solution, right?

So, without testing your patience further, here we go!

Heel spurs can be helped by wearing the best shoes which are comfortable, supportive and can significantly alleviate foot pain and get you back into action. The shoes need to have incredible levels of comfort and support in the arch, ankle, heel, and forefoot.

Given below is a list of the best work shoes for heel spurs.

But before that let’s see what are the important factors to keep in mind when buying shoes for heel spurs.

How do you choose a perfect pair? A simple question.

And it has got a simple answer as well. You need to know what you are looking for (quite philosophical).

Having the desired features in mind, combined with knowledge about the budget as well as price to performance ratio, will help you eliminate options and eventually find your perfect fit. (Don’t skip it, it will help you a lot)

In a hurry!
If you aren’t able to decide as to which shoe to pick, here are the top 3 picks we recommend, which might help you. These are based on personal opinions as well as research based on customer reviews, which may vary as per preferences. However, these have been shortlisted while keeping in mind the aim to provide maximum comfort and safety and also alleviate the pain.


1. KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe


    1. Waterproof
    2. Dual density molded EVA midsole
    3. Oil resistant
    4. Slip resistant rubber outsoles
    5. Breathable mesh lining
    6. Steel toes on either side
    7. Better arch support
    8. Comfortable and spacious


2. Optimal Women Work Leather Pump Shoes Non-Slip


  1. Classy look
  2. Smooth and genuine leather
  3. Anti skid rubber soles
  4. Better traction, slip resistant
  5. Lightweight
  6. Enough arch support
  7. Anatomically contoured
  8. Pigskin insole
  9. Soft cushioning, comfortable to wear


3. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex


  1. Breathable textile lining
  2. Durable and comfortable
  3. Slip resistant rubber outsoles
  4. Padded collar and memory foam insole
  5. Soft cushioning
  6. Enough arch support
  7. Spacious toe boxes



Going to the office everyday can be tiresome, especially when your heel spur troubles you. It might not let you focus on work. Thus, finding the proper heel spur shoes, best suited for your needs, is essential. Listed below are some of our recommendations.

1.KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe

It is made up of waterproof leather and mesh, and is oil resistant. It prevents you from slipping on wet floors and the rubber sole provides better traction (but the shoes can’t guarantee to keep you on your feet, in case you get weak in the knees around your crush).

It has asymmetrical steel toes on either side and a heel lock for safety. The mesh liner provides breathability and keeps your feet cool via air circulation.

The dual density molded EVA midsole is its special feature. It provides better arch support and enough space for the heel.


  • Waterproof
  • Grip on floor, prevents slipping
  • Steel toes on either side
  • EVA midsole
  • Porous/breathable fabric to keep the feet cool
  • Better arch support to reduce pain
  • Spacious and comfortable


  • Laces are loose and have to be retightened at intervals


2. Dansko Women’s Loralie Mary Jane Flat

These low wedge heels are comfortable and stylish. They are a perfect pair for work or special events. The shimmering finish gives a classy look, along with reducing the pain.

It is made of leather and soft textile linings. It allows you to achieve that elegant look along with fulfilling your desire of wearing heels.

Moreover, it has been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), and accommodates most standard and custom orthotics.

It has a removable foot bed and memory foam for cushioning. It provides ample space for movement along with flexibility and comfort.


  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Elegant look
  • Removable contoured footbed
  • Flexibility
  • Memory foam cushioning


  • Though 2 inches of heel isn’t very high, flats may be preferred if you don’t wear heels.                          
  • Narrow style toe may be uncomfortable for bigger feet, though it does have ample space


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3.Skechers for Work Men’s Flex

This shoe’s upper is engineered to have a textile mesh and it possesses a slip resistant outsole.

This slip – on shoe is flexible, durable, comfortable and safe. The padded collar and memory foam insole provide it a soft texture and comfortable cushioning.

The toe boxes are spacious and it has a loose fit. The synthetic sole and soft fabric keeps the feet at comfort.


  • Slip resistant
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Memory foam insole for cushioning
  • Better traction and spacious toe boxes


  • They aren’t waterproof


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4.Orthofeet Gramercy Men’s Dress Shoes

It is one of those highly recommended shoes for conditions that lead to foot pain. It possesses two sets of spacers allowing for an adjustable fit, air pockets and sponge-like support.

