10 Best Shoes For Tough Mudder & Buyer’s Guide

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Thinking about whether you have the best shoes for tough mudder races? At the point when it comes to all the stuff you have to pack, nothing is more important than mud run shoes. They should be strong, agreeable, broken in, lightweight, and with strong treads that will take you through the Tough Mudder trails and won’t pull you down for a second, regardless of what difficulties you go through.

Good shoes are very important for mud running. If you already have good running shoes, forget them because you will need what’s best for tough mudder. You need exceptional shoes for Tough Mudder, else you may need to discard your great running shoes after the running. Tough Mudder includes jumping into the water repeatedly, being stuck in thigh-deep mud, and dealing with constantly changing and rough terrain. Ordinary running shoes will not be able to handle that, henceforth one needs the absolute best shoes for tough mudder. 

Finding the best shoes for Tough Mudder is one of the significant steps to getting an enjoyable experience out of this rather difficult yet pleasant activity. The main reason is that the shoes you wear play a significant role. 

If you don’t wear extreme mudder shoes, at that point you’ll be in danger of feeling uncomfortable when taking care of the numerous difficulties engaged with Tough Mudder races. The most terrible part is that you may experience physical issues.

10 Best Shoes For Tough Mudder

1.Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Runner

Numerous Tough Mudders decide to invest in the Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Runner for men at whatever point they choose to take part in the event. One significant explanation for the popularity and positive surveys of this shoe is its mind-boggling footing that is the reason many consider this path shoe as the best shoes for Tough Mudder. 

The footing is extraordinary enough that it can deal with different surfaces. It can deal with genuine mountain running, which likewise makes it an exceptionally compelling shoe for Tough Mudder. It functions admirably on unpleasant landscapes. The shoe can grasp well on a day off, rock, and some other wet and tricky surfaces. 

Additionally, it has immense hauls that nibble into the precarious earth and grass. You can likewise anticipate that it should perform very well on steep surfaces. What I don’t especially like about the shoe is that its gigantic stack stature underneath the heel. It makes the shoe horizontally tippy and shaky. 

Despite that, it can deal with different landscapes, making it safe in every one of my Tough Mudder meetings. It has a brisk ribbon framework, which I consider as the least demanding and quickest binding framework among the shoes referenced in this audit. 

As far as comfort is concerned, I’d give this shoe a high evaluating. It highlights paddings in the correct spots. Besides that, the binding framework works in cozily making sure about your feet inside the upper – such is conceivable without the danger of rub focuses and squeezing. 

One should know that this shoe is likewise smaller contrasted with others, hence individuals with more extensive feet may feel awkward with these shoes while gunning the hindrance course. In the long run, this may affect your general experience when wearing it. To conclude, however, it’s the most superior Tough Mudder shoe you can discover available today.


  • Has incredible traction
  • Works well on various terrains
  • Boasts of the fastest and easiest lacing system
  • Padded in the right places, thereby making users feel comfortable
  • Keeps your feet secure


  • Narrow
  • A bit unstable because of its big stack height


2.Salomon Speedcross 4 Gtx Trail Runner

Salomon Speedcross 4 Gtx Trail Runner for men is presumably a standout amongst other footwear that functions admirably for the individuals who love Tough Mudder because of its quick grasp. The grippy sole makes it fit for dealing with even the gentlest, generally testing, and specialized path and territories. This extreme mudder gear has an elastic sole. It is agreeable enough that it utilizes a techno texture, making it fit for taking care of specialized landscapes. Besides being comfortable its weatherproof GORE-TEX footwear is exceptionally breathable. It offers the most significant level of security, making it workable for you to run and handle the difficulties in Tough Mudder. 

Another favorable position of this shoe is the exact and precise toehold. It offers a significant level of exactness when utilized on rocks, soil, mud, grass, and even the hardest scene. The nearness of the Sensifit and Endofit because it offers extremely decent footing while at the same time guaranteeing that it remains agreeable. The drawback of this shoe, however, is that it has a limited toe box. There are likewise the individuals who gripe about inclination pressure at the chunks of their feet. 

