remove creases from leather shoe

[4 Easy ways] How to remove creases from shoes

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Formal to casuals, comfy to stylist and sports to dance, one thing that remains a necessity is footwear. One of such important and most preferred footwear is shoes.

Is it be wearing leather shoes with formal suits or matching sneakers with casuals and one piece dresses.

Every time a perfect pair of shoes are required which not just go with your dress but it must compliment the personality.

Most of the shoe lovers wait to buy new and branded shoes and try to maintain them for their long life.

Generally, the shoes get older when it starts to get creases.

It is not just theage that causes the problem of creases because numerous times it happens in newly bought shoes.

These creases not just ruin the look of your favorite shoes but it indicates a wrong impression about your personality.

If you are a shoe lover and want your shoes to stay new for long periods of time, then we are gonna show you the easy solution to get rid of the creases in shoes.

remove creases from leather shoe

The cause behind the creases in shoes

Crease in shoes is seen as the most common problem by everyone. The majority of these cases are seen in the shoes made with leather material is it be formal leather shoes or casual sneakers.

Although age is said to be an important element in the formation of wrinkles in shoes. But there are few other factors that could have been the reason why the shoes get creases.

Shoe Size 

Whenever you visit a shoe store the first thing that the salesman inquires is the shoe size. So that the perfect fitting shoes are shown to the customer.

The perfect fit shoe is not just the one that is comfortable and fits your feet perfectly but it will also help in restoring its original shape for a longer period of time.

Most of the time creases in the toes part of shoes where toes and foot meet. As it is the part which flexes the most and the big shoe size leads to bigger space size that means shoes will get more space to bend.

Ultimately, it causes creases in the toes areas of shoes

Poor Fitting 

The shoe size that goes with your foot doesn’t imply that it is properly fitted. Many a time you tend to get uncomfortable even in your shoes.

It happens because of the lack of space and comfort in them as it doesn’t provide proper space for feet to breathe and causes irritation when worn for a long duration.

Whenever you go for getting a new pair of shoes try to see its comfort and not just its design or brand.

Improper Storage 

Apart from cleaning and polishing, storage is seen as a major factor for the longer durability of shoes.

Normally shoes get creases when they get stored improperly as the pressure of another object leaves marks and creases on shoes. Just like your clothes, shoes also want their own space to breathe.

Manufacturing Time

The most common criteria for judging a shoe are its quality because most people believe that the big brand’s shoes are better due to the high prices charged by them.

It is true that it costs more than non-branded shoes but it is not the only reason behind the long life of shoes. The actual reason is the time it takes by the manufacturer. 

The shoes that are made with proper stitching and given proper time to rest to get into the right shape tend to live longer than the factory-made shoes.

Material Used 

Shoes are often judged on the basis of the material it is made. In the case of leather shoes, the number of leather used for the shoe manufacturing process is similarly essential for a good age of shoes.

The shoes that are made from fewer leather materials are likely to get fewer creases as compared to the shoes that use more pieces. 

How to remove creases from Shoes?

As you have seen that apart from age, there are many other factors which cause creases in newly bought shoes.

There are some remedies present at home that can help you in getting rid of creases from your favorite shoes

remove creases from leather shoe

1. Ironing of shoes 

Just like clothes, shoes can get rid of creases with the proper ironing. It may sound cringy but it is one of the best options to get rid of creases. 

Materials Required: Streaming Iron, Water, Old Socks/Clothes/Newspapers, Washcloth/Towels, Water. 


  1. First, stuff old socks/clothes or rolled newspaper in the shoe area to the point that creases get invisible. 
  2. Take out laces from the shoes. 
  3. Fill the steam iron with water and cover the crease area with wet washcloth or towels.
  4. Start ironing the washcloth and try to do it with a few seconds gap so that shoe material doesn’t get too much heat.
  5. While ironing cloth keep a watch on the shoe that it doesn’t get a burn from excess heat.
  6. After completing the ironing process, keep the washcloth untill cloth cools down.
  7. Similarly, stuffed cloth or paper should be kept inside the shoe for a few hours which helps it in getting the original shape.

Caution: Try to perform this procedure on a small portion before applying it to the whole shoe. Keep the temperature of iron at 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Blow Dryer 

Most of you have used the blow dryers to dry or fix the frizziness in your hair but you can also easily fix creases in shoes with the help of this hair equipment.

Material Required: Shoes, Shoe Trees, Blowdryer.


  1. Take out the lace from the shoes.
  2. Stuff the shoes with the perfectly fitting shoe tree.
  3. On the heat mode in the blow dryer and hold the blow dryer at 5 to 6 inches distance from shoes.
  4. Now, blow-dry the creses with continuous movements. 
  5. Along with blow-drying, massage the creases with the fingertips against the fitted shoe tree which help it in getting back to the original shape. 

Caution: Continuous movement is necessary to prevent the shoe from getting burnt. Leather shoes often get a burn from too much heat, so a continuous check on temperature and movement should be kept while this process is conducted.

3. Steamer 

Streamer works just like the steam iron in removing creases but it has a plus point as it is more flexible and tends to provide better results.

Material Required: Steamer, Old socks/paper/shoe tree, wet washcloth/towels


  1. Remove the shoelaces from the shoes.
  2. Stuff shoes with old socks or shoe trees.
  3. Cover the creases with wet washcloth or towels.
  4.  Now just like iron move the steamer on a washcloth with few seconds break. 

4. Application of Alcohol 

Alcohol is not just a drink for relaxation but a solution in many fields like medicine, makeup, and sanitization. This liquid can enable shoes to get a better and bigger life. Along with the diys to fix the colours on shoes, it can help in relaxing the material and removing creases from shoes. 

Materials Required: Rubbing Alcohol, water, spray bottle, old socks/shoe tree.


  1. In a spray bottle pour rubbing alcohol and water in the equal proposition.
  2. Stuff the shoe with old socks or a shoe tree.
  3. Spray the diluted alcohol on the creased area and continuously rub it with fingers.
  4. In case of a hurry, you can spray this mixture inside the shoe and then wear it. Alcohol will help the shoe to get in the shape of the foot.

Caution: Do not spray too much alcohol as it tends to dry the material of the shoe. 

How to prevent creases in shoes?

It is not possible to completely prevent creases in shoes. But some small things can help you in maintaining them for longer storage. 

  • Shoe Trees are the basic and best equipment used to prevent creases in shoes. As shoe trees help your shoes in maintaining their original shape for a long period of time. Especially, the Cedar Shoe Trees that resembles the shape of the foot helps in keeping the shoe long-lasting.
  • Leather Conditioner or oil is one of the best ways to prevent and remove small creases in shoes. Just like the massage oil that we use to relax the muscles from body parts, this shoe oil will perform the same trick. You need to massage this conditioner or oil on the creases in shoes. After that put the shoe tree in it so that its shape retains its original shape.
  • Shoe Horns are also a good way to maintain the life of the shoe. Put shoehorns in your shoes and then put your foot in it. It helps foot in easily adjusting in shoes and prevents further flex in it which will help shoes back part from getting creases.


Shoes are not just a part of our dress but the main element to prevent the foot from getting hurt. It is common that it will start showing its age with time.

You just need to maintain it on a regular basis. Polishing, cleaning, and storage at a proper place with good space is the basic necessity for a long life of shoes.

Just like clothes, it needs proper attention and some maintenance with tricks like these to keep them new for a longer duration. 

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