10 Best Shoes For HIIT Training & Buyer’s Guide [2023]

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Numerous learners appear at the gym for their first high-intensity training workout exercise wearing running shoes. Be that as it may, this isn’t the most ideal approach. In the event that there’s one widespread guideline that applies to each game, game and exercise routine, it’s this: Match your footwear to the action. 

Consider it. Will you go on a climb without genuine climbing or hiking shoes or boots? Play a field sport without proper spikes or turf shoes? Wrestle without wrestling shoes? Obviously not. 

At that point for what reason would you appear at the exercise centre for your High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) meetings wearing whatever old kicks you happen to have laying around? To take advantage of your exercise, you’ll need to search for shoes made explicitly for HIIT and broadly cross-training routines.

Shoes specifically designed for HIIT training helps you connect to the floor. This association with the floor encourages you to structure a superior, increasingly stable base and body balance for those weight-lifting practices like iron weight swings, medicine balls, quick lifts, and so on. Be that as it may, the sign of this sort of action is the immense scope of activities it utilizes. 

Truth be told, HIIT preparation comprises pretty much everything from dynamic cardio and runs to complex compound developments, box bounces, and even rope climbing. That’s where different advantages of these shoes come in. These shoes likewise have the adaptability to permit you to run, bounce, or move rapidly. 

As a result of this tremendous scope of exercises, HIIT training shoes frequently consolidate exceptional highlights like a high elastic padded sole and included traction assurance over the upper midfoot and toe regions (in some cases alluded to as the enclosure) to help during rope moves just as a harder, stickier bottom to support adjustment and box bounces.


1.REEBOK Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave

Reebok is known to be an incredible companion with regards to high-interval exercises at the gym. This Nano is solid, intense, and worked to last. It’s imbued with Kevlar and furthermore has the RopePro innovation. 

They likewise have a pressure shaped padded sole for predominant shock assimilation and padding. The raised-lug outsole gives you the best footing you need while permitting you to keep up your vitality. 

This shoe comes in a few styles yet they’re one of the most costly on the rundown. All things considered, solidness is key with this shoe, and they’ve worked to last.


  • Built to last
  • Infused with Kevlar
  • Contains RopePro technology
  • Has a compression-molded midsole
  • Feature a raised- lug outsole


  • Prices are high


2.New Balance Men’s Mx20v6 Minimus Cross Trainer

While most New Balance shoes are known for sprinters, this pair is structured only for your cross-training and HIIT routines. It offers a characteristic inclination that keeps you low to the ground. 

It resembles being barefoot, yet at the same time giving the help you need. This permits you to prepare viably during short-separation running and quality activities. 

The outsole has Vibram innovation to give you footing and keep you upstanding. Since it’s lightweight, you’ll effectively progress starting with one development then onto the next. Most costs on this shoe are sensible and there are two or three distinct styles to browse, sizes seems, by all accounts, to be primarily exact.


  • Natural feeling
  • Features Vibram technology
  • Superior Grip
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price


  • Arch support is minimal
  • Not designed for long-distance running


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3. REEBOK Men’s Crossfit Speed TR Cross- Trainer Shoe

At the point when you need the best running shoes for HIIT preparing, it bodes well to look at the Reebok Speed. This shoe configuration permits you to switch between developments flawlessly. With its adaptability, it’s anything but difficult to play out your best. 

This shoe is lightweight to the point that it additionally offers a lift in your step. Additionally, it’s developed with a breathable upper that gives your foot the perfect measure of cosiness. The MetaSplit flex grooves situated in the outsole give you footing yet don’t cause you to feel like you’ve been levelled during your lifting. 

It additionally has RopePro innovation which keeps the shoe from destroying when scoured against rope strands. There are a few styles accessible, yet the cost can hop up genuinely high on some of them.


  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • MetaSplit flex Grooves
  • Has RopePro technology


  • Prices can get high
  • No wide sizes available


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4.New Balance Men’s Mx40VI Gym Workout Training Shoes

In case you’re searching for the best cross-training shoes for HIIT, you’ll need to look at this pair from New Balance. They’re structured explicitly for your Gym exercises. It has all the highlights you need in a cross-coach like brilliant auxiliary capacity, unrivaled adaptability, a nice vitality return, and padding. 

What’s more, the breathability permits your feet to stay dry and smell free, in any event, during your long exercises. The surface hold was additionally done right, so you won’t have to stress overslipping. 

What we didn’t expect with this shoe is the more significant expense tag. While it’s lower than a few, it’s high for a New Balance pair. What’s more, a few people felt that the shoe runs marginally little.