In any case, this astounding looking shoe, which offers phenomenal grasp, is still among the top alternatives for those scanning for footwear that can make their experience when playing Tough Mudder beneficial and remarkable.


  • Aggressive grip
  • Works well on the toughest terrain
  • Has techno fabric, increasing its ability to offer comfort
  • Boasts of a precise and accurate foothold
  • Comfortable


  • Narrow toe box
  • Pressure on the balls of the feet when worn


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3.Inov-8 X-Talon 212 Trail Running Shoe

What’s stounding about the Inov-8 X-Talon 212 Trail Running Shoe is its adaptability and lightweight. It fills in as running and hustling shoes for some. A great deal inclines toward this footwear over the others due to its capacity to offer amazing grasp whether you’re taking a shot at delicate or outrageous territories.

Moreover, it likewise works quickly on the dry path. In addition to the fact that this footwear is adaptable and light, however I likewise discover its capacity to offer the most extreme security is astonishing. It has a reliable grasp, permitting you to deal with those delicate and free landscapes. In case you’re taking care of thick mud, which is the thing that will doubtlessly occur for the individuals who play Tough Mudder, the X-TALON highlight of this shoe can be your best mate. It can give up to 8-mm fitting profundity, making it powerful in dealing with the hardest mudder races. I figure the adaptability of this shoe can likewise be credited to the outsole compound, which includes the brand’s Meta-Flex groove at the forefoot. Such further improves the adaptability of the shoe, permitting it to supplement the developments of your feet.


  • Highly flexible
  • Lightweight, making it comfortable to wear and use
  • Provides consistent grip, boosting your safety level
  • Perfectly complements with the movement of your feet
  • Can handle tough terrains


  • Lacks a proper drainage system


4.Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 Trail Running Shoe

One thing that’s noteworthy about Inov-8 Men’s Terraclaw 250 Trail Running Shoe, transforming it into extraordinary compared to other Tough Mudder shoes to wear, as I would like to think. Its ribbon up upper is made of work material. The material is something worth being thankful for as it offers brought together solace and backing. 

I likewise began to look all starry eyed at the layered toe top, which is lightweight and agreeable, as it expands the degree of assurance that it can give. With its corner to corner sewn tongue, you can anticipate that the shoe should keep trash from working up. 

Moreover, there are carries formed like triangles that were intended to discharge rock and coarseness. This is additionally something to be thankful for as it helps in boosting its capacity to offer the best hold as you strike each progression. 

The way that the footwear has a full and high stack stature likewise guarantees that it can offer extra solace and assurance. The waste framework utilized in the shoe, however, requires a touch of progress as it will in general gather water and mud excessively quickly without depleting it immediately. 

To close, it’s the most agreeable and solid footwear you can discover as it conveys astounding execution for competitors as well as to recreational clients concentrated on overcoming Tough Mudder obstructions.


  • Provides centralized comfort and support with the help of its lace-up mesh upper
  • Has a lightweight layered toe cap
  • Offers a high level of protection
  • Prevents gravel and grit from building up inside
  • Highly comfortable and durable


  • Drainage still requires a bit of improvement


5.New Balance MT10v1 Minimus Trail Running Shoe

Tough Mudder shoes are the MT10v1 minimus trail running shoe for men from New Balance. With this shoe, I can guarantee you that you can deal with all paths effortlessly – that is conceivable without the danger of wearing an overwhelming shoe. This shoe from New Balance is ideal for Tough Mudder as a result of its fantastic rough terrain execution. I love the way that New Balance utilized another material for the upper as it gives the shoe a new search for while as yet guaranteeing that it’s profoundly secure. 

It keeps up the essential forefoot toe spread, just as the midfoot wrap intended to assist your feet with remaining consistent regardless of whether you use it for most of the extraordinary experiences. I likewise discover the Vibram outsole incorporated into the shoe astounding as it makes it progressively normal and agreeable to utilize. 

Added to that are flex grooves set deliberately improving shoes for Tough Mudder. There is likewise an antimicrobial treatment utilized in the shoe to limit the advancement of smell. The main issue that you’ll in all probability experience about the shoe is that its soles will in general destroy quickly. 