It has got a padded collar at the back, antimicrobial foam padding and soft fabric for added comfort.

It is made of soft leather with a protective lining and a rubber outsole, and designed to provide comfortable arch support. The orthotic insole and midsole cushioning provide great comfort and support to your feet.


  • Recommended by podiatrists
  • Adjustable fit
  • Antimicrobial foam padding
  • Rubber outsole for shock absorption


  • Doesn’t offer many colour options


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5.Caterpillar Men’s Gain Steel Toe Work Shoe

These shoes aim to provide maximum safety at work and also help keep pain away. It is made up of textile and synthetic soles and has rubber outsoles which prevent slipping.

Its upper is made of nylon and it has an EVA midsole. It protects you from electrical hazards and is lightweight and comfortable.

It has an overall simple look but offers adequate support and safety.


  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Steel toes for safety
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Slip resistant rubber outsoles


  • Average arch support


6. Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

 This classic shoe style is available in a range of colours, thus ensuring that style and comfort go hand in hand.

It is made up of leather which is easy to clean and also provides shock absorption. It is durable and the high toe box is wide enough.

The look is it’s best part which gives a professional appearance. It has an anatomically contoured footbed for support and a slightly raised heel for improved posture.


  • Durable
  • Ample space for the heel and toes
  • Easy to clean
  • Anatomically contoured footbed for support
  • Professional appearance
  • Wide range of colour options


  • Heels may lift while climbing stairs
  • Some may need a fit in between sizes


7. Timberland Pro Men’s Alloy-Toe work Shoe

These work shoes are the perfect combination of style and safety. It provides breathable mesh lining and ensures protection from electrical hazards.

Its anti-fatigue technology ensures superior comfort and protection. It is flexible with better traction and enough arch support.

Best suited for heavy work. It has alloy safety toes and slip resistant outsole, thus ensuring safety. The finishing gives it a modern look.


  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Anti fatigue technology
  • Flexible and enough arch support
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Comfortable
  • Slip resistant
  • Alloy safety toes


  • The shoes are heavy


8. Skechers Men’s Holdredge Steel Toe Work Shoe

These shoes are designed with electrical hazard protection and are meant to meet demanding work conditions.

They have slip resistant rubber outsoles and composite toe for safety of the forefoot, along with Revlite midsole.

The padded collar and tongue increases comfort and adds to the flexibility, while providing enough support to the ankle and heel.


  • Good quality leather
  • Enough arch support
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Wide heel base
  • Steel toes
  • Durable


  • Heavier than other shoes


9. New Balance Men’s 989v2 Work Shoe

These shoes are designed with electrical hazard protection and are meant to meet demanding work conditions.

They have slip resistant rubber outsoles and composite toe for safety of the forefoot, along with Revlite midsole.

The padded collar and tongue increases comfort and adds to the flexibility.


  • Electrical hazard  protection
  • Slip resistant
  • Forefoot safety
  • Padding for added comfort
  • Revlite midsole


  • Not suitable for narrow feet


10. Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Industrial and Construction Shoe

These shoes have a proper anatomical contour and are made of pure leather and rubber outsoles. It absorbs shocks and protects the feet, along with providing better traction.

It has steel safety toe, and is lightweight, flexible and durable. The footbed comfort technology and removable EVA cushion footbed make it even more comfortable.

It is slip resistant. It has an interior made of nylon which draws moisture and helps to keep the shoes dry.


  • Footbed comfort technology
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Rubber outsoles which make it slip resistant
  • Removable EVA cushion footbed
  • Moisture wicking nylon interior


  • Less space for the toes, narrower towards the front


11.LARNMERN Steel Toe Work Safety Shoes

These work shoes are made of knitted fabrics which allow air permeability and have slip, oil and abrasion resistant outsoles, which absorb shock.

Steel toes provide safety and the dual density compression molded EVA midsole provides support and cushioning.

The arch support footbed adjusts itself as per feet contours and supports them. Enough space for the toes to move. This makes it comfortable and keeps the feet fresh.

It helps reduce fatigue of feet and the insole is designed to prevent static electricity from the ground. There are reflective strips on the back which shine even at night.

