How to waterproof suede boots naturally?

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What is suede?

Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish, commonly used for jackets, shoes, shirts, purses, furniture, and other items. The term comes from the French gants de Suède, which literally means “gloves from Sweden”.

Suede boots are one of the most common footwear among people who are from cold countries. It is a popular choice in the fall and winter months, due to their ability to keep you warm and add texture to any outfit. They add up to the beauty of the clothing you wear and comforts your feet in harsh weather.

Most people don’t realize that suede is actually leather and should essentially be cared for as such. Due to the softness of the material it is hard to believe that the boots are made up of leather. As with most types of boots and leather, taking proper care of them will keep them looking brand new over the years. Taking the time to protect the suede as a preventative measure will allow you to get a great deal more wear from them.

There are many suede leather conditioners available in the market to help you keep your suede boots in their perfect shape and the application of these conditioners is also very easy you just need to spray it on the suede boot and boom with the application of conditioner your footwear gets a new life.

Being made of leather, suede boots can be handled just like any other leather stuff and it can last longer if taken proper care of, you can also read few ways to dry wet boots.

How to Waterproof your suede boots!

Step 1: Clean your boots thoroughly.

Step 2: Select an appropriate waterproofing spray that is certified as suitable to use for suede.

Step 3: Spray aerosol over the boot ensuring that it is spread evenly.

Step 4: Leave the boots untouched and let them dry.

Step 5: Brush up the dried shoe with a suitable suede brush.

Candle wax method!

On Suede Shoes you cannot apply thin liquid because it will leave a mark on the shoes. Although you can remove those marks with the vinegar solution still the water can sabotage the skin of suede shoes. 

Suede is a very delicate material of the shoes but if you want to know how to waterproof suede shoes after this technique you can use the Wax Method on the Suede. But you have to be careful this method is risky for the Suede Shoes. 

Apply the extremely thick and dry candle wax on the Suede. Make sure candle Wax is not leaving the mark on the skin. Gently rub the wax on your skin of the shoes and make sure to not leave out any part of the shoes.

Store them well ventilated

Unlike some types of footwear that can be stored easily in plastic containers, suede requires exposure to air. When storing the boots in a closet, slip them into cotton pillowcases. The cotton will promote air circulation while also protecting the boots from the accumulation of dust.

This is prolong the durability of these shoes and you can also keep on brushing them to give a new alive look.

Make sure that you store suede boots in a cold area that is they should not be kept directly under the sunlight, excessive exposure will cause fading, while long exposure to humidity will trigger dampness that could eventually become mildew.

It is advised that they should be stored in clothes or linen closet, where they will remain cool and dry. Try to avoid storing your boots in an area where the boots gets in contact with warmth or humidity.

Proper caring of suede boots!

  1. Purchase a suede protective spray

Experts recommend that water should not be directly applied on suede boots as it can damage it and eventually will change the color and texture, but on the other hand a protective spray will prevent this from happening .

  1. Ensure that the boot is clean

Before applying spray on the boot make sure that the boot is clean that can be done by rubbing the dirt off the boot by using a cloth. It is advisable to do so as soon as you buy a new suede.

  1. Applying suede

Hold the spray bottle about six to eight inches away from the surface of the boot. It should come out of the bottle as a mist. Spray the boot all over with the protective spray, ensuring that you cover the entire surface of the boot. You only need to lightly spray the boot; too much could affect the boot’s texture or color.

  1. Try not to wear suede boots in wet weather

The protective spray should prevent the boots from becoming ruined by water or snow. However, on days when it is especially rainy, it is best to avoid wearing the boots altogether. If they do get wet, let them dry naturally, away from any sources of heat. When they are dry, brush them well with a suede brush.

Once getting wet these shoes cannot get easily dried though you can expect a bit of protection from the spray applied around them, but actually water takes off the shine and quality of the boots.

  1. Keep a good habit!

Purchase a special suede brush to use to brush out the nap, otherwise known as the surface of the suede. This will remove off any minor scuffs and help the shoes retain their soft, pleasant texture.

Keep on practicing this brushing technique on the boot for its betterment and longer use.


Your suede boots are very precious shoes and they completely add up to the attire you wear in any climate, hence you should take proper care of these shoes so that you can keep wearing your favorite shoes for a longer time and maintain their look.

In this article we provided you with a few tricks that you can opt for betterment of your shoes.

Frequently asked question

When is a good time to waterproof my shoes?

It’s never too early to waterproof your shoes, as you never know when buckets of rain or snow are going to make an appearance. Make sure you and your shoes are always primed for the wet weather. Whichever waterproofing method works best for your shoes, repeat it every few months to stay dry whatever the weather throws at you.

What can I do to extend the use of my suede boots?

Try to avoid wearing your suede boots in rain or snow. If you want to keep your suede in dazzling condition then you must keep them far away from coming in contact with water.

What should I use to keep my suedes in best shape?

As soon as you take your shoes off, place shoe trees snugly inside them to help maintain their shape and prevent the suede wrinkling. Wooden shoe trees made from cedar will also help to eliminate odor from perspiration and soak up any residual moisture in the suede. 

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