[5 Easy Ways] How to stretch rubber boots?

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Rubber boots are the ones which are liked mostly by everyone around the world. As there are a number of benefits of  a good pair of rubber boots, as they will keep the feet dry, safe and provide a good slip resistance and traction, hence provides a great comfort overall.

The technology is improving every day and so is the quality of the rubber boots, and there are a lot varieties available in the market such that if someone spends an entire day upon looking the boots that have flooded the market then also the task will not get completed.

As there are a lot of benefits of rubber boots but there is also an area of concern regarding the rubber boots, i.e. rubber boots can sometimes they can be a little tight on the toe or front areas, or perhaps one may not get a perfect size.

Then the thing which comes up to mind is that, what can be done to overcome these flaws? , Is there a trick by which the boots can be adjusted according to our desire? 

Then in that case stretching is an excellent option to keep our beloved boots just like we like it. Let us know in detail about how to stretch rubber boots.

Rubber boots are a knee-long boots that are made up of rubber materials. These boots are comfortable as well as handy for every season especially the rainy season. There shoes are meant to keep our feet save.

Types of Rubber Boots

There are several types of rubber boots available in the market. Various kinds of rubber boots are Hunter rain boots, Sorel rubber boots, and Dunlop rubber boots, climbing, and riding rubber boots. All of these boots have different purposes for their usage.

There are mainly three kinds of materials are used in the manufacturing of rubber boots. These are Vinyl, natural, and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber are considered the safest and non-toxic option for all men, women, and children to wear.

How to stretch rubber boots?

Rubber boots are molded and shaped by a process involving high temperatures and pressures. Both of these quantities allow the rubber to be molded and initiate a quickening process that makes the rubber strong and durable.

This comes up with a thought that our boots can be stretched by applying appropriate heat that will retain most of the strength of the rubber sole. Each method of stretching will somehow have an expansion mechanism but one will differ from another though the principle remains same. Therefore a proper application of heat on your rubber boot will initiate a stretching property.

Apart from this here are some well-known methods:

1. Ice Stretching

The first method is very simple as it only requires some water, plastic Zip-lock bags, and a freezer, these are some objects which are commonly available in the house.

This method is effective for some small or medium changes, but expecting a large scale change from this method should not be expected. Here are the steps that should be followed:-

  • Fill 2 sealable bags with water until they are filled about 1/3rd
  • Leave a tiny gap in the seal for the passing out of excess air, then once the air is removed seal the bag.
  • Place the water-filled bags in each boot such that the water is making an appropriate contact with all the inner surfaces of the boot.
  • If there is a specific area about on which you are mostly concerned about then position the water specifically in those positions.
  • Then keep the boots in the freezer and leave them there overnight.
  • Take the boots out on next day and let the ice melt down, such that keep them untouched for 20 minutes.
  • Remove the plastic bags and then try your shoes, you will feel changes. However if the results are not satisfying then repeat the process again.

This homely method takes advantage of the water, as it has a unique property of expanding in the frozen state, hence when the water expands in the bag it stretches your boots.

Make sure the plastic bags that you use are of good quality, because if they rupture there then the water can damage your shoe.

Make sure to have an edgy eye while filling the water bags, otherwise the bags will burst when frozen.

2. Heat Expansion

This is also a very easy method for expanding or loosing the rubber boots. This can help the rubber stretch to the perfect size. Heating rubber causes it to expand and the more the process is repeated the more stretch we get. The crucial things you need in this process are some pair of thick socks and a common house hairdryer.

Here are the steps:-

  • Put on the thick pair of socks and then put on the rubber boots.
  • Turn the hairdryer on, and hold it firmly on all the crucial/specific areas that are to be specifically stretched.
  • Hold it firmly for about 30 minutes, then start walking with them for about next half an hour. You will watch the change in the dimensions of your boots.
  • Repeat the process if required.

The actual benefit of this method is that it is super quick and can be repeated thoroughly if the desired output is not obtained.

A key point here is that you should keep on remodeling the shoe around the foot so that it would not only stretch but mold to the shape of your foot. 

Make sure no over-heating of rubber is done, because the heat may damage the rubber and it might start melting or distorting. And the socks that you wear should be thick enough to protect the feet from burning.

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3. Use Stretching Liquids

In the market, there are a variety of boot stretching liquids present, that are designed to help in stretching of shoes. These liquids can be applied directly or you can make a mix of 50/50 water and alcohol.

The process involves the following steps:-

  • The boots should be covered by the newspapers to catch the liquid spills.
  • Drop a small amount of liquid on the shoe and check whether it damages the shoe or not.
  • If it is safe the liquid should be applied on the desired areas where the stretching is required.
  • Socks should be wear in this process.
  • Walk for a while with the shoes when they are still wet, so that the boot can be easily stretched according to the foot size.

Liquid can be applied on both the outside as well as on the inside.

4. Use Stretching Devices

If all of the prior methods does not work then you can try stretching devices to stretch your boots, there are plenty of stretching devices available in the market, these devices are specifically designed to stretch the specific portion/area of the shoe that needs to be stretched.

All of the stretching devices work differently, but their process remains the same:-

  • The boots are needed to be inserted in the stretching device.
  • The device needs proper control and attention by the user so as to get the desired stretch on areas required.
  • It is better to put on shoes a walk with them for a while.
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5. Take the boot to a Professional

It is always a better option to consult a professional regarding stuffs which are not well known by you, hence taking the boots to a cobbler is a good option. As the cobblers have the essential experience, tools, devices associated with footwear.

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