10 Best Cross Country Running Shoes In 2021 & [Buyer’s Guide]

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Cross Country running unlike other marathons does not consist of a path or a trail. Instead it’s a run across counties and people participate in a means to stay fit and build stamina. It’s a sort of running game. On this occasion, people or groups run a race that will include courses over the common landscape. The course includes surfaces of grass and earth, forests, slopes, level ground, and rocky road. 

The most important decision for cross country runners is to invest in the best pair of shoes for themselves. Cross Country shoes are made to help you sustain your body balance in very hard and tough landscapes. You have to guarantee your feet are made sure about any way you aren’t being over-burden, so they ought to be light too.

Cross-country Shoes also known as XC shoes are worked for hustling. They’re by and large as smoothed out as could reasonably be expected, including just enough material and padding to get you over the end goal, and not a gram more. 

When looking for the best shoes for cross-country running, you ought to know: 

  • The fit will be much tighter than your regular running shoes.
  • You should among spike and level versions. If all else fails, pick the level. 
  • More affordable is commonly better for beginners, because these alternatives will have more prominent adaptability and a bit all the more padding.
  • At the point when you first begin progressing to cross running shoes, you ought to permit your body to adjust by beginning with short runs.


1.Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes


  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Aggressive Grip: Obvious and penetrating traction on soft ground
  • Precise Foothold: Close-to-foot and comfortable feel

2.Saucony Men’s Kilkenny XC5 Spike-M


  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Variety in colors 
  • Carbon Rubber outsole
  • Neutral fit

3.New Balance Men’s Cross Country 900 V4 Spike Running Shoe


  • Fabric and Synthetic
  • 360 degree mesh upper
  • Aggressive Lugs
  • 6-pin spike pad
  • Fantom fit
  • Rubber abrasion-resistant sole


1.Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

This is a shoe intended to manage the harshest of territories incorporating wet surfaces effortlessly, a component stuffed shoe that offers you the comfort, soundness, and support you need. School sprinters pick this shoe for cross-country! 

The highlights on this incredible shoe incorporate a debris preventive mesh upper which will forestall any dust into your shoe while running. The formed Eva footbed is intended to give you extreme comfort and backing while the padded sole is lightweight with padding that will bounce back, energizing your foot as you run. 

Ortholite sock liner in the shoe will keep your feet cool and dry all through, while the curved guard gives a defensive hindrance to ensure your feet against rough engineered materials as you navigate the lopsided landscape.

 The Quicklace framework, which permits you to fix your bands with only one force and the ribbon pocket, keep them concealed perfectly. The outsole of the shoe offers ContaGrip which is intended to give you extreme footing on wet surfaces, the shoe is likewise water impervious to guarantee that your feet remain dry regardless of the underneath conditions. 

A cross-country shoe should fit appropriately and keep your foot cozy to offer a definitive in solace and soundness and the Sensifit plan of this shoe guarantees that you get the best fit regardless of what the state of size of your foot.


  • Excellent mix of cushiony and ground feel
  • Improved durability and longevity.
  • Strong construction 


  • The shoe does not ventilate particularly well
  • unsteady on short stretches of pavemen 

2.Saucony Men's Kilkenny XC5 Spike-M

A spiked pair of cross-country shoe that is lightweight and intended to offer you the best in charge when running cross country. It’s a smooth looking shoe that is intended to give you the best execution. 

The insignificantly layered upper is amazingly lightweight and molds to your foot offering the help you need. The attack of the shoe is one that is intended to suit unbiased pronators, so it offers an impartial fit. The padded sole has a pressure-formed EVA to guarantee the best padding and solace. 

The track is extremely adaptable to permit you to have the option to adapt to any sort of territory and the spike will convey incredible execution to give you the hold you have to manage the extremely troublesome landscape, guaranteeing you get the best steadiness. 

With a carbon elastic outsole is abrasion resistance and the footing on the shoe is sublime with a 6-pin spike to get you through even the muddiest of courses easily.


  • Good traction on all surfaces
  • Comfortable 
  • Neutral fit


  • Runs a size small
  • Not appropriate for wide feet, it is narrow

3.New Balance Men's Cross Country 900 V4 Spike Running Shoe

The 360-degree work upper not just makes the shoe lightweight but also won’t frustrate you in your running. It is additionally amazingly breathable to keep your feet cool and dry all through the race. The FantomFit lets the mesh upper shape to your foot giving you brilliant help and an extraordinary fit. 

The 6-pin spike plate offers to foot on the New Balance. This is intended to be very adaptable, permitting your foot a full scope of development, and it additionally offers forceful drags to offer that bit of additional stability. The elastic sole is scraped area safe and the shoe is additionally truly tough. Lightweight, agreeable, and with sublime footing, these cross-country shoes will offer you all that you require at a small amount of the cost of different cross-country shoes accessible.


