how to fix slippery basketball shoes

How to fix Slippery Basketball Shoes [5 Methods]

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Slippery Basketball Shoes can create enough consequences to ruin your game as a whole. You could slip while jumping, quickly turning around, or while using unique techniques. That is why the question pops up here is how to fix slippery basketball shoes to make your game play better?

Well, there indeed are some ways and things that you can use to make your basketball shoes sturdy and balanced. But you might actually have to spend a little extra money to get the best results. But it will unquestionably be worth it if you could play again as a champion!

5 ways to fix slippery Basketball Shoes

So, we are finally here with the ways you were looking for. So let’s get started without wasting a single minute!

1-     Keeping the shoe soles clean

This is the first method every basketball player should try with their luck to see if anything improves. The dirt plays the most crucial role in making your basketball shoes slippery, and that is why you have to clean the bottom of basketball shoes in the right way every day! But there are some really crucial things that you will have to keep in mind cleaning your basketball sneakers.

How to clean the basketball shoes in the right way?

  • Never use excessive water while cleaning the basketball shoes. It can damage the rubber of the sole, and you won’t be able to use those shoes ever again.
  • Use a soft towel dipped in moderate water to better clean the dust out of the sole.
  • Check out the material of your basketball shoes if they are compatible with water. If not, clean them with a dry cloth.
  • Do not apply massive force with the cloth to clean, or the shoes would lose the grip.
  • Let them dry completely and entirely before wearing them again in the court.

This is just the quickest way to prevent your basketball shoes from sliding. You can indeed implement this method and see if it is right for you. But don’t forget to follow the important aspects I have stated above.

2-     Cleaning the court is a great option!

Yes! You can see significant improvement by cleaning or mopping the court as all of the dust will be removed. As I stated earlier, dust is the thing that makes the basketball shoes slippery, and it is required to remove it if you want a better experience.

But keep in mind that you should use a liquid disinfectant or similar solution with the mop to wipe the court clean and sound. A dry mop can’t offer you the best results, and it also won’t be able to remove all the dust particles from the ground.

3-     Use the sticky or traction mats

This is where you will have to spend a little money to solve your major problems. You might have seen some mats placed aside the corners of the court, which players step on and then jump on the court. These are the traction mats that can stick the dirt from the shoes in the most professional way possible. Not only that, but these mats are also proved very useful on the courts, and you will see the significant difference in the grip of your shoes after using the mats.

You can always replace the sticky plastic placed on the mat when it gets dirty. It saves a lot of bucks instead of spending too much again on a new mat. But never go for the cheaper sticky plastic as unreliable ones can make your shoes sticky also. It won’t really be easy in the end to play on the court even with the little stickiness.

4-     Get a grip gel

It is not the really best option out there, but it is worth a try. The sticky gel or the grip lotion for basketball shoes usually removes the dirt and tends to offer the best grip possible. But most of the time, the gel ends up sticking the dirt from the court, and the players would again feel slippery.

5-     Get a new pair of shoes

Well, you will indeed have to get a better court grip for basketball shoes or entire new shoes in the end if none of the methods work. This time, make sure to spend a little extra to prevent hassles from your playing experience!


Slippery shoes are really dangerous, and this problem should be solved at the earliest. If you are lucky enough with your shoes, you will surely get your problem solved with the solutions above. But in the actual end, you might have to buy a new pair of basketball shoes.

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