  • Offers a stable structure
  • Flexible
  • Good energy return
  • Cushioned
  • Superior Surface Grip


  • Price is high for New Balance
  • Sometimes they run small


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5. ADIDAS Performance Men’s Adipure 360.3 M Training Shoe

Men need the help that the best cross-training shoes for HIIT give. That is the reason this choice from Adidas is a champ! It’s an adaptable shoe that is likewise breathable and agreeable. 

The elastic outsole gives you the footing you want while the upper stays taken care of for an increasingly secure bond. The toe box is likewise overall quite spacious, permitting you to appreciate the squirm room. 

While making your horizontal moves, you’ll see that the notches in the outsole offer the help you need. We love that the costs are sensible and that there are a few shading choices to look over.


  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Breaths Easily
  • Superior traction with rubber outsole
  • Spacious toe-box


  • Thin sole
  • The shoe might run small if you’re between sizes


6. ASICS Women’s Gel-Fit Sana 3 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Look at this pair of ASICS which are one of the best HIIT shoes for women. The organization is known for its running shoes, yet don’t disregard the capacity they need to make a top of the line cross-mentor. 

They include a lightweight structure that permits you to feel shoeless while running or bouncing rope. The adaptable upper likewise offers the help you need while moving in numerous ways. This shoe has a mono-sock framework that gives it extra adaptability.

Likewise, the AHAR innovation offers a novel track design for more footing, even on lopsided surfaces. These are well budget alternatives that aren’t barebones. Besides, there’s a decent assortment of styles to look over.


  • Lightweight
  • Has a flexible upper
  • Supports multi-dimensional movement
  • Great traction
  • Low cost


  • Not a lot of support
  • Shoes run narrow


7.PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Heather Cross-Trainer Shoe

Another extraordinary choice as the best ladies’ shoes for HIIT is this pair from Puma. Wear these during your exercise and you’ll feel the help and dependability you need. In contrast to a portion of different choices, this pair is known for its boss padding capacity. With this help, you’ll feel good during your knee tucks and squat bounces. 

There’s no uncertainty that your feet are going to perspire during your HIIT preparation. With the breathable upper on this shoe, your dampness levels are effectively overseen. 

Furthermore, there’s an Eco Ortholite liner inside the shoe to keep your feet glad through the whole exercise. The cost is decent, though there are just two styles to browse.


  • Supportive
  • Stable
  • Breathable
  • Comes with an Eco Ortholite liner
  • Low Cost


  • Only two styles to choose form
  • Possible Narrow Fit


8.PUMA Women’s Cell Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

The Tazon is worked to shield you from the tough requests of HIIT training. The shoe gauges somewhat more than some others, so it has to a greater extent a running shoe development. With the additional weight, it gives a steady fit. There’s likewise incredible padding to give you extra stun assimilation. 

The TPU shank of the shoe keeps your foot from upsetting during your exercise. This empowers you to be more grounded, adjusted, and upstanding consistently. 

This is probably the least expensive shoe on our rundown and comes in various styles. All things considered, a few people felt that they ran slender.


  • Stable fit
  • Superior cushioning
  • Shock Absorption
  • TPU shank prevents the foot from overturning
  • Low cost


  • Might run narrow
  • Shoe is rigid


9.NIKE Women’s Flex Trainer 5 Shoe

This shoe is so smart and stylish; you might not have any desire to wear it to do HIIT training! With the breathability, footing, and padded underside, your feet will feel like they’re in paradise. Join that with the mesh upper to keep air stream at its most extreme which keeps you from getting rankles and scents. 

The footing design on the shoe gives you incredible hold so you can move toward any path. This shoe likewise has the forefoot links which offer you a sheltered and secure exercise. 

Look over one of the various color choices, however, a large number of them are expensive.


  • Stylish 
  • Breathable
  • Great Traction
  • Secure Fit
  • Comfortable Fit


  • Stiff Back
  • Might run slightly small


10.NIKE Women’s Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 Training Shoe

This current ladies’ HIIT shoe is breathable, adaptable, and softly cushioned also. There are grooves situated in the outsole which offer the most extreme measures of adaptability while as yet keeping up the steady idea of the shoe. They additionally have a breathable upper which keeps your feet dry, considerably after a long meeting. 

These shoes are cloth washer safe to make cleaning them simple. There are likewise too many color alternatives to tally, so you realize you’ll get the style you need. 

So, a portion of the costs can hop up entirely high, so watch out for that when you are settling on your decision.


  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Lightly padde
  • Easy to clean
  • Tons of styles available


  • Not for wide feet
  • Lacks arch support


Buyer’s guide (2020)

QUALITY: HIIT shoes demand comfort and dependability. In spite of the fact that you can not compromise on its condition, it isn’t silly to spend a fortune on branded shoes when you can get both quality and comfort at a sensible cost. 

So as opposed to squandering cash on some high brand shoes. Look at different alternatives. Some brand conveys high calibre at modest rates.