  • Encap midsole, Acteva Light and EVA foam make it durable
  • Offered in multiple sizes, wide options included


  • Little expensive
  • Not very flexible and responsive

4.La Sportiva Men's Wildcat

La Sportiva Men’s Wildcat is our exceptional pick of the cross country shoe. Despite the fact that it comes with certain drawbacks, the La Sportiva is one of the most solid cross-country shoes available – and accompanies a sticker price to coordinate. 

Be that as it may, you can’t scrutinize the nature of this shoe and it’s optimal for those cooler climes, as the thick underside keeps your feet warm, and the Gore-Tex waterproof external guarantees your feet remain dry.

 For the sprinters that have more extensive feet, we have arranged our top picks of the best running shoes for the wide feet, so look at them.


  • Thick and durable, great for those rougher terrains
  • Gore-Tex technology means the shoes are waterproof
  • Great for those long distances because of increased durability


  • Quite a bit more expensive than others on this list
  • Not ideal for warmer runs, as the shoe is so thick
  • Sole is quite stiff, which means some terrains are difficult to maneuver

5.Adidas Performance Men's Supernova Riot M Trail Runner

Adidas is notable for making probably the best sporting gear and attire out there, and it’s the same with regards to cross country shoes. Adidas Performance Men’s Supernova Riot M Trail Runner is totally different from your normal xc shoe, yet are perfect for the style component out there. 

Besides the extraordinary structure, they really perform extraordinarily well, with high scoring on breathability, assurance, and footing. They’re absolutely not the least expensive out there, yet unquestionably worth the venture. 

Ensure you additionally look at our manual for the best running shoes for level feet for progressively extraordinary footwear like this.


  • Although a high price point, they are worth the investment
  • Great design that helps you stand out against other cross country runners
  • Fit tends to be true to size


  • Not waterproof
  • High-top design may not be for everyone
  • Rubber tread might be too soft for some terrains

6.Pearl Izumi Women's Peak II Running Shoe - Best cross country running shoes for women

This is a normal looking Trainer on our list. The Pearl Izumi Women’s Peak II Running Shoe is perfect for those searching for something they can slip on and off easily, however not perfect on the off chance that you believe you need something more steady and tough.

The Pearl arrives in a couple of splendid hues, which are engaging and the tough engineered upper methods your feet are both secured and can relax. For sweltering summer days, ensure you pick the absolute best and open to running shoes from our rundown.


  • Great starter cross country shoe
  • Very comfortable and flexible when it comes to different terrains
  • The fit is generally true to size


  • Perhaps a little too expensive for what the shoe is
  • Not as durable as others
  • Reviews are not that positive across the globe

7.New Balance Women's 700V5 Removable Spike Track-Shoes

Balance Women’s 700V5 Removable Spike Track-Shoes, not just colorful and stylish, but also they’re created by one of the best brands out there for cross country shoes, and they also come with removable spikes. 

They’re ideal for those long walks and races that have some change in terrain throughout. With an affordable price point, these are a great choice. 

Although they’re not the most durable cross country sneaker in the world, they get the job done and support your feet along the way.


  • Usually true to size
  • Comfortable for those long distances
  • Great quality and unique design


  • Not as durable as other cross country shoes on the market
  • Some customers complained that their normal size is too small
  • Rubber sole not as reinforced

8.Adidas Performance Women's Xs W Cross-Country Shoes

These are some of the most costly cross-country shoes on our rundown, yet they’re on here in light of current circumstances. With staggering quality and incredible footing, the Adidas Performance Women’s Xcs W Cross-Country Shoes are perfect for those of you hoping to take your cross country racing to the following level. 

They’re novel in configuration, keeping it insignificant and cool, with unobtrusive highlights that assist you with sticking out. They’re likewise strong and breathable, perfect for those long runs in blistering climate.


  • Top brand and great quality
  • Ideal for competitive races in high school or college 
  • Durable and long-lasting for those tricky trails


  • Not a lot of cons to say about these
  • Sometimes can come up slightly small and tight
  • Higher price point means they are a costly investment

9.Brooks Men's Mach 18 Track and Field Shoes

They’re incredibly versatile as can be used for both track and field, as well as coming in bright colors too. They’re great for the more experienced runner, as they’re lightweight, durable, and spiked.


  • Bright in color and eye-catching design
  • Great traction on wet surfaces
  • Ideal for long distances and different running conditions


  • Not ideal for certain surfaces because of spikes
  • Can come up tight on feet in size
  • Some comments on lack of ankle support

10.Brooks Mach 17 Track & Field Women's Shoes

Creeks Mach 17 Track and Field Women’s Shoes is a flexible pair of both Olympic style sports shoes, perfect for the individuals who need something to accomplish more. They’re one of a kind in structure and spiked as well, so extraordinary for the more experienced sprinter.

 They’re likewise amazingly moderate which implies you can get more than one set! On the off chance that you are new to running, you will doubtlessly like probably the best running shoes for apprentices from our rundown.


