🙄Are Vans Good For Skating? – The Ultimate Guide

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Vans is a skateboarding shoe manufacturer, based in America. Vans has a good reputation and offers many styles and ranges of a variety of shoes. They are comfortable and can last for a long time. These shoes offer an all day comfort and can be worn for a very long time, especially when you need to stand or walk throughout the day. But are Vans good for skating? They would undoubtedly save your feet from blisters and would keep the throbbing pain away, but let us see how good they are for skating

They look great and can team up with any outfit. They are super comfy and feel amazing to wear. They are flexible and stylish. They have a padded collar and footbed which provides a contoured fit. They absorb shocks and keep the feet safe. The suede uppers, sturdy fabric and cushy linings provide effective cushioning and support. The shoes have a durable outsole made up of rubber, which provides a good grip and traction. They are available in a range of prices and thus ensure to fit in the budget. But still there are many queries people have, which we have tried to resolve here.

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1. Are vans good for skating?

Ans. Yes, Vans are indeed good for skating, but only when you find your right pair. Vans is a brand with different kinds of shoes and you need to find the model that suits you. 

Whenever we talk of skating, we eventually talk of Vans. This is their reputation as skating shoes. These suede shoes are flexible and supportive and have specially designed insoles. They offer great support for the arches and heels and absorb all kinds of reactions and shocks, to keep the feet safe and comfortable. They are durable and have toe caps made up of rubber. The shoes are strong and can resist wear and tear. The double stitching doesn’t allow the tape to eat through. Moreover they are easy to break in. 

The Duracap technology protects the feet and increases the shoe’s life span. It adds a rubber layer to the parts of the shoe which are highly prone to damage and thus save it from wear and tear. 

The shoes can stand excessive use and provide a great fit. They are sturdy and as mentioned above, these provide great support for the heels. They incorporate a cushioning system for the insole called Ultracush. The flexibility of the shoes helps the feet to be embedded deep into them. They are great for protecting your feet when you land upon a hard surface and the insoles provide extra support and can be replaced when needed. 

The innovative waffle thread feature helps to keep your feet firmly on board and also allows movement. They are suitable for long boarding and look really cool. 

2. Are vans slip ons good for skating?

Ans. The Vans slip ons are great skateboarding shoes owing to the specially designed features which they possess. These shoes have a simple appearance which makes them well suited for both casual wear as well as for skateboarding. The waffle tread which is a characteristic of Vans, provides these shoes with a great grip. The shoes have an amazing boardfeel and the Pro Vulc Lite Construction provides flexibility. The cushy insole is supportive and provides shock absorption. They are flexible, comfortable and last for a good amount of time. The Vans Slip ons are indeed good for skating.

3. Are vans old skool good for skating?

Ans. The Old Skool shoes are one of the best sneakers for skateboarding, available today. Apart from being available in a range of colours and designs including the classic ones, they have a thick outsole made of rubber, which goes up till the edges of the shoes.

The characteristic waffle pattern provides superior grip and traction. These shoes provide safety to your feet and protect them from crashes. The tough exterior is made of canvas and the suede upper has a low top lace construction. They look classy, are durable, and available at a great price. This makes the Vans Old Skool shoes a great fit when you want to skate. 

Vans Old Skool
Vans Old skool(Credit@creaslim)

4.Vans old skool vs old skool pro

Ans. The Vans Old Skool had flat insoles which could not be removed. They were just soles and canvas, put together. The Old Skool Pro shoes have padded insoles, which can be removed. They offer greater comfort and flexibility.

They are highly supportive and offer cushioning. Moreover, they are more durable and they offer greater support for the heels and arches. The UltraCush HD sock liners add to the comfort and make the Old Skool Pro shoes better than the ancestors. 


5. How long do vans last for skating?

Ans. Vans, in general, can last upto 2 years, if you cruise very less, and use the shoes not so frequently. They are durable and are known to last long.

However, if you wear them almost every day and skate very frequently and intensely on rugged pavements or any kind of rough terrain, the skate shoes from Vans would last upto 4 to 5 months. It mainly depends on the frequency, the style and the place of skateboarding. 

6. Do vans last longer than converse?

Ans. Vans indeed last longer than Converse because they are specially designed for the purpose of skateboarding, serving as durable skate shoes. They are constantly in contact with the deck of the skateboard and with the road, thus are strong and good enough to bear the impact. Converse, was originally, a basketball shoe and thus isn’t specifically designed for skateboarding.

7. Should vans be tight or loose?

Ans. Vans fit true to size and thus there usually isn’t a question of loose or tight fit. They can be broken in easily and offer a snug fit which is comfortable. Still if required, like in case of half sizes, it is better that the shoes be a bit loose than a bit too tight. Tight shoes can cause blisters and won’t provide much room to your feet. 

However loose shoes too can be uncomfortable and feel as if the feet are sliding against them. Some people even find a tight fit secure and more comfortable. In the end, it totally depends on personal preference and you should go for what you like better. 

8. Are vans bad for your feet?

Ans. No, Vans aren’t bad for your feet. They do have flat soles which doesn’t appeal to many customers because of the low arch support. But they were meant to be skateboarding shoes and they serve their purpose well because these flat soles help the Skateboarder to feel the deck close to the feet and thus maintain his or her balance. 

