11 Best Type of Sneakers every man should own.

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Here we are with 11 Best types of sneakers every man should own. In this article, we have mentioned 11 trendy types of sneakers. so stay tuned with it.

we can’t get enough of them and they earned such a spotlight owing to the versatility it offers. They are comfortable, trendy as well as affordable.

First of all, Sneakers are designed for sports and other forms of physical exercise.
But now the Sneakers are using as everyday wear. Sneakers are the most casual and friendly kind of shoes. The present generation of youth is buying sneakers because they look very stylish, different colors and comfortable to wear. The Sneakers are very light in weight and easy to wear. So most of the people are buying the sneakers in the market.

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Sneakers are often referred to as ‘friendly shoes’. A good pair of sneakers always take your game to the next level. They got their name from the saying that when you wear sneakers, you can easily “sneak up” on someone. That doesn’t mean you should do so.

With all this said, life is a bit dull without some trendy sneakers in your wardrobe.

There are various types of sneakers and specify ones are worn according to occasions. Through this article, you will
get to know about the various types of sneakers.

There are basically 11 types of sneakers that are most popular

Plimsoll Sneakers:

plimsolls sneakers

Plimsoll sneakers are the most famous and most common type of sneakers available. Also referred to as low top sneakers, plimsoll sneakers are available in different styles that cater to every individual’s unique taste. With these sneakers, the key is to wear no show socks so the sneaker can be the center of attention. They can be worn with skinny jeans or with jeans that are rolled up. Revealing your naked ankle with this sneaker is a fashion statement in itself. Just remember, you should not wear high socks with these sneakers!

High Top Basketball Sneakers:


High top sneakers have been in fashion for quite a while now. The reason for this is that they have advantages. One, you can confidently wear long socks without worrying about them peeking through your shoe top. Two, they always look good. Apart from becoming a staple at basketball courts, high top sneakers pair really well with tight fitted jeans and basketball shorts.

The Athletic Ones:


Ordinary shoes with shoelaces do not look as good as they do when there are shoelaces on athletic sneakers. Athletic sneakers are usually considered the “sport” sneakers, which made by our favorite athletic brands, Adidas and Nike. These sneakers are the best combination of style and functionality. Despite what you are doing –walking or running-, the best option would be to get a pair of these sneakers on your feet.

Slip-on Sneakers:


Slip-on sneakers are considered as classic sneakers. These sneakers do not have any shoelaces on them which makes it easy to slide your feet into the shoe. Recently, slip-on sneakers have made a comeback. They are available in different patterns and metallic surfaces, but they are still as comfortable as ever. It is safe to say that these sneakers are extremely comfortable and casual. However, since they are low rise sneakers, make sure you are not wearing high socks because it would kill the look of the shoe.

Vans Sneakers:


When we say authentic sneakers, we are referring to the very famous Vans sneakers. At one point in time, Vans sneakers were the only pair of shoes people wanted to wear because of how comfortable and trendy they were. These sneakers can be worn with anything -dresses, overalls, shorts- which is what truly makes them revolutionary. The design is minimalistic and clean giving them the name authentic sneakers.

Leather Sneakers:


The hot trend in the sneaker world currently would be leather sneakers. Although, they are on the expensive side, with these sneakers you will be investing in something long term because these sneakers do not lose their appeal so easily. Since they are made with expensive material, these sneakers are paired best with formal and business attires. Believe it or not, leather sneakers are a good option for sports as well because they are softer compared to the other options. In addition, they fit in your foot like a glove (as in, they mold in perfectly). Just make sure you are not taking away from their attractive appeal by wearing long socks.

Canvas Sneakers:


Canvas sneakers are best described as conventional and comfortable. Canvas sneakers are material based and low rise sneakers that received their fame from popular brands like Converse All-Stars. Since they are a conventional sneaker option, these sneakers are usually paired well with casual outfits. Moreover, these are the sneakers that sparked the rolled-up jeans trend amongst the millennials.

LED Lighted Sneakers:


LED sneakers have quickly gained popularity amongst ladies and the younger female generation, but males wear these shoes as well. What makes these sneakers so special is that it features a LED tube that runs around the outer sole area of the shoe. The color of the LED can be one or multiple, depending on what the owner wants. Since this sneaker is kind of flashy, it looks the best at parties or at concerts

Textile Blend Sneakers:


Since it is 2019, there are sneakers available for you that are made with more than one type of material. These sneakers are made with blends of different materials like plastic and leather, leather and textile, and so many more. It is important for you to understand what blend your sneaker is made of (if you are getting these ones) so your feet get accustomed to the material. These sneakers can be worn on a daily basis or for athletic purposes.

Synthetic Sneakers:


Synthetic sneakers are the worst kind of sneakers made, and –unfortunately- they are everywhere. If you have ever purchased inexpensive, appealing sneakers that made your feet smell really bad so you had to discard them immediately, there is a high chance that those sneakers were synthetic ones. Synthetic sneakers are not breathable, they absorb all sorts of smell, they are not comfortable, they will your feet feel hot and they are made with the lowest quality materials. If you are someone who wants sneakers that can be worn on a daily basis, then these sneakers are the ones you should avoid at all costs.

Velcro Sneakers:


Although they are not the type of sneakers that can be worn with all types of outfits, Velcro sneakers are one that can elevate the look of a casual outfit with the right kind of style if they are paired correctly. Available in different colors and styles, these sneakers can be beautifully paired with streetwear outfits, an evening ensemble or a smart-casual one. The best part is that they are highly affordable!

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