  • Great all-rounder
  • Well-known brand in the cross country world
  • Bright design


  • Can be tight on feet sometimes
  • Lightweight, which takes away from the durability
  • Cheaper price point, which does seem to reflect the quality

Difference between your everyday running shoes and cross country running shoes

Tighter Fit: A cross-country shoe should suit perfectly. The very tight fit keeps your feet in very close contact with the shoe which helps to move in rocky and rigid pavements. You should just have less than half an inch between the end of your shoe and your toe.

Better Traction: Cross-country shoes are intended to give great footing on grass and mud. In case you get into a rocky or slippery condition, you can invest in cross country shoes with spikes that help with a better grip.

Light Weight: A cross-country running shoe can be way lighter than your regular running shoes. 

Less Cushioning: To spare weight, cross country shoes give almost no padding. The shoes additionally will, in general, be very slender. Cross-country sprinters can deal with the restricted padding because the time in the shoe is moderately short.


Ask an expert: Ideally, one should get a specialist to assist you with picking a pair that accommodates your size, step, and preparation. Competitors to go to a trustworthy specialty store, where an educated fitter will assist them with using sound judgment on footwear.

The expert ought to get some information about your physical issue history, how much running you’ve been doing, what your preparation program resembles, and your past involvement in specific items and brands. The fitter may watch you run and do basic activities like a squat, so the individual in question can investigate your stride.


Lightweight: Many running shoes available today are planned for more established, heavier individuals as a primary concern, so the shoes have a ton of padding and backing. Additional material among you and the ground makes it progressively hard for the shoe to flex and for you to feel the ground underneath and can modify your step.

 You are still light and athletic, so you needn’t bother with that degree of help. While investing in a pair of shoes for cross country running one should pick the lightest pair possible, in order to make it easier for carrying. 


Leave some space: You need more space in a running shoe than a road shoe because your feet might swell while running. Ensure there’s space between your toes and the finish of the shoe—at least a thumb-width. Watch that the shoe isn’t excessively tight, either. You need space to spread at the wad of the season since cross country runs go on for an entire season, mostly fall or winter period.

Comfort: We get it—you want to look cool (who doesn’t?). It’s anything but difficult to persuade yourself that a famous or alluring shoe—or even the one your closest companion wears—is beneficial for you, regardless of whether it fits ineffectively or causes torment.

 In case you’re thinking, “I’ll break them in,” or you think they feel great when you slip them on while sitting down, rethink. Comfort is significant, yet you need to evaluate how agreeable they are when running—not exactly at step-in.

 So get up and bring them for a walk the road or on a treadmill in the store. Get moving at a tolerable speed. Try not to settle with just “alright”— take a stab at a few pairs and discover which feels best. 

Consider spikes: At the point when you’re first beginning your running profession, it’s fine to run races in a similar pair of shoes you train in during the main year or two. As you get more established and increasingly serious, you may change into spikes for cross-country races. While not every person needs competition shoes, these spikes are lighter than training shoes and give a more tight fit and more footing, particularly on sloppy, green courses. 

Spikes do, nonetheless, put more strain on your feet, Achilles ligaments, and calves. They additionally aren’t perfect for courses that traverse pavements and a few meets may not permit them so make sure about the guidelines before you purchase. Hustling in a lightweight preparing shoe is more secure until you’ve created quality in your feet and lower legs more than quite a long while of running. No compelling reason to race into spikes immediately. 

Don’t depend completely on the shoe: Perhaps the most significant thing we’ve found out about shoes in the previous decade is that they aren’t as significant as we once suspected with regards to injury. Wounds originate from shortcomings in the body and poor preparing, and no shoe can address or forestall that.

 In case you’re a youthful sprinter battling with wounds, we suggest you search out arrangements with a medical health professional helping runners with developing adolescent bodies; not at the shoe store. 


Shoes and trainers are essential components with regards to cross country as a game, especially in light of the fact that the landscape can be intense and tough, leaving your feet sore, just like the rest of your body. We picked our choice of cross-country running shoes to guarantee you have an incredible blend of styles and types to browse. 

We ordered this rundown by contemplating three things; audits, brands, and value focus. Client surveys are significant as they can give you a fair impression of the shoe and how it performs under tension. Recollect however, not all client surveys are made equivalent for example they could be phony or composed by one-sided analysts.

 A brand is another key point to take a gander at. We as a whole have our top choices with regards to sporting equipment, however, guarantee you do your exploration and spotlight on brands that have created and made cross-country shoes in view of cross-country sprinters. In conclusion, the cost will be a factor when buying your shoes, but remember that a significant expense point doesn’t generally mean the best quality.

Make sure that you have special shoes for cross country running as without strengthened hold and footing on your shoes, you’ll discover cross-country running staggeringly troublesome and difficult on your whole body. Guarantee that you have the correct style and inclination for you, regardless of whether that is metal spikes or elastic spikes, or no spikes by any means -whatever you pick, make sure that they have been made for that reason.

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