The vast majority accept that the higher the sticker price, the more noteworthy the quality. However, this isn’t accurate. Indeed, even some well known and most believed brands neglect to convey greatness and comfort. Your essential spotlight ought to be on quality and comfort rather than the sticker price. 

Also, a few shops have various segments for sports assortments and HIIT and Cross-Training shoe assortment. Attempt to go to such shops, as you will have a few shoes to look over.

Shape and Stability: The following thing that must be available in your Cross Training Workout shoes is shape and strength. What’s more, no, we don’t mean in vogue structure. It implies go for a shoe that suits your foot shape. The vast majority frequently disregard this factor. 

Everybody has an alternate foot shape. A few people have awe-inspiring, while others have a level foot. You can disregard your foot shape while looking for stylish impact points or shoes. 

However, with regard to the solidness and wellness of preparing shoes, you cannot stand to face a challenge. You are going to require the greatest help shoes on the off chance that you happened to have a level foot. Else your foot will roll internal during substantial exercise. A standard pair of padded shoes can carry out the responsibility for bent feet. 

Once in a while, it feels like you have to have a total guide for Cross shoe shopping. So you can generally take the assistance of a retailer as he has more amazing information than you. He can manage you on what sort of shoe type will be best for your feet.

Fitting: High-interval training activities request high vitality and energy. The main thing that must be remembered before purchasing a pair of shoes for such exercises is size and steadiness. 

Regardless of how costly your shoes are? Or on the other hand what brand you are utilizing? On the off chance that they are not an ideal fit, at that point, they are of no use. Since unfitted, free and temperamental shoes will drive you to wind up on the bed with wounds or cuts.

A baggy can likewise cause fragments and even cracks though tight-fitting leaves wounds by walking and makes it excruciating for you to move with them. Test your shoes with exercise socks on to guarantee that your preparation shoes are a perfect fit. Ensure that you are comfortable in them before paying an attractive measure of cash.

Breathability: A few people produce more sweat as compared to others. If you are one of those individuals, at that point you should consider purchasing breathable material for cross-training shoes for HIIT exercises as opposed to choking out your feet with firmly pressed shoes. 

Never go for such shoes that have cowhide tops on the off chance that you face this trouble. Be that as it may, in the event that perspiring isn’t an issue for you, at that point you can overlook this progression.

Traction and Breathability: Slipping your foot while the practice is probably the worst dream of wellness monstrosities. Indeed, even a solitary slip up can prompt long stretches of bed rest. 

Although most cross shoes are intended to give the fundamental footing. In most cases, people neglect to do as such. You must be cautious while looking for them. Bounce and wind your feet to check whether they are an ideal fit and give vital footing.

Perfect broadly educating shoes will be adaptable enough to permit winding of foot easily. In addition, abstain from getting high obeyed shoes as such shoes are there to serve the running.


Like every other activity, High-Interval Intensity Training also requires specific shoes in order to carry out various multi dimensional activities like weight lifting, cross-training, strength training, high intensity gym classes etc. that normal running shoes can’t offer. The major differences between the two are:

  1. Sole adaptability: Running shoes are for heel-to-toe development. HIIT shoes are for multi-directional development, particularly parallel (side-to-side) development. The sole of a HIIT shoe is progressively adaptable to permit a wide scope of development. 

Heel drop: You can for the most part differentiate a shoe by how much flatter the shoe is. The specialized term here is the “heel drop,” which alludes to the difference from the heel hight to the toe stature. The higher heel drop in running shoes originates from included help and padding.


To invest in the best shoes for HIIT exercises is a demanding quest that sets aside a great deal of effort to come flawlessly. If you know about HIIT, at that point you realize that it’s an accumulation of a few exercises that are a high force. Hence, you need an ideal shoe to withstand the weight that will ensure both your feet and lower legs. 

Running shoes are intended to move one way; forward. Along these lines, they may not be perfect for HIIT exercises. You need cross-training shoes that can move toward any path.

Shoes that are uniquely made for HIIT are more tough and adaptable than others. They have higher upper meshwork and shaft, which can grasp the leg, and the metatarsals territory ought to sufficiently shield from any weight. 

Another fundamental component is the outsole. Most quality HIIT shoes have some solid elastic combinations in the outsole region, which gets sufficiently unbending to create more ground to the ground. This is expected to foresee the slipping marvels in lopsided landscapes that you normally meet when preparing in HIIT techniques.

If you work out on regular basis, you will know how important it is to have shoes apt for the type of routines you’re doing. For High Intensity Interval Training it’s important to have shoes that make this multi-dimensional workout routine easier and comfortable. 

The list above consists of the best shoes for HIIT training and we hope it makes the choice of purchasing the right shoes easier for you.

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