[8 Tips] How to prevent heel slippage in shoes

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It’s often frustrating when you don’t feel comfortable in your own footwear. Maybe you are in a rush or an important meeting or maybe running to catch a train. but bang! your shoe creates a sudden accident and you may even fall!

During the break-in period, the boots will slowly shape itself to the precise shape of your feet so you’ll get a perfect fit. The boots also will flex within the same way as your feet do, so that every movement you create while you walk and run is often accommodated. The heel a part of your boots moves a similar way as your heel does, which means no slippage.

The problem becomes obvious when after the traditional break-in time your heels detain slipping far from your boots. It may only happen in certain situations, like when you’re walking much faster or you’re outdoors. Or it can happen all the time. Either way, you have to fix this problem. Never mind how embarrassing it will be for you when this happens during a workplace or a celebration setting. It’s much worse when it happens and you get yourself hurt as a result.

That’s the problem, but it’s not insurmountable. You have several possible solutions you can try out.


What is heal slippage in shoes and boots?

Heel slippage is usually denoted to the problematic issue of getting your heels out of shoes more frequently. It can occur due to the loose-fitting of your walking boots, running shoes, hiking shoes, cowboy boots, high heels, flats, wedges, stilettos and many other types of footwear.

In this situation, your shoes do not stay on and heels tend to slip out of your shoes while walking and running in them. It also looks very unwise and embarrassing for you to keep adjusting our heels inside our shoes in public.

So, what to do to prevent this unwanted chaos due to slippage? Well, here are some of the tricky and tacky hacks to help you not slip from your heels the next time you wear it.


How to prevent Heel slippage in shoes and boots

1 .Use Tongue-Pads to reduce the space:

  • Your heels may slip if there is space between the foot and the top of your shoes. Tounge- pad method works great for shoes without laces. One side of the tongue pad has a gluey patch that sticks to the upper part of the inside of our shoes.
  • Wear your shoes after fixing the tongue pad, and you will feel that the shoes are tightly holding your feet!

2.Use Hairspray:

One of the quickest methods to remove slippage is to spray hair spray inside your shoes. Hairspray is very adhesive, so spraying it directly on your feet may feel sticky on your feet. 

Just before you move out, spray inside your shoes and wear them. This will prevent your heels from gliding.

3.Use Heel Grips / Double-Sided Tape:

  • Heel grips are placed inside the boots at the place of the heel area to take up extra space. By fixing these grips, it will reduce the amount of space available inside the boots so that your heels don’t slip. You can either choose to fix the whole grip or cut it into half and use it.


  • The double-sided tape also keeps your heels stuck to your shoes so that your heels don’t slip. The tape is placed inside the boots at the heel area so that one side of it sticks to the shoe, and the other side sticks to your socks or your heel directly. This tape works to keep your feet locked as you walk around, as it is the quickest way to prevent slippage.

4.A shoe with the right size, width and length will prevent slippage:

  • Often the slippage occurs when the size of your foot doesn’t match with the size of the shoe which you purchased. So, one must always measure the size, length and width before buying a pair of shoes. One can measure it in a home with an inch tape or can measure in the shoe store while buying a shoe.

5.Anti-slip heel inserter:

  • It is a unique anti-slip gel pad which stops your heels from coming out of your shoes brusquely. This can be a great alternative to other inferior heel liners and heel grips. It can easily get sticks to the inner heel side of your shoe and provides a good grip for your feet.
  • This type of heel insert is great in term of securing your shoes to your feet. It is really easy to put inside your heel counter. You just have to put it properly close to your heel side and then simply walk into it. It is completely washable and re-usable.

The best thing about this product is it prevents shoes from relief your heels and thus stops the creation of swellings and other foot problems.

6.Talcum powder might do the work

  • If you think your shoes are slipping as result of sweaty feet, it may help to put some talcum powder inside your shoe before putting them on.It will absorb the sweat and, hopefully, reduce shoe slippage.


 it’s cheap, free and easily available moreover, it also helps in Improving foot and shoe smell



7.Wear shocks

  • Most of you will own a pair of those thin shoe liner socks, also known invisible socks or synthetic shocks. although not so comfy and absorbent this types of socks works absolutely fine when there a heel slippage.
  • Moreover you can easily get away with wearing them with all shoe types as it suites every type of sandals and shoes they can help to reduce shoe slipping.They won’t always help but it’s worth checking.

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8.Heel straps for high heels:

  • often women love to wear high heels outdoors, then heel straps can be one of the best methods to prevent heel slippage.
  • Using a heel strap for your heels or even for your shoes can save you from the discomfort of untimely heel lifting.
  • One of the best things about heel straps is that they are reusable and detachable in nature. You can use this pair to any of your heels and flats. No matter what shoe type or shoe size you have, this heel strap seems to work fine.

You just have to attach this reusable heel strap to your high heels in the middle of your feet and close it with the buckle clearly.


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Is heel slippage bad?

The heel slippage struggle is only too real sometimes even worse than those bad running cramps. But, oddly enough, simply because your heel’s slipping doesn’t necessarily mean you invested within the wrong shoes, the incorrect size or the incorrect socks.

How much heel slip is normal in Boots?

The Heel during a new pair of western boots you ought to have a small stick in the heel- anywhere from ¼ to ½ an in. . i do know it sounds strange, but because the boot is new and therefore the sole is stiff there’s nothing preventing your heel from rising up and down.

How will I know if my boots are too big?

Your heel shouldn’t come up out of the boot or rub against the rear . Your toes should have about an in. of room ahead of them in the least times. the edges of your feet shouldn’t feel painful pressure. Your toes shouldn’t slide forward or hit the top of the boot.

What is a heel lock?

Among runners, the Heel Lock is commonly called the Runner’s Loop, Runner’s Tie or better yet Lock Lacing! The technique is all identical no matter what you’ve heard it called. It creates a super-tight finish and prevents heel slippage while using your trainers .

What is the most comfortable heel height?

The ideal heel height is 1 inch. Wearing a brief heel is healthier than not wearing a heel in the least but most comfortable heel height is believed to be between 30mm and 90mm (1.2” to 3.5”). 

Heels beyond this don’t offer the maximum amount support or protection of the foot, which may cause cramps and pain by end of the day.Wearing a shoe with a brief heel places less tension within the Achilles tendon and can feel lighter.


There are different methods to stop heel slippage in shoes, but the foremost important trick is, in fact, not a trick at all: wear shoes that suit you perfectly. If the shoe could be a bit overlarge or small, even by just a half-size, it’ll not comfortably slot in the heel area.

If you already have a pair of shoes that are too large for you, that’s okay too. You can simply attempt to insert a cobbler within the heel part to stop your foot from slippage.

It is important to secure your foot inside your running shoe to make you feel comfortable while on the go and to prevent foot pain or injuries.waering shoes is often an integral part of your lifestyle, so you’ve got to make sure that you simply wear the proper quite shoes in line with your foot structure and running style.

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