It follows EN safety standards and is versatile and durable. Its impact resistance technology helps keep the feet secure.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Proper cushioning and breathable fabric
  • Steel toes and EVA midsole
  • Slip, oil and abrasion resistant outsoles
  • Impact resistance and arch support


  • Standard sizes may not fit all, need sizes in between


12.TQ-GOLD Work Safety Steel Toe Shoes (Men)

These shoes are one of the best combinations of style and safety.

It has a breathable mesh lining which keeps the feet cool and dry, protecting it from the irritating sweaty feel.

It has an anti – smash steel toe cap and anti – piercing steel midsole which protect your feet.

The durable rubber sole provides excellent traction and prevents slipping. It has good quality nylon laces which enhance the look.


  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Steel toes and steel midsole which resists piercings
  • Rubber outsole for better traction


  • In between sizes required


13. Optimal Women Work Leather Pump Shoes Non-Slip

The design is something you’d love. It has a classy professional look and a touch of elegance. This leather shoe is flexible and provides excellent comfort.

The anti – skid rubber soles provide better traction and are slip resistant.

The heel area is anatomically contoured and provides enough arch and heel support. The soft insoles provide comfort and cushioning.


  • Better traction
  • Soft cushioning and enough arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Pigskin insole and anti-skid rubber outsoles
  • Simple yet classy


  • Not highly durable, but lasts long enough
  • Colour deviation might occur


What to look for in work shoes meant for heel spurs? (Buyer’s Guide 2020)

Comfort is the key here. Comfortable shoes would make you feel relaxed and help reduce the pain associated with heel spurs. The more support you have, the better it is.

In general, these are a few things you should look for:

  • Arch support for high or low arches

Your feet need to be supported. Proper arch support is essential for relieving the pain. In case of ill fitting shoes with improper arch support, the pain can worsen, thus deviating your concentration from work, and hence, this is an important factor to keep in mind while looking for work shoes for heel spurs.

  • COMFORT because that’s the main thing that matters

While working you need to be comfortable in order to give in your best. Of course you won’t want to be uneasy around your supervisor (though at times, we all are). You need to enjoy your work to perform better but you need to be comfortable in your shoes in order to enjoy anything else. Any kind of discomfort may lead to pain. Hence, comfortable shoes are a must.

  • Designed to be lightweight (though demanding work conditions may require heavier shoes)

In order to focus better, you need to feel light and free from stress. And this can be possible when your feet feel light as well. Shoes which are heavier might feel like a burden on your feet and restrict you from working light-headed.

  • Comfortable and premium rubber soles to absorb shock and protect the feet, especially the heel area

When working on wet or slippery areas, your safety comes first. And for the same reason it is important that your shoes have good quality rubber outsoles which provide better traction and slip resistance, thus preventing you from falling down.

  • Closed at the back, i.e., closed heel, preferably with straps
  • Contoured at the heels and having cushioned footbeds for additional support and comfort as well as cushioning at the rear of the shoes for stabilisation of the heel area.

Ignoring support and cushioning can lead to the pain becoming worse. Hence, it is required that the shoes have proper padding and cushioning for support to the arch, heel, and ankle. This also protects the feet from shocks or injury, thus ensuring safety along with comfort.

  • Mesh upper – breathability

It is essential for the comfort of your feet. This helps to keep the feet dry and cool. Lacking breathable fabric would lead to your feet becoming sweaty and hence you may feel uncomfortable and irritated.

  • Preferably flat footwear, or low heels which are not more than two inches

The desired features and preferences would differ from person to person. Thus, the best shoe for you would be the one which is personally customised to suit your needs.

Buying online gives you a range of options and prices to compare along with the facility to return in case you don’t find the right one.


Heel spurs can be very painful. And taking care of it is your responsibility.

It is important to pay attention to one’s own needs as well, to look after oneself and to choose the best for yourself.

Ill fitting shoes with improper contours and poor arch support can worsen the pain and lead to greater trouble. Ignorance might cost you a lot more in future. Thus it is important to take care of your feet from the beginning itself, because health is wealth.

Medical advice is recommended for proper treatment of heel spurs. Podiatric recommended shoes (which have a range of features and fit into the budget) are a great choice for added relief. Refer to this guide for the best work shoes for heel spurs, compare the features and prices among the wide range available online and get yourself the right pair. Don’t let the pain stop you from soaring high above.

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