Vans is a brand and it has many options catering to different needs. In case you need extra support, go for the inserts, after you find your perfect fitting Vans shoes. 

9. Are vans true to size?

Ans. Yes, Vans are true to size. They can be broken in easily and offer a snug and comfortable fit. The size that you buy for any other shoe brand will be the same when you buy a Vans shoe. A size chart is offered by Vans when buying shoes, and this should be used to find the size that would suit your needs. 

10. Are vans good for wide feet?

Ans. Vans shoes are good at accommodating wide feet. They however fit snugly and therefore its better to opt for a size up if you have extremely wide feet. Also, opting for a custom pair of Vans Old Skool shoes is a good choice. 

The sizing tutorial offered by Vans is also a great help as it allows matching the size of your feet to the size of the shoes. They cater to wide feet and are highly comfortable when broken in, probably the reason why many podiatrists recommend these shoes. 

11. Are vans good for flat feet?

Ans. Vans are indeed a good choice for flat feet because they provide excellent support for the heel and also shock absorption, which is best suited for flat feet. They offer extra support and cushioning, especially the designs meant for doing so, like the Vans Old Skool Pro shoes. 

The soft material and the padded footbed and collar keep your feet comfortable. The springy insole helps keep your feet relaxed, thus making your flat feet be at ease. 

12. Are vans good for walking long distances?

Ans. To put it simply, the shoes from Vans are good for your feet and some models of Vans are great for walking or standing. However, they are not highly comfortable for walking long distances. They are skate shoes and do not have a lot of padded cushioning and do not provide adequate arch support.

They are still comfortable to wear all day and can be worn when travelling but they probably won’t provide enough support for walking all day. You would need shoes specially designed for walking or running, for this purpose. Further, the canvas that they are made up of is not very durable and hence these shoes are not recommended for walking over long distances. 

13. Are vans good for lifting?

Ans. If you are low on the budget, Vans are great for lifting and can still be affordable. They have flat and hard soles which are suitable for all kinds of leg lifts. They are still not as good as some other brands which are specially meant for lifting weights.

They have firm soles which provides better traction and grip on the surface, when lifting at the gym. They are flat and stable and also cheaper. Some of the high tops of Vans provide the support required when lifting weights. Thus, the shoes from Vans and some special models in particular will do just fine when lifting weights. 

14. Are vans good for squatting?

Ans. Yes, Vans are good for most of the lifts including deadlifts or squats. The firm and flat soles provide you enough support and stability when you need to push your feet against the ground. 

15. Are vans good for walking?

Ans. Vans are good shows for walking around and can also be worn all day. However they aren’t suitable for walking over long distances. They are comfortable and offer a snug fit, which makes them a good choice for walking shoes. They are flexible and have flat soles that are firm and offer a great traction. 

The breathable canvas adds to the benefits. They provide a firm grip and prevent slipping and also look good. However they are not much durable and thus are not recommended for long distance walks. However they can be used for daily use or for walking regularly over short distances. 

16. Are vans good for standing all day?

Ans. Shoes from Vans, especially some models in particular like Vans Old Skool or Vans Comfy Cush are great shoes to wear all day. You can stand in those shoes for the whole day long without being uncomfortable.

They are comfortable and supportive. The padded cushioning and the insoles provide enough arch support and are great to wear for a comfortable fit. They are soft and light, with proper supportive cushioning and thus can be chosen for standing all day while wearing them.

17. Are vans good for plantar fasciitis?

Ans. Vans offer a range of shoes, some with flat soles and low arch support and some with padded cushioning and good arch and heel support. Go for the latter option and buy shoes that are supportive. 

This would help alleviate the pain and support your feet. However, while Vans shoes will do good for people with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, we recommend you to buy orthopedic shoes which have greater ankle and arch support and are designed to wear when suffering from plantar fasciitis. 

18. Why do vans hurt the back of my foot?

Ans. If Vans hurt the back of your feet, the most common reason can be that the Vans shoes are not your size. Vans are true to size and therefore the shoes you buy must fit in snugly without sliding or rubbing against your heels or ankles. If you have feet that are narrow or wide or are suffering from some deformities, the shoes may vary in their fit and comfort and thus you should try and choose your size carefully. 

One more reason that can be possible is that the shoes have not broken in. Give them some time and put them into use till they comfortably break in, and then most probably this problem would be solved.

19. Do vans stretch as you wear them?

Ans. Vans do not stretch with use like other shoes and are true to size. However, they are made up of canvas and hence it does loosen up a bit as you wear them. They stretch only a bit and mostly at the top of your shoe and a bit around the ankle. It also depends on the material the Vans shoes are made up of. Suede stretches the most and leather the least. They mould to the feet and get more comfortable as they are broken in.


Vans does offer a great range of skate shoes. They are slightly expensive but worth it. The pro models are the best suited for the purpose.

They offer all essential elements like decent stitching, support, cushioning, extra padded toe boxes, gripping outsoles and comfort. There are many brands offering skate shoes, some good enough for you to consider, however Vans has a separate identity carved out. All you need to do is try and find your perfect pair from among the various models! 

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