In any case, remember that the shoe is produced using a well-known brand, New Balance, which is known to create the best footwear. All things considered, it’s sheltered to reason that the New Balance Minimus Trail Running Shoe is the best alternative for you in case you’re keen on attempting Tough Mudder frequently.


  • Has an impressive off-road performance
  • Highly secure and stable
  • Works well for extreme adventures, like Tough Mudder
  • Strategically positioned flex groves
  • Boasts of its fresh and attractive look


  • Soles wear out faster than expected


6.Merrell Tough Mudder Shoes

The Merrell All Out Crush Tough Mudder Trail Running Shoes are noteworthy, particularly when used in races, for example, Tough Mudder. I especially love the right measure of footing gave by the shoe. Also, it has a lightweight development so running or dealing with obstacles is a lot simpler.

I think one about the reasons why it truly works for Tough Mudder is that it is essentially intended for hindrance courses and races. You will likewise unquestionably like the material utilized in the upper as it helps in draining water rapidly. The upper likewise guarantees that even the fines residue sifts through of the work material, along these lines keeping it from being caught inside. It has a quite agreeable fit, which is major assistance in shielding you from agony and uneasiness when you are on the race.

The ribbon up the structure of the shoe additionally makes it simple to utilize. Besides that, its launderable upper highlights a translucent TPU film, which can oppose the scraped area. There is additionally high permeability – on account of the intelligent subtleties present in the running shoe.


  • The shoe provides just the right amount of traction
  • Lightweight construction, promoting ease when using it for running or handling obstacles
  • Upper material is effective in quickly draining water
  • Guarantees a nice and comfortable fit
  • High visibility with the aid of its reflective details


  • Dirt tends to penetrate the shoe in some cases


7.Saucony Peregrine 7 Trail Running Shoe

One more of the well-known footwear that both men and women can use for Tough Mudder is the Saucony Peregrine 7 Trail Running Shoe. One thing I appreciate about this shoe is it’s profoundly breathable upper. I additionally saw the thicker cushioning in its heel neckline. The cushioning is formed so that it lets me hold my feet better. Moreover, I like the PWR TRAC outsole present in the footwear as it advances the best footing and holds paying little heed to the surface I am utilizing it in.

The EVERUN topsoil development is likewise a major favorable position as it improves vitality return while advancing a steady pad during your whole run. I likewise valued the way that the maker incorporated a few defensive segments into the shoe, including the stone plate and elastic toe plate.

The highlights offer enough shield from cruel and unforgiving components, items, and surfaces. The TPU exoskeleton outlines in the upper are additionally qualified to feature due to their capacity to secure your midfoot segment well.


  • Highly breathable upper
  • Thick padding in the shoe’s heel counter
  • Features a PWR TRAC outsole, which offers excellent traction and grip
  • Comes with several protective components


  • The toe bumper is quite too soft
  • Does not feature a liner, which is supposed to prevent debris from coming in


8.Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

The Saloman Trail shoe is an ‘ultra-lightweight’ shoe intended for “Mud Running Races”. The Tough Mudder races will toss you extra obstacles from the standard mountain way. The Speedcross 3 arrangements with these circumstances better than most with its Mud and Snow “Climashield” and “Contragrip sole”. This defensive upper with an ultra forceful track will help you from tumbling off the parity bar into the freezing water underneath! 

The Saloman Speedcross 3 Trail shoe will make them feel sure tearing through the sloppiest of trails in every single climate condition. Simply taking a gander at these shoes you need to concede they look, boss! Furthermore, a decent reward, there are no shoe bands to tie, only a snappy draw of the fixing rope and that is it. At a deal cost and no less a shoe, makes the Saloman Speedcross 3 my preferred Tough Mudder shoe.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable Cushions Impact
  • Good Traction


  • Narrow / Tight
  • Uncomfortable
  • Wears Quickly
  • Falling Apart


9.Merrell Trail Glove Running Shoe

Merrell is viewed as one of the first “Trail Shoe” makers and they don’t disillusion with the Trail Glove. Falling into the ‘moderate’ class like the Saloman and New Balance, these texture-based, Vibram soled shoes have a zero impact point to-toe drop for that genuine barefoot experience. These shoes are so agreeable you will nearly overlook you’re wearing them, so agreeable truth be told; you truly don’t have to wear socks. I discovered they are adaptable right out of the crate, requiring no break-in period by any means! 

During a Tough Mudder run, you will get wet and sweat-soaked. Shoes with sweat-wicking properties are ideal. The breathable work upper of the Merrell Trail Glove is top-notch, keeping your feet dry and agreeable. Moderate running shoes are frequently a concern for numerous Tough Mudders because you’re not running on a smooth surface. This isn’t an issue with Merrell’s ‘TrailProtect’ cushion which pads those stones and snags without any problem.


  • Fits to many foot shapes
  • Good stability
  • Good shock absorption
  • Extremely Lightweight


  • Lack of cushioning
  • Hight price
  • Lacks flexibility


10.Reebok All Terrain Super

Reebok entered the path running/OCR shoe showcase with a shockingly solid shoe. There are even discussions effectively about a changed release in progress which will ideally fix the issues the shoe had. These shoes beat every single other shoe in the water waste division which positions as perhaps the greatest issue for OCR shoes. They would lose no holds barred with different shoes with regards to the toughness and awful bands. I will probably wear these over my Inov-8 path shoes for most shorter wet races.


  • Fast Draining
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Great Grip
  • Sheds dirt and mud with every step
  • Rock guard underfoot


  • Upper is stiff and lets in dirt/rocks
  • Bad shoelaces
  • Some people find them too narrow



Right Size: Tough Mudder and other obstruction races are appropriate shoes for deterrent and obstacle races which for the most part brings about scanning for and purchasing shoes, on the web.

All things considered, it’s much increasingly important to have a direction for the correct shoe size. When all is said in done, it’s important to invest in running shoes one size greater than your regular shoes because during running, your feet will, in general, swell up and you need some extra space!

OCR Shoes: The normal sneakers simply aren’t made for a mud run. While you absolutely can cross the end goal with an ordinary pair of shoes, you’ll better set yourself up for progress in case you’re wearing lightweight kicks explicitly intended for overcoming troublesome paths (and with more organizations offering OCR shoe alternatives, it shouldn’t be elusive a couple that is directly for you).

Wearing standard sneakers, a change in the landscape may entangle you, however, appropriate OCR shoes won’t moderate you down. Your lower legs will thank you, as well, since trail running shoes are regularly lower-cut around the lower leg zone.

Comfort is key: You’ll need to invest in a couple of mud run shoes with ventilation and cushioning. Your feet ought to have space to move and inhale, particularly since they may begin to expand as you clear your path through the race.

Drainage: You’ll be moving quickly through various hindrances and obstacles, clearing your path through the water, earth, and climbing obstructions. That implies unless you need to impel yourself off of spongy, substantial, water-logged tennis shoes, you’ll need shoes that highlight unrivaled seeped in drainage. (Waste will likewise help when you’re doing the post-occasion shoe hose-down and attempting to get your kicks clean.)

Rethink Laces: Make sure of considering your laces before taking at a Tough Mudder. Surely, you would not like to stumble on your bands, however, you don’t need unfastened laces to get discovered during obstructions or pull you down. Search for OCR shoes that component ribbon locks, so you don’t need to reconsider—or lose your shoes in the mud.


Extreme Mudder comprises of an entire ten miles of mud. En route, there are more than 20 hindrances that compel you to escape your comfort zone. There are no victors or winners in the race, so it has nothing to do with completing first. It’s just about pushing yourself or your group to put in their best. You have to comprehend the difficulties that accompany a Tough Mudder. There are loads of trail running and you’ll experience various brooks en route. There won’t be commonly all through the run that you are on level surfaces, so ordinary shoes just won’t do.

The correct pair of shoes cause you to endure trips through the water and change back to trail running easily. Unmistakably, your running shoes just won’t cut it. They’re not made to deal with this sort of